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The Rain Wild Chronicles is a series of four fantasy novels written by the British author Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden, commonly known by her pen name, Robin Hobb. The first novel in the series is called Dragon Keeper and was published in June 2009. This was followed by Dragon Haven, City of Dragons, and Blood of Dragons. All the four novels are published by HarperVoyage (UK) in both hardcover and paperback. The series is a New York Times bestseller and is highly celebrated and well-acclaimed.

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Order of Rain Wild Chronicles Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Dragon Keeper ( By: Robin Hobb) 2009 Description / Buy
2 Dragon Haven ( By: Robin Hobb) 2010 Description / Buy
3 The Inheritance (Short Story) ( By: Robin Hobb) 2011 Description / Buy
4 City of Dragons ( By: Robin Hobb) 2011 Description / Buy
5 Blood of Dragons ( By: Robin Hobb) 2013 Description / Buy
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The novels are set in a fantasy world of dragons, magic, curses, and kings where the protagonists are on a quest for the well famous Elderling city of Kelsingra. The interesting part of the series is that it has many protagonists which are keepers of the dragons, dragon scholar, and dragons themselves. And the books are presented by the perspective of each of the main characters as they are being narrated in the third person. Each following novel is in direct continuation of the previous one. The storyline is complex even though in the entire four novels the journey is being carried out. Each character is well-written and thoughtful with their own storyline and characteristics which make them unique. This dragon – human saga is an ageless tale of courage, fear, and complexity of human emotions.

Best Rain Wild Chronicles Books:

To know the series better, let us do a book by book analysis following the characters as they move forward in this legendary tale.

DRAGON KEEPER: Dragon Keeper is a majestic tale of beautiful characters and a very promising beginning for such an epic story. The story is set in mythical Trader Cities where dragons were once worshiped and respected. Tintaglia, the most powerful of the dragons proved its loyalty by defending the citizens of the city from merciless invaders. But all that now is forgotten and long gone. The dragons are now suffering from the toxins of the polluted rivers and are weak and miserable. The people decide to take an action for their old companions. But there is only one way, dragons are to be transported far away at Kelsingra where they will be safe and protected.

The citizens choose two people for accompanying the dragons in their journey. Thymara, a self-learned dragon scholar who is never seized to be amazed by the beauty of dragons, and Alise, an unhappy wife who has already been through a lot. And as they leave for this magnificent journey, they all know they have something to lose and something to gain.

Myth and magic are so effortlessly mixed with human predicaments that this book leaves a long lasting impact. This is the kind of book which will give you Goosebumps, it will make you pray, and most importantly, it will make you understand how simple and complicated things are at the same time.

As Thymara and Alice leave on their journey, the reader alongside begins his/her own journey to this epic land with any possibilities.

DRAGON HAVEN: The journey of dragons and humans carries on as they start to wonder if this Kelsingra even exists, as there is no map, no road to guide them, only myths and legends. On their journey, they are joined by fifteen other dragons who somehow managed to escape the wrath of cruel humans and unforgiving nature. They are weak, hungry, and barely alive, but still move forward.

As the journey goes on, we get connected to this compelling tale of magic and wonder. And as we soon begin to understand their world of uncertainties, we start wondering how similar this world is to ours.

CITY OF DRAGONS: The dragons and their human companions are up to a new challenge now. The city of Kelsingra, as it seems, is situated too high for the travelers to reach by either road or water. There is the only way, the dragons will have to fly to reach up to the city. But the dragons are too weak and stunted. They would need to remember their long lost powers as it is the only way out.

And while all this is happening, they are haunted by other enemies. Meanwhile, their own greed, desires, and past are killing them every moment making this story as real as this world.

BLOOD OF DRAGONS: Although the Kelsingra is found, the mission is not yet accomplished. The journey has changed the dragons and their keepers in the way they never imagined. After they’ve been through so much, their bond is stronger than ever. But the battle is still not done. The silver wells cannot be found which is the only source that can bring back life to the dragons. As the search continues, a shadow of the past has arrived to challenge the dragons’ existence.

The ending to this legendary tale is everything you wished it to be. It will leave you breathless and sob for more.


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“A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE” by George R. R. Martin – The most epic fantasy series ever, this one is the greatest tale of dragons and adventure and human complexity ever written.

What Is The Next Book in The Rain Wild Chronicles Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Rain Wild Chronicles Series. The newest book is Blood of Dragons and was released on March, 1st 2013.


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