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Sedikhan is a very popular series written by famous crime fiction & romance novel writer Iris Johansen. Iris Johansen was born in April 7, 1938, and she has proved herself a great writer by publishing some outstanding novels and series. Sedikhan is one of the most popular series by Iris Johansen, and this series is based on beautiful stories full of historical romance, love and adventure. There are a lots of books are available in this series, and readers have appreciated each of the novels under this series.

Order of Sedikhan Series

1The Golden Valkyrie1984Description / Buy
2The Trustworthy Redhead1984Description / Buy
3Capture the Rainbow1984Description / Buy
4Touch the Horizon1984Description / Buy
5A Summer Smile1985Description / Buy
6And the Desert Blooms1986Description / Buy
7Always1986Description / Buy
8Everlasting1986Description / Buy
9Til The End of Time1986Description / Buy
10Last Bridge Home1987Description / Buy
11Across the River of Yesterday1987Description / Buy
12Star Light, Star Bright1987Description / Buy
13Blue Skies, Shining Promises1988Description / Buy
14Man From Half Moon Bay1988Description / Buy
15Magnificent Folly1989Description / Buy
16Notorious1990Description / Buy
17A Tough Man to Tame1991Description / Buy
18The Golden Barbarian1991Description / Buy
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The series has depicted a thrilling historical romantic story which is really unique and engaging. Sedikhan is basically a place, and in the series the author has depicted the life of Sedikhan people and depicted wonderful love story of the main characters. Some of the books in this series are very short, and the stories are also quite different than other contemporary books of the author.

Johansen started her writing career after her children left the home for study. She started writing as a pass time process, but her hobby has resulted as a great career for her. Her first book was “Touch The Horizon”, which was published in the year 1984. “Touch The Horizon” was also the first book in Sedikhan series. In this book, the author has described an incredible romantic story where a girl named Billie Callahan, who had come to play a minor film in the Middle East desert. However, the story changed when a boy named David Bradford suddenly came like a prince on his black horse to save Billie from a deadly sandstorm on the location where she was trapped badly. Billie found herself in a complete different situation, where she was living a real-life romantic adventure, leaving her reel life adventure.

Billie just couldn’t resist herself from the irresistibly seductive and mysterious power of David and she followed him in his fortress. Billie was living on that moment, whereas David warned her to give her the pleasure for the whole life. Now, what happens to David’s dream? If you want to know the rest of the romantic story, you can read the complete book further.

Best Sedikhan Books

The Golden Barbarian: This is one of the best novels in Sedikhan series. The book was published in the year 1991, and it has portrayed a very appealing and attractive historical romance story that has appreciated by all the romance story lovers. The book described a very appealing romance, thrilling adventure, and an engaging story of a brave princess and barbarian sheikh. Princess Theresa Christina Rubinoff fighting with her cruel life had to face a sensual bargain with one of the most handsome barbarian sheikh ruler. She vowed to play a seductive role in his life, but in her heart she was determined to fight to get independence from the cruel land where women are nothing but only playthings.

However, rich barbarian sheikh offered her to marry him in return of her independence, knowing that he had started liking her by his heart. Read the full story to see where their love goes.

Til The End Of Time: This is another popular novel in the Sedikhan series which was published in the year 1986. The book describes story of Sandor Karpathan, who risks his life to save a charming American lady from a certain death condition. He felt that he has fallen for that lady badly and no power can stop him from getting her. But, they have no time to fall in love or romance, but still destiny had designed their heart for each other. Read the full story to know further.

Other Book Series You May Like

If you like romantic books with nice story and adventure then there are many other books that you may like including “Star Light, Star Bright” by Iris Johansen and “Daughter of Gold” by Janeen O’Kerry. Both of the books depict a wonder romantic story that will take you to a different world of romance, seduction and history. The readers of the both of the books have appreciated the stories and found both of the books very interesting. If you are fan of Iris Joahnsen then you will also lie some other books like “Big Love in a Small Town” by Kate Goldman, “Cruising for Love” by Emily Walters etc.

What Is The Next Book in The Sedikhan Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Sedikhan Series. The newest book is The Golden Barbarian and was released on December, 1st 1991.

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