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The Starbuck Chronicles are historical fiction novels written by Bernard Cornwell. Bernard has been writing historical fiction for quite a while. The author has written about everything from Richard Sharpe to the Napoleonic Wars.

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Order of Starbuck Chronicles Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Rebel ( By: Bernard Cornwell) 1993 Description / Buy
2 Copperhead ( By: Bernard Cornwell) 1994 Description / Buy
3 Battle Flag ( By: Bernard Cornwell) 1995 Description / Buy
4 The Bloody Ground ( By: Bernard Cornwell) 1996 Description / Buy
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Born in 1944, Cornwell did not meet his father until he was in his 50s. Having been adopted by a family in Thundersley, Essex, Cornwell’s eyes were opened to a genealogy he hadn’t thought to seek out and study before that particular meeting. And he was surprised to find that so many of his half siblings shared his traits and interests.

Cornwell began writing novels after he moved to the United States following his marriage to his second wife. Writing appealed to Cornwell because he couldn’t get a permanent resident card during those early days and writing was the one job he could do which did not require a work permit.

The Starbuck Chronicles are pretty popular. They delve into the American Civil War, exploring the adventures of Nathaniel Starbuck.

Rebel, the first book in the Starbuck Chronicles which was published in 1993, introduces Nathaniel as a young man whose attempts to visit his friend Adam Faulconer end in disaster when he is beset by the residents of Richmond. They believed him to be a Yankee spy and would have lynched him if not for the intervention of Washington Faulconer.

Nathaniel is so grateful for Faulconer’s generosity that he joins the Landowner’s so-called Faulconer Legion, a decision that essentially pits him against his home and even his father.

The young theology graduate is a unique player in the events that eventually play out because he isn’t driven to act on behalf of Faