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Robin Hobb is an American fantasy author hailing from Tacoma of Washington. She was born on 5th March 1952 in Berkeley of California. From the age of 10, she was raised in Fairbanks of Alaska. Right after graduation from High school Austin E. Lathrop, she studied at University of Denver for 12 months after which she returned to Alaska. At 18, she wedded Fred Ogden and they also came back to his hometown of Kodiak, situated at the verge of Kodiak Island in the southern central Alaska. That’s where he speedily inflamed her with his love coming from all things historic. Her interests incorporate horticulture, mushroom camping and pestering her kitty.

Order of Fitz and The Fool Trilogy Series

# Read Title Published
1 Fool's Assassin 2014
2 Fool's Quest 2015
3 Assassin's Fate 2017

Order of Rain Wild Chronicles Series

# Read Title Published
1 Dragon Keeper 2009
2 Dragon Haven 2010
3 Inheritance (Short Story) 2011
4 City of Dragons 2011
5 Blood of Dragons 2013

Order of Reindeer People Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Reindeer People 1988
2 Wolf's Brother 1988

Order of Robin Hobb Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Wizard of the Pigeons 1986
2 Cloven Hooves 1991
3 Alien Earth 1992
4 The Gypsy 1992

Order of Tawny Man Series

# Read Title Published
1 Fool's Errand 2001
2 Golden Fool 2002
3 Fool's Fate 2003

Order of The Farseer Series

Order of The Ki and Vandien Quartet/Windsinger Series

# Read Title Published
1 Harpy's Flight 1983
2 The Windsingers 1984
3 The Limbreth Gate 1984
4 Luck of the Wheels 1989

Order of The Liveship Traders Series

# Read Title Published
1 Ship of Magic 1998
2 Mad Ship 1999
3 Ship of Destiny 2000

Order of The Soldier Son Trilogy

# Read Title Published
1 Shaman's Crossing 2005
2 Forest Mage 2006
3 Renegade's Magic 2007


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Robin Hobb is best noted for The Farseer series of novels. She authored for local newspapers in addition to children’s magazines including Jack and Jill and Highlights for Children, and also developing short fictional works for kids to get used in the SRA designed reading through materials. In the 1980’s, she started to create short fantasy novels.

In the year 1995, her very first work as Robin Hobb named Assassin’s Apprentice was released by Bantam Books. She’s since composed many Trilogies, The Tawny Man, The Liveship Traders, The Soldier Son and the 4 volume level story named The Rain Wilds Chronicles. Her present work in advance, tentatively referred to as The Fitz and Fool Trilogy, comes back to the world of Farseers and also the realm of the elderlings. Her fictional works have already been translated into more than 20 languages, earning several awards internationally.

Robin Hobb’s Awards

Robin Hobb’s creations have been translated into over twenty languages, and have won honors like the Elf Fantasy Award and the Imaginale Award in Netherlands and France for her Translated Works.

Forest Mage written by Robin Hobb earned The Endeavour Award that is an honor presented each year to the very best book by an author from the Pacific-Northwest, and contains an honorarium of 1000 dollars and an imprinted goblet plaque.

In 1981 she earned an award from Alaska State Council for that Art on her short tale named The Poaching.

The Inheritance which is a compilation of stories was released under the two names. Her short fiction works happen to be finalists for the Hugo and the Nebula awards and the victorious one of the Asimov’s eiders Prize.

The initial volume of her Farseer Trilogy was very first presented to the followers, to this entire world reader with the Assassin’s Apprentice book in 1995. And all sorts of the 3 books were selected for the Award of British Fantasy Society’. The Ship of magic and the Mad Ship of her Trilogy, the Liveship Traders were both nominated for the Endeavor Award.

Best Robin Hobb Books

Forest Mage – Soldier Son Trilogy: Forest Mage is the 2nd fantasy novel in Robin Hobb’s Soldier Son Trilogy and was written in the year 2006. In today’s congested fantasy marketplace Robin Hobb’s creations are just like expensive diamonds in a ocean of zircons which is praise by George R. R. Martin. In the event the 200 year conflict between kingdoms of Landsing and Vania wrapped up the Land singers had been left in triumphal control of Vania’s wealthy coal and coastline areas.

When youthful King Troven suspected the throne of Vania 30 years later on, he was decided to revive her achievement, not really through waging an additional attack upon their conventional enemies, but by seeking in the other direction and colonizing the untamed flatlands and steppes with their far east.

Over another 20 years, cavalry pushes seem to subdue the rolling flatlands previously squandered on the nomadic herders and also the tribesmen.Troven’s campaign reinstates the delight of the Varnian army and to give them a break, Troven makes a brand new the aristocracy which is incredibly faithful to their monarch. Nevare Gerar is the 2nd son of merely one of King Troven’s brand new lords. Subsequent in his father’s actions, a commission rate as a cavalry official at the frontier and a beneficial relationship wait for him, once he’s finished his coaching at the King’s Cavalry School.

The Fool and Fitz trilogy: While this section is generally reserved for individual books, this series is well worth reading and it’s hard to pick out the best one out of the series. Fitz, still left in peacefulness and isolation towards the end of The Far seer trilogy, needs to come back to assist his family yet again as the Fool comes back from his venture in Bingtown to recruit his help with transforming the world once again. Both personas were re-united in Fool’s Errand, 2nd book Golden Fool and 3rd one Fools Fate in the year 2001, 2003 and 2004. And Robin Hobb was honored together with the Elf Fantasy Award.