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Star Quartet is a popular series by an American author Catherine Coulter. Catherine Coulter write-ups are majorly romantic, historical romantic and suspense thrillers. Coulter was born on 26 December 1942 in Cameroon County, Texas. She picked up her writing prowess at a tender age while residing with her grandmother, who was also a writer. Her mother was a retired concert pianist while her father was a painter turned singer. Coulter wrote her first 15-paged novels at the age of fourteen. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas. She proceeded for her masters at Boston College in the early 19th century. Catherine Coulter’s first job was to be a speechwriter at the Wall Street executive. Coulter currently resides with her husband in Sausalito, California.

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Order of Victorian/Early San Francisco/Star Quartet Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Evening Star / Sweet Surrender ( By: Catherine Coulter) 1984 Description / Buy
2 Midnight Star ( By: Catherine Coulter) 1986 Description / Buy
3 Wild Star ( By: Catherine Coulter) 1986 Description / Buy
4 Jade Star ( By: Catherine Coulter) 1987 Description / Buy
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Catherine Coulter’s husband is the reason she got into writing. While reading a book, Coulter found it uninteresting and threw it across the room claiming she can write better. Her husband, then a medical student, challenged her to do so and prove herself. It is from there that she developed the urge. Currently, she has authored 75 novels, with 70 being New York bestselling. Coulter’s first novel, The Autumn Countess, was published and released in 1978 by the Penguin books. This novel earned her enough to quit her position as a speechwriter to pursue writing full-time. The Maze, wad her first book to be placed on the New York bestseller list. Other books from Catherine Coulter that did well include The Cove, which besides spending nine weeks on the New York bestseller list, also sold over nine million copies.

Catherine Coulter Awards

Catherine Coulter is yet to receive any major literary award.

Catherine Coulter Books into Movies

None of the books authored by Catherine Coulter have been adapted into feature films.

Best Catherine Coulter Books

The Star Quartet is among the widely read books by Catherine Coulter. It is a series made up of four installments, the Evening Star, Midnight Star, Wild Star and Jade Star respectively.

The Evening Star: The first installment of this series, features Delaney Saxton based in San Francisco the year 1851. The book and the series in general revolves around the Saxton family, composed of Delaney Saxton, his older brother Alex Saxton and their mother. Gian, the short form of Georgina, is a daughter of a wealthy woman busy with her business deals in England. Born and raised in Boarding schools, she received little care from her ever-busy mother. Gian falls in love, and her mother is against it, claiming the man Gian is seeing is only after her money. Due to this, her mother plans a trip for her to Rome, with her uncle.

Elsewhere, Alex travels to Rome on business. Due to business demands and pressures, he decides he needs a woman to keep his stress off a little. Therefore, he heads to a brothel. A young woman is interested in him but chooses another for the night. Alex is set to leave Rome after some nights. On his last night, he decides again to attend a flower auction where virgins auction their virginity. He bids and wins an exquisite young girl. As he took his winnings off to another hotel, he got boshed and knocked out. On waking up, his little whore has disappeared and never sees her again. However, he is still determined to get what he paid for.

Fast-forward, four years later, Giana is a successful businessperson just like her mother. Coincidentally, she meets with Alex for business purposes. Alex immediately recognizes that she is the virgin he bought and never tasted his last night in Italy. Alex maintained his determination and convinced her to come with him to a seaside cottage. A lot happens ultimately resulting in Giana getting pregnant that night. Giana has her beliefs about being married to a man. Alex also has some skeptical beliefs. Will they make it as husband and wife?

Catherine Coulter continues with the drama surrounding these characters, ideally building their role play in the subsequent installments of this series. Certainly, the book will keep you eager, with a certain interesting turn of events.

Other Series You May Like

Catherine Coulter has authored other awesome and interesting romantic novels. Among them include “The Legacy” series, “The Magic Trilogy“, “The Sherbrooke” Series, “Baron” Series, “Contemporary Romance”, “Viking” Series and “FBI thrillers”. Having said this, Catherine Coulter artistically narrates her write-ups definitely building her characters with an unbeatable story line. To keep her pace, Coulter generally publishes two books every year. One historical novel and the other suspense novel.

What Is The Next Book in The Victorian/early San Francisco/star Quartet Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Victorian/early San Francisco/star Quartet Series. The newest book is Jade Star and was released on January, 1st 1987.

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