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Robert Jordan is a pen name that was widely used by author James Oliver Rigney. Jordan was popularly known for the Wheel of Time fantasy book series and the Conan book series as well. Born in Charleston, California Jordan served two terms in Vietnam as a chopper gun operator.

Order of Conan (Tor) Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Conan the Invincible ( By: Robert Jordan) 1982 Description / Buy
2 Conan The Defender ( By: Robert Jordan) 1982 Description / Buy
3 Conan the Triumphant ( By: Robert Jordan) 1983 Description / Buy
4 Conan the Unconquered ( By: Robert Jordan) 1983 Description / Buy
5 Conan the Victorious ( By: Robert Jordan) 1984 Description / Buy
6 Conan the Magnificent ( By: Robert Jordan) 1984 Description / Buy
7 Conan the Destroyer ( By: Robert Jordan) 1984 Description / Buy
8 Conan the Valorous ( By: John Maddox Roberts) 1985 Description / Buy
9 Conan The Raider ( By: Leonard Carpenter) 1986 Description / Buy
10 Conan the Fearless ( By: Steve Perry) 1986 Description / Buy
11 Conan The Renegade ( By: Leonard Carpenter) 1986 Description / Buy
12 Conan the Champion ( By: John Maddox Roberts) 1987 Description / Buy
13 Conan the Defiant ( By: Steve Perry) 1987 Description / Buy
14 Conan The Marauder ( By: John Maddox Roberts) 1988 Description / Buy
15 Conan the Warlord ( By: Leonard Carpenter) 1988 Description / Buy
16 Conan the Valiant ( By: Roland J. Green) 1988 Description / Buy
17 Conan the Great ( By: Leonard Carpenter) 1989 Description / Buy
18 Conan The Hero ( By: Leonard Carpenter) 1989 Description / Buy
19 Conan the Bold ( By: John Maddox Roberts) 1989 Description / Buy
20 Conan the Indomitable ( By: Steve Perry) 1989 Description / Buy
21 Conan The Free Lance ( By: Steve Perry) 1990 Description / Buy
22 Conan the Formidable ( By: Steve Perry) 1990 Description / Buy
23 Conan the Guardian ( By: Roland J. Green) 1991 Description / Buy
24 Conan the Outcast ( By: Leonard Carpenter) 1991 Description / Buy
25 Conan the Rogue ( By: John Maddox Roberts) 1991 Description / Buy
26 Conan the Relentless ( By: Roland J. Green) 1992 Description / Buy
27 Conan The Savage ( By: Leonard Carpenter) 1992 Description / Buy
28 Conan and the Treasure of Python ( By: John Maddox Roberts) 1993 Description / Buy
29 Conan of the Red Brotherhood ( By: Leonard Carpenter) 1993 Description / Buy
30 Conan and the Gods of the Mountain ( By: Roland J. Green) 1993 Description / Buy
31 Conan and the Manhunters ( By: John Maddox Roberts) 1994 Description / Buy
32 Conan The Hunter ( By: Sean A. Moore) 1994 Description / Buy
33 Conan Scourge of Bloody Coast ( By: Leonard Carpenter) 1994 Description / Buy
34 Conan at the Demon's Gate ( By: Roland J. Green) 1994 Description / Buy
35 The Conan Chronicles ( By: Robert Jordan) 1995 Description / Buy
36 Conan and the Amazon ( By: John Maddox Roberts) 1995 Description / Buy
37 Conan The Gladiator ( By: Leonard Carpenter) 1995 Description / Buy
38 Conan and the Mists of Doom ( By: Roland J. Green) 1995 Description / Buy
39 Conan and the Emerald Lotus ( By: John C. Hocking) 1995 Description / Buy
40 Conan and the Shaman's Curse ( By: Sean A. Moore) 1996 Description / Buy
41 Conan Lord of the Black River ( By: Leonard Carpenter) 1996 Description / Buy
42 Conan and the Death Lord of Thanza ( By: Roland J. Green) 1997 Description / Buy
43 Conan and the Grim Grey God ( By: Sean A. Moore) 1997 Description / Buy
44 Conan of Venarium ( By: Harry Turtledove) 2003 Description / Buy
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While serving in the United States Army, Robert Jordan was awarded a bronze oak leaf cluster and a Distinguished Flying Cross. After Robert Jordan came back from Vietnam, he was admitted to Citadel, where he was awarded an undergraduate degree in physics. In the year 1977, Robert Jordan became an author. Apart from being a history buff, Robert Jordan also enjoyed fishing, hunting, pool, poker, and chess.

