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Ranger’s Apprentice is a young adult and science fiction/fantasy series of novels by John Flanagan the Australian author. The first novel in the series featuring the lead character Will was “The Ruins of Gorlan” that was first published in 2004. The title spawned eleven more titles, a prequel series titled “The Early Years”, and “Brotherband Chronicles”, a spin off series.

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Order of Ranger's Apprentice Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Ruins of Gorlan ( By: John Flanagan) 2004 Description / Buy
2 The Burning Bridge ( By: John Flanagan) 2005 Description / Buy
3 The Icebound Land ( By: John Flanagan) 2005 Description / Buy
4 The Battle for Skandia / Oakleaf Bearers ( By: John Flanagan) 2006 Description / Buy
5 The Sorcerer of the North / The Sorcerer in the North ( By: John Flanagan) 2006 Description / Buy
6 The Siege of Macindaw ( By: John Flanagan) 2006 Description / Buy
7 Erak's Ransom ( By: John Flanagan) 2007 Description / Buy
8 The Kings of Clonmel ( By: John Flanagan) 2008 Description / Buy
9 Halt's Peril ( By: John Flanagan) 2009 Description / Buy
10 The Lost Stories ( By: John Flanagan) 2011 Description / Buy
11 The Emperor of Nihon-Ja ( By: John Flanagan) 2011 Description / Buy
12 Death of a Hero (Short Story) ( By: John Flanagan) 2012 Description / Buy

Order of Ranger’s Apprentice: The Early Years Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Tournament at Gorlan ( By: John Flanagan) 2015 Description / Buy
2 The Battle of Hackham Heath ( By: John Flanagan) 2016 Description / Buy

Order of Ranger's Apprentice: The Royal Ranger Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Royal Ranger ( By: John Flanagan) 2013 Description / Buy
2 The Red Fox Clan ( By: John Flanagan) 2018 Description / Buy
3 Duel at Araluen ( By: John Flanagan) 2018 Description / Buy
4 The Missing Prince (By: John Flanagan) 2020 Description / Buy
5 Escape from Falaise (By: John Flanagan) 2021 Description / Buy
6 Arazan Wolves (By: John Flanagan) 2022 Description / Buy
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The series of novels is about the life and times of an orphan named Will, who enrolls as an apprentice Ranger. Will goes on to become the protector of the Araulen kingdom that is under attack from a variety of threats including traitors and outside invaders. He works alongside Horace his best friend, and Holt his mentor.

The first novel in the series “The Ruins of Gorlan” tells the story of Will and his quest to become a Ranger. He had always been afraid of the shadowy ways and cloaks of the Rangers, but now there is no room for such sentiment. For the ordinary villager, the Rangers can make themselves invisible, as they have a particularly strong and dark magic only available to those in their ranks. The fifteen-year-old orphan Will has been chosen to join the apprenticeship program of the Rangers, even though he still does not know what being a Ranger entails.

Will is trained in surveillance and numerous battle skills before he embarks on several quests where the Rangers fight enemy invaders. What follows is an epic battle as the Rangers learn that Morgarath the exiled Lord of the Night and Rain Mountains is preparing his army for one last attack on the kingdom. The novel is an excellent saga that shows why the series has won so many national and international awards over the years.


The Ranger’s Apprentice series has won and been nominated for many prestigious awards over the years. The first novel in the series was on the shortlist for the 2008 Grand Canyon Reader Award, and made the long list for the 2007 Ottakar Book Prize. The first, second and fifth titles were named Notable Books by the Children Book Council of Australia. The first and fourth books were winners of the Aurealis Awards, while the seventh won the International Success Award and the Book of the Year for Older Children. As a series, it has won the 2009 Koala Winners Award.


The first novel in the series “The Ruins of Gorlan” was set to be made into a movie by United Artist with Paul Haggis directing. However, the project ran into headwinds and postponed production to the summer of 2015.


The Ruins of Gorlan: The multiple award-winning first novel in the series is undoubtedly one of the best novels in the series. Your classic sorcery and sword novel, it is a well-grounded tale with a believable and likeable character that happens in a colorful setting, spiced up by a malevolent warlord and his vicious underlings.

The Emperor of Nihon-Ja: The tenth novel in the series is another incredible novel in the series that every fantasy reader needs to read. Horace gets involved in a battle that he has nothing to do with when he arrives in the exotic kingdom of Nihon-Ja. The kingdom is facing total chaos when the emperor is overthrown leaving Will, Horace and their Araluen companions with no choice but to join the fight to win it back. With inexperienced fighters all round, it is anybody’s guess as to who will emerge victorious.

Halt’s Peril: he ninth novel in the series is another excellent title that introduces the Outsiders, an outlaw group terrorizing the kingdoms and robbing the citizens of their valuables. Halt and Will are not spared as they fall victim to the group, with Halt being shot by a poisoned arrow. It is now up to Will to travel night and day to find the sorcerer Malkallam, who is the only one with the antidote to the deadly poison.


Many fans of the Ranger’s Apprentice series also recommend “The Door Within” series of novels by Wayne Thomas Batson. The Door Within series is a Christian saga trilogy that features the lead character Aidan Thomas, who enters an alternative world to engage in the fight between good and evil, hope and despair.

Fans of the Rangers Apprentice series also loved the “Knight and Rogue” series of novels by Hilari Bell. These are a combination of medieval and whodunit novels featuring Sir Michael Sevenson and his squire, Fisk who engage in the classic mystery solving, medieval derring-do, and fantasy adventure.

What Is The Next Book in The Ranger's Apprentice Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Ranger's Apprentice Series. The newest book is Death of a Hero and was released on March, 20th 2012.


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  1. Gave these books to my nephews last Christmas and they absolutely loved them. I knew they would because I loved them when I read them! This is a fantasy series without all the sex and ultra violence that we see in this Game of Thrones ruled world. This is more akin to Lord of the Rings, but even a bit more fun than that series. It is good for kids, but honestly, it’s just good fantasy. Everyone can enjoy.

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