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Simon R Green is an English sci-fi and fantasy author. He was born in 1955 in Bradford, Wiltshire and graduated in American literature and modern English from Leicester University. Green began his writing career in 1973 and published his first novel “Awake, Awake, Ye Northern Winds” in 1979. At the height of his writing career in the eighties and early nineties, Green sold over 370,000 copies making him one of the most celebrated sci-fi novelists to date. He currently lives in Wiltshire, UK and continues with his fiction writing.

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Order of Nightside Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Something from the Nightside ( By: Simon R. Green) 2003 Description / Buy
2 Agents of Light and Darkness ( By: Simon R. Green) 2003 Description / Buy
3 Nightingale's Lament ( By: Simon R. Green) 2004 Description / Buy
4 Hex and the City ( By: Simon R. Green) 2005 Description / Buy
5 Paths Not Taken ( By: Simon R. Green) 2005 Description / Buy
6 Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth ( By: Simon R. Green) 2006 Description / Buy
7 Hell to Pay ( By: Simon R. Green) 2006 Description / Buy
8 The Unnatural Inquirer ( By: Simon R. Green) 2007 Description / Buy
9 Just Another Judgement Day ( By: Simon R. Green) 2008 Description / Buy
10 The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny ( By: Simon R. Green) 2010 Description / Buy
11 A Hard Day's Knight ( By: Simon R. Green) 2011 Description / Buy
12 The Bride Wore Black Leather ( By: Simon R. Green) 2012 Description / Buy

Order of Nightside Collections

# Read Title Published Details
1 Tales from the Nightside ( By: Simon R. Green) 2015 Description / Buy
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Nightside Series Best Books

Something from the Nightside: A talented man who doubles up as a detective and a talented chap with a strong intuition find a job in the nightside, a dark realm right in the heart of London. John Taylor has been hired to move down into the Nightside, where both fantasy and reality exist, and the sun hardly comes out. He stays on for five years, monitoring and battling with forces and spirits in the other realm. Joanna Barrett’s daughter goes missing, and Taylor is tasked with finding her in the Nightside, the last place John expected to see the young girl. It seems bleak and fore boarding and nothing seems natural.

The Nightside is a spooky hole-like facet that lies on the populated side of London with all unimaginable evils. John Taylor has visited the place severally in search of lost items, people, and other kinds of nasties. The irony in this spooky book is that the hero is not very brave. There are interesting supporting characters with unusual traits, making John Taylor, a regular guy in a world filled with crazy creatures, somewhat likable and others not so likable.

Taylor finds himself in a difficult situation in the strange world where he’s tasked with determining who will rule the Nightside. He becomes the person no one wants to mess with, although a few zombies try their luck to no avail.

Agents of Light and Darkness: Back in the nightside, John Taylor must find an unusual item, the Unholy Grail, an ancient goblet used by Judas Iscariot at the last supper with the other disciples and the holy one, the son of the most high. Hired by a priest, John travels to the deep secret gorge in the bizarre world of the terrestrial creatures’ right in the middle of London.

However, there is a small problem; Taylor is not the only one looking for the priceless goblet. Talk of angels, both good and evil from heaven and hell, all searching frantically for the Unholy Grail. Taylor seeks help from the crazy Suzie Shooter, hoping they can quickly grab the chalice and be on their way, alive, through luck and wit.

The Agents of Light and Darkness novel feels like a Ramones melody. Not too short but with enough details, put together in the perfect length. The book contains both horror and humor episodes; where Taylor cleverly maneuvers his way into the realm of the dark. It seems rude at first but Taylor and Suzie’s relationship comes off well, considering the circumstances. In addition, his mother, well, she’s one of the bad guys and apparently she’s involved with the Collector (devilish man/creature)

Many things detailed in the book makes one look forward to the next edition, and the characters depicted in a continuation of the book series. It has good pacing, far better than the first novel, but the horror scenes are a tad too evil for one to comprehend. Makes you remember Taylor’s enemies more vividly because of their relentless plot to end his life and take control of the nightside entirely. It would be grievous. Simon Green details his angles, both good and evil as powerful creatures, unstoppable, and persistent in all their endeavors. The storyline feels more biblical with vivid accounts of the last supper and the events following that night. The heavenly angels are not fond of humans, and the fallen angels come off as arrogant and of course evil, but not the kind that eats people or anything.

Trying to retrieve the Grail proves a daunting task since it is a representation of both the holy and the unholy seemingly at crossroads with good and evil. Overall, the book was entertaining and gripping with diverse characters relating well with the book’s plot.

What Is The Next Book in The Nightside Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Nightside Series. The newest book is The Bride Wore Black Leather and was released on January, 1st 2012.

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