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Rescues is a set of novels written by a bestselling American author of mystery, romance and thriller books, Linda Howard. The author began the publication of Rescues series in 1986 when the first novel in the series Midnight Rainbow was published. The series comprises of four primary books including Diamond Bay (1987), White Lies (1987), and Heartbreaker (1987). In 2005, Howard was awarded a Career Achievement Award by Romance Writers of America.

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Order of Rescues/Kell Sabin Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Midnight Rainbow ( By: Linda Howard) 1986 Description / Buy
2 Diamond Bay ( By: Linda Howard) 1987 Description / Buy
3 Heartbreaker ( By: Linda Howard) 1987 Description / Buy
4 White Lies ( By: Linda Howard) 1988 Description / Buy
5 Trouble ( By: Linda Howard) 2010 Description / Buy
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These are two best books in Rescues series by Linda Howard, Midnight Rainbow (1986) and White Lies (1988).

Midnight Rainbow: The first book in Rescues series by Linda Howard. The novel introduces the readers to Grant Sullivan, a man who had been one of the government most effective operative. Now he has agreed to conduct a rescue mission to save Jane Hamilton Greer, an affluent socialite engaged in espionage. During the time the two spent together, innocence begins to fade, questions of guilt arise against the reality that two people from such two distinct world should never have met in the first place.

The first book in the series is an intense one and will have you engaged from the first page to the last page. When Grant first encounters Jane, she is not what he expected at all. He assumed that she was a spoiled, naughty child. But instead what he gets is a resourceful, intelligent, charming and an adaptable woman. Most of the times, Grant doesn’t know whether he wants to jump her bones or strangle her.

There are some romance scenes in the narrative- the sexual tension that exists between the two is intense, off the charts and Jane is hysterical of the feelings she has developed towards grant.

Reading through the novels, the readers get to learn of Grant life. At the age of 18 years, he was drafted to go to Vietnam. Because he had spent his childhood in the swamps of Georgia, the thick forests of Vietnam were like second nature to him, such that after the war, he was wild and could no longer fit anywhere. His family didn’t even know how to reach to him, and as a result, Grant went back and continued working for the government. The government trained him and used him as a highly skilled weapon- and Grant was good at his job such that he lost in his world and lived in total darkness.

Then there is Jane, a young woman who has never been in love before. She knows that her time with Grant is quickly running out as they draw closer to being rescued.

However, her biggest fear is never seeing the man she has come to love so much. She knows that she can never convince him to give them a final chance because Grant thinks that he has lived in darkness for so long to be able to have any light.

Grant allows Jane under his skin, but he knows that he can never give Jane what she deserves in life because he does not know how to love. So when they get to spend their last night together, it is passionate and also heartbreaking because grants know that this would be their last night together and so he tries to cherish every moment.

Howards paints Grant as a hero who has seen too much and done too much in life. She portrays her hero as a man who is dead emotionally and even unable to interact freely with his family. He is tough, manly rugged, and commanding.

The greater part of the novel takes place in the jungle, and the author paints it so well such that when reading it, you can feel the steamy heat between the characters. There is a lot of steamy love scenes, fairly graphic but also tasteful. The chemistry between Jane and Grant is fascinating.

White Lies: When Jay’s ex-husband is seriously wounded in an accident, she requested to confirm his identity at the hospital. Unfortunately, the man before her is unrecognizable from his injuries.

Hesitantly she identifies him as Steve Crossfield, the man who was initially married to. When the man awakens from his coma, he cannot recall anything of their life together. Is this the man that Jay once loved or is she falling in love with a complete stranger.


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What Is The Next Book in The Rescues/kell Sabin Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Rescues/kell Sabin Series. The newest book is Trouble and was released on December, 21st 2010.

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