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The name Sarah Booth Delaney refers to a series of books written by Carolyn Haines. It is also the name of the primary protagonist in the series. Haines, who was born in 1953, is a journalist like her parents.

Order of Sarah Booth Delaney Series

1Them Bones1999Description / Buy
2Buried Bones2000Description / Buy
3Splintered Bones2002Description / Buy
4Crossed Bones2003Description / Buy
5Hallowed Bones2004Description / Buy
6Bones To Pick2005Description / Buy
7Ham Bones2007Description / Buy
8Wishbones2008Description / Buy
9Greedy Bones2009Description / Buy
10Bone Appétit2010Description / Buy
11Bones of a Feather2011Description / Buy
12Bonefire of the Vanities2012Description / Buy
13Smarty Bones2013Description / Buy
14Shorty Bones (Short Story)2014Description / Buy
15Booty Bones2014Description / Buy
16Bones on the Bayou (Short Story)2015Description / Buy
17Bone to Be Wild2015Description / Buy
18Jingle Bones (Short Story)2015Description / Buy
19Guru Bones (Short Story)2015Description / Buy
20Rock-a-Bye Bones2016Description / Buy
21Sticks and Bones2017Description / Buy
22Bones and Arrows2017Description / Buy
23A Gift of Bones2018Description / Buy
24Charmed Bones2018Description / Buy
25Clacking Bones (Short Story)2018Description / Buy
26Game of Bones2019Description / Buy
27The Devil's Bones2020Description / Buy
28Enchanted Bones (Short Story)2020Description / Buy
29A Garland of Bones2020Description / Buy
30Independent Bones2021Description / Buy
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However, she took after her grandmother who was a great storyteller. Haines has written books under the names of Lizzie Hart and Carolyn Burnes. However, it is her work as Carolyn Haines that has attracted true acclaim.

While the Hart and Burnes books allow her to play with romance and comedy, it is only under her real name that Haines writes mystery. And she has succeeded greatly as a result.

The Sarah Booth Delaney Books are about a southern belle called Sarah Delaney Booth. She is over the age of thirty and still unmarried. Even worse, she has no job. She’s always thinking about leaving her home of Zinnia, Louisiana intent on using her acting talents. However, she has as little luck in acting as she does with men.

The fact that she keeps finding herself in situations where she must use her investigative skills to help friends that have been wronged only makes it that much harder for Sarah to focus on her work. But she does her best, using her charm to adapt to any situation and make friends in unique places.

With a bossy antebellum ghost providing all the distractions she needs, Sarah isn’t quite like any other detective. Carolyn Haines delivered her first novel in this mystery series in 1999.

Them Bones introduced Sarah Booth, a flat broke unwed lady over thirty who is determined to not lose the family plantation. She is also being haunted by the ghost a great grandmother’s nanny. Before long, she is forced to put her sleuthing skills to the test when a murder causes a stir.

Sarah Booth Delaney Awards

Carolyn Haines hasn’t won any notable awards specifically for writing the Sarah Booth mystery books. However, the books have been recognized for their quality, receiving a number of accolades in the process.

This includes receiving the title of Best Amateur Sleuth. One of the books in the series, Hallowed Bones, also had the privilege of being named one of the Five Best Mysteries in 2004. This was by Library Journal.

Best Sarah Booth Delaney Books

Carolyn Haines has achieved more success from her Sarah Booth mysteries than from any romance or comedy novels she ever wrote, with some of the best books in the mystery series including the following:

Splintered Bones: Sarah Booth isn’t without her problems. Besides being jobless and unwed in her thirties, Sarah must also deal with a great grandmother’s nanny’s ghost that is determined to marry her off to an appropriate suitor.

However, her own problems take a back seat when Eulalee McBride confesses to killing her husband. McBride turns to Sarah for help, asking her to prove that her husband deserved everything he got.

When Sarah looks into the situation, she finds that there are more than enough suspects running around Zinnia in Mississippi.

This book has a lot going for it. It has some humor. The characters are amusing and the mystery is quite decent. There are almost no cozy mysteries on the market today that are this quirky, unique and entertaining.

Hallowed Bones: Thirty-something Sarah Booth Delaney loves her thriving detective agency, and not even the outrageous ghost haunting her can keep Sarah from basking in the good times.

Sarah takes on the case of Doreen Mallory, a mother accused of giving her baby sleeping pills. Sarah is uncertain about Doreen’s guilt and begins to look into the men surrounding her, men that have so much to lose if Doreen revealed what she knew.

Sarah’s own personal life is in turmoil as she struggled to choose between an old flame and a married sheriff.

The case in this book is tricky. There is a lot of emotionally draining drama in the book as a whole. Luckily, Carolyn Haines makes great fun of all the madness and mayhem.

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What Is The Next Book in The Sarah Booth Delaney Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Sarah Booth Delaney Series. The newest book is Independent Bones and was released on May, 18th 2021.

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