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Saxon is a series of crime fiction novels written by Les Roberts. The books follow the exploits of an actor in Hollywood that solves crimes in between acting jobs.

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Order of Saxon Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 An Infinite Number of Monkeys ( By: Les Roberts) 1987 Description / Buy
2 Not Enough Horses ( By: Les Roberts) 1988 Description / Buy
3 A Carrot for the Donkey ( By: Les Roberts) 1989 Description / Buy
4 Snake Oil ( By: Les Roberts) 1990 Description / Buy
5 Seeing the Elephant ( By: Les Roberts) 1992 Description / Buy
6 The Lemon Chicken Jones ( By: Les Roberts) 1994 Description / Buy
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Les Robert spent more than two decades in Hollywood during which time he produced several thousand hours of television. He produced and even wrote for shows like The Andy Griffith Show, The Lucy Show and The Jackie Gleason Show.

But after giving so much of his life to Hollywood, Robert eventually fled to Los Angeles. There he went about writing the Saxon series and the Milan Jacovich books both of which garnered the author a reputation among avid readers of mystery and suspense.

An Infinite Number of Monkeys, the first novel in the Saxon series, published in 1987, made effective use of Les Robert’s Hollywood experience by creating and unraveling a mystery set in that same glitzy and glamorous landscape.

When he is first introduced to readers, Saxon is a struggling actor doing what he can to land significant roles in movies and television with the hope of getting his name out into the public conscious.

But by the time the events of An Infinite Number of Monkeys roll around, Saxon is barely surviving on his acting work. It is for this reason that the protagonist has chosen to acquire a PI license and take up detective work.

When a beautiful woman comes to Saxon, asking him to help protect her father, a millionaire crime fiction author that has made more enemies than he knows what to do with, it doesn’t take Saxon long to realize that he might have bitten off more than he can chew.

But that doesn’t stop him from using his limited experience to explore his client’s case. Saxon immediately stands out because he doesn’t necessarily fit the mold of the average crime fiction PI.

Like many of his peers, Saxon is a strong man. He is also likable, charming, and empathetic. However, those qualities are made more effective by the fact that Saxon is an aspiring actor who looks like the role he wants to pursue.

His face isn’t the kind that people can reject, not when Saxon puts his charm into action. The fact that he is a lady’s man doesn’t always work in his favor, though.

The hero tends to fall in love, at first sight, more often than might be healthy. Though he can always count on Jo, his bookkeeper to keep him focused on the task at hand.

All of Saxon’s cases are related to Hollywood and the movie business in some way. He spends more time doing investigative work than he does looking for acting work.

Saxon Awards

Les Robert won the Inaugural Best First Private Eye Novel Contest for his first Saxon novel in 1986. An Infinite Number of Monkeys was also nominated for an Anthony and Shamus Award in 1988.

Best Saxon Books

The Saxon novels are not quite as popular as Les Robert’s Milan Jacovich series, though they do have fans that appreciate Saxon’s casual approach to things, with some of the best books in the series including:

An Infinite Number of Monkeys: By day, Saxon is an actor. But at night, he dons his PI hat and solves mysteries. Saxon is given an opportunity to put his deductive skills into action when a beautiful woman named Tori hires him to protect her father, Buck Weldon.

Weldon writes crime fiction novels. His career has made him rich. But he has also made many enemies, this including the publisher who stole his royalties and the son-in-law he thorough assaulted because he battered Tori.

Saxon is forced to take Tori’s pleas seriously when Weldon’s lover dies from poisoned cocaine that he was about to sniff. Someone out their wants Weldon dead and Saxon must identify him before it’s too late.

Not Enough Horses: When Robbie Bingham dies in an explosion, his gay partner asks Saxon to investigate the incident because the police won’t. Saxon, who is an actor by day, realizes that Robbie was merely the casualty in a plot designed to murder a movie executive by the names of Steve Brandon. Saxon’s resulting investigating draws him into the competitive world of Network television.

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What Is The Next Book in The Saxon Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Saxon Series. The newest book is The Lemon Chicken Jones and was released on January, 3rd 1994.

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  1. Normally I’m all for investigation / mystery books, but an actor by day and PI by night? That’s a stretch for me. Has anyone read these books and if so, are they worth the time? Only a few reviews on Amazon that make the characters seem one-dimensional. I’m passing on these for now but please let me know if I should check them out!

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