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Saxon Chronicles (also known as The Saxon Stories, Saxon Tales, and Saxon Chronicles) is a series of historical novels authored by Bernard Cornwell set in 9th and 10th century Britain. The main character in the series is Uhtred of Bebbanburg, a man born to a Saxon lord, captured and raised by the Danes. The series takes place during the Danish invasion of Britain when all the English kingdoms were captured except one.

Order of The Warrior Chronicles / Saxon Stories Series

1The Last Kingdom2004Description / Buy
2The Pale Horseman2005Description / Buy
3Lords of the North2006Description / Buy
4Sword Song2007Description / Buy
5The Burning Land2009Description / Buy
6Death of Kings2011Description / Buy
7The Pagan Lord2013Description / Buy
8The Empty Throne2014Description / Buy
9Warriors of the Storm2015Description / Buy
10The Flame Bearer2016Description / Buy
11War of the Wolf2018Description / Buy
12Sword of Kings2019Description / Buy
13War Lord2020Description / Buy
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The series is commonly juxtaposed with The Warlord Chronicles firstly because of the homologous nature between the two main characters (both orphaned) and secondly due to their similar nature between the foreign menace in the form of Saxons in The Warlord Chronicles, and Danes in The Saxon Stories. There is also a close resemblance between Alfred and Arthur. The protagonist, Uhtred of Bebbanburg is an old man narrating the tales of the events that happened decades earlier starting from his childhood. His story intertwines with the story of the British Isles during the end of 9th century. The narrator sprinkles the novel with acerbic comments relating the characters and the events that he describes.

Cornwell began the publication of Saxon Chronicles in 2004, when The Last Kingdom, the first book in the series was published.


Saxon Chronicles series was adapted into a 2015 historical fiction TV series, The Last Kingdom. The series aired on BBC Two in the United Kingdom on 22nd October 2015 and on 10th October 2015 on BBC America.


These are two books in Saxon Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell, The Last Kingdom (2004) and The Pagan Lord (2013).

The Last Kingdom: Book one in Saxon Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell. The novel follows the story of Uhtrid, a young Englishman child of a noble landholder, who is taken into captivity by the invading Danes. He is later accepted into the Danes culture and family and taken in as their son. He acquires the skills of the Danes, such as combating and even helps them fight the British. However, he is returned to the English at the request of their king, Alfred since he has visions of the young man.

Alfred is a devout Christian. Uhtrid having spent some of his childhood life around strict Christians, he finds it accommodating to live the Danish way of life especially the warrior culture and its lack of rules. He unwillingly agrees to assist the King to fight the Danes. During his teen and youth years, he bounces around quite a lot between the English and Danes, gets accepted by both, fights for both, and against both before finally making a final decision of settling with the English, marries at the command of his king and helps in bringing down the enemy forces.

The first series installment is in one word, outstanding. The authors writing style, dialogue, prose, fight scenes and other action scenes are all brilliantly done. Throughout the novel, Uhtred grows, becomes a self-reflective man, and changes his views.

The Pagan Lord: Once again, Cornell presents the readers with another spectacular masterpiece conveying one of the defining times of English history. At the beginning of the tenth century, England is in a terrible mess, Alfred the mighty king is dead, and Edward is now the ruling king. Wessex survives all the tribulations, but the peace cannot prevail. The Danes at the far north under the leadership of Viking Longsword are ready to attack and will never stop until the crown is theirs.

Uhtred, once a mighty warrior for the dead king, but now out of favor with the ruling king must lead a group of outcasts north and recapture his old family home. Loyalties will be tested; men will fall as each single Saxon kingdom is caught in the deadliest battle with the Danes, a war that will determine the fate of each king and that of the entire English nation.


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What Is The Next Book in The Warrior Chronicles / Saxon Stories Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Warrior Chronicles / Saxon Stories Series. The newest book is War Lord and was released on October, 15th 2020.

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