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Born in Camden, New Jersey, Andrew Clements is a well-established American author. Clements is widely known for the novel Frindle and the book series, Things. Andrew Clements and his family resided in Cherry Hill and Oakley until the 6th grade after which they relocated to Springfield. Because Andrew Clements’s parents were avid readers, they passed down the love for reading to Andrew Clements and all his brothers and sisters as well.

Order of Pets To The Rescue Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Ringo Saves The Day! (By: Andrew Clements) 2001 Description / Buy
2 Brave Norman (Short Story) (By: Andrew Clements) 2001 Description / Buy
3 Tara and Tiree, Fearless Friends (Short Story) (By: Andrew Clements) 2002 Description / Buy
4 Dolores and the Big Fire (By: Andrew Clements) 2002 Description / Buy
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While still growing up, Andrew Clements had never taken writing seriously; however, he still loved reading. According to Andrew Clements, there is a link between reading and writing, and it is through being an avid reader that Clements eventually became a writer.

Before relocating to Illinois, Clements and his family spent time in Lake Maine in a cabin. In the cabin, there was no telephone television email or doorbell. Nonetheless, there was still ample time to swim and fish. During night times, there was ample time to read. During Andrew Clements’s senior year in high school, his English teacher gave him back a poem that he had penned down.

There were two main things about the poem, which made it amazing; first, Clements had scored an A-, a phenomenon that was extremely rare in the English class. Secondly, the teacher had written with a red pen on the paper, “The poem is so funny, It should be published.” The feeling that Clements got after reading the teacher’s comments eventually sent him to Northwestern University, feeling like he was a superb writer.

At Springfield University, the professors encouraged him because he was to pen a literary major. However, many at times, Andrew Clements did not write so much on his own. Clements eventually learned how to play the guitar and began to write songs eventually. However, Clements only wrote whenever he felt like writing, mainly because he felt that it was hard work. Eventually, Andrew Clements landed a job in publishing. Clements worked in an extremely small publishing house, which specialized mainly in how to books.

Pets to the Rescue Best Books

Dogku: This is a narrative that has been mainly told via Haiku poems. It is not only sweet, but the narrative is also charming, clever, touching and amusing at the same time. Towards the end author, Andrew Clements has provided an extremely wonderful note that explains what is a Haiku poem and also the main reason why he delivered Dogku using Haiku poems. The illustrations in Dogku have been brilliantly done.

Apart from being expressive, the illustrations are also quite engaging and colorful. Dogku is a brilliant narrative for children of all ages, especially if they love dogs. Dogku will be a great choice for families that may want to adopt a rescue or shelter dog. The book, Dogku can also be used as part of a lesson plan on poetry writing and poetry. Older children are also going to be inspired by Dogku to pen down Haiku poems.

When it comes to classroom connections, Dogku will make a great teaching aid, when teaching about Haiku poems. It will make a brilliant introduction because the children will be trying to solve the mystery of what makes this narrative a haiku poem. If the children have to figure out, then it is going to have a personal meaning to them. When it comes to text complexity, Dogku has a text complexity that can be understood by children of K grade all the way to the 2nd grade. Dogku is a little bit simpler for children, who are a little bit older.

Tara and Tiree, Fearless-Friends: Tara and Tiree is another installment in the Dogs to the Rescue book series. In Tara and Tiree author Andrew Clements introduces the readers to Tara an Tiree two dogs that are owned by Jim. Tira, Tiree, and Jim loved to spend time on the outside playing together. One day, as the trio were playing around, Jim suddenly fell into a frozen lake.

Immediately, the two dogs came to rescue Jim. By allowing Jim to pull on their collars, Tara and Tiree were able to pull Jim out of the frozen lake. With that said, Tira and Tiree is an excellent read for emergent readers. The narrative is exciting, while the text layout and the word choice are perfect for emergent readers. Tara and Tiree have always been a hit with the struggling boy readers.

Tara and Tiree have been filled with enough substance, which makes the readers proud, once they finish the narrative. As expected. The illustrations have been brilliantly done and superbly complement the narrative. Author Andrew Clements has delivered yet another entertaining book.

Brave Norman: In Brave Norman, author Andrew Clements introduces the readers to Norman, an extremely brave dog. Despite the fact that Norman was brave, he was very old and blind. One day as Norman was playing on the beach, he heard an extremely young girl asking for help. The young girl was trapped in the ocean and did not know how to swim.

Since Norman was the only person who heard the young girl’s cry for help, he quickly jumped into the water and swam towards the girl. The young girl quickly grabbed Norman’s tail, and Norman was quickly able to get the young girl out of the water. With that said, Brave Norman is a brilliantly written book that is ideal for young readers.

Dolores and the Big Fire: In Dolores and-the Big Fire author, Andrew Clements introduces the readers to Dolores, an extremely timid cat. Apart from Dolores, Andrew Clements also introduces the readers to Kyle, her own. Each time when Kyle goes to bed, he normally leaves the lights on for Dolores, mainly because she is afraid of the dark. One day, Dolores decided to poke at Kyle, while Kyle was still asleep.

However, Kyle was asleep. However, Kyle was not aware that the house was on fire. Will Dolores be able to wake Kyle up on time before the entire house turns into ashes, with Kyle inside? With that said, the narrative was not only simple but also endearing as well. The illustrations provided Ellen Beiar, are crucial in telling the narrative. It is an excellent read for young readers, especially those who love pets.

What Is The Next Book in The Pets To The Rescue Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Pets To The Rescue Series. The newest book is Dolores and the Big Fire and was released on February, 1st 2002.

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  1. I purchased “Ringo Saves the Day” for my nephew for his birthday. I wasn’t aware there are more books in a series of pets to the rescue. This is great because he loved the book I got him and he is really into animals right now. He’ll love the rest of this series! Does anyone have any suggestions for other pet/animal books or series?

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