Conan, of course, refers to Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian character. Jordan is one of several authors to have written original Conan novels, but his have been some of the most highly acclaimed of the genre. The character first made his appearance in a 1932 issue of Weird Tales and has been a part of the culture ever since.

Conan himself is a Cimmerian, a nation of people based on the Celts (or the historic Cimmerian). He was born on the battlefield as the son of a blacksmith and by the age of fifteen he was already a respected warrior who was key in the destruction of the Aquilonian fortress. After this, he developed a state of wanderlust and began traveling around and having adventures. This is the basis of most of the stories that you know. He is often seen performing heroic feats, but he is less of a hero as his acts often protect himself or lead to personal gain. This has led to him being one of the most popular anti-hero characters in fiction.

The character of Conan is perhaps best known for the portrayal by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film Conan the Barbarian. The film is known for putting Schwarzenegger on the map as an action story in the film industry and was a major box office hit. The movie made $130 million at the box office on just a $16 million dollar budget. The film spawned a sequel which was not as well received, but still ended up being quite profitable. The success of the film saw numerous other adaptations of Conan and a renewed popularity in the novels.

Best Conan Novels

Conan the Invincible: In Conan the Invincible author, Robert Jordan has created a fascinating world and characters. Readers and comic fans alike are going to enjoy, Conan the Invisible. Author Robert Jordan has done an excellent job of creating a fascinating world, while Conan, on the other hand, has been well represented.

The manner in which author Robert Jordan has handled Conan is quite realistic. In Conan the Invisible, we are introduced to Amanar the Necromancer, who is making a sacrifice to Morath-Aminee, his demonic patron. Amanar is asking his demonic patron for protection against a league of sorcerers that he had apparently betrayed. As Amanar is making his sacrifice, Conan is coming up with a plan for his next heist. Conan is contracted by a merchant to steal pendants that were in King of Zamora’s possession.

However, before Conan could steal the jewels, a sorcerer beats him to the heist. Despite the fact that his contractor is more than determined to have him killed, Conan decides to follow the thieves and attempt to steal the jewels from them. Along the way, Conan encounters a group of bandits who are under the command of an extremely ruthless woman commander, Red Hawk.

Conan the Defender: In Conan the Defender, Conan is seeking work as a mercenary. However, along the way Conan is caught up at the center of unrest that resulted from an unsuccessful king. A team of nobles is more than determined to overthrow the king and create a power vacuum. They will then bring another king to power, someone who will be in their favor.

Conan the Defender is filled with lots of behind the scenes actions and double-dealings, which makes it sound more like a mystery novel. As expected, the antagonist is an extremely dark and malevolent sorcerer, who has his eyes on the throne. With that said, the fast pace and the simplicity of Conan the Defender makes the novel highly enjoyable.

Conan the Unconquered: Conan the Unconquered is the third installment in the Conan Novels series by author Robert Jordan. In Conan the Unconquered, Conan once again rubs shoulders with an evil sorcerer. To find a weapon that could kill the sorcerer, Conan and his friends must travel to the Blasted Lands beyond Hyrkania. To attain his goal, Conan must get past magic and monsters as well.

Other Book Series You May Like

Wolf of the North is the first installment in the “Wolf of the North” book series. For many generations, the Northlands have not seen a hero, who is worthy of the title. Many people have tried to claim the title, but it is a few of them, who have survived to defend it. Weak, bullied and timid, Wulfric is one of the few men, who have been overlooked. The storyline and the characters have been well written. Readers will be able to get into the narrative from the first page. Due to the fact that Wolf of the North is the first installment in the Wolf of the North book series, the beginning is somewhat slow. Overall, Wolf of the North is an exciting, competent and traditional epic fantasy.

Jorundy’s Path is the second installment in the Wolf of the North book series. In Jorundy’s Path, the readers meet once again with Wulfric, who is pursuing Adalhaid’s blood debt. Wulfric eventually learns that the path for vengeance is never easy at all and also the will of the gods and the desires of men, rarely meet.

What Is The Next Book in The Conan (tor) Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Conan (tor) Series. The newest book is Conan of Venarium and was released on July, 5th 2003.

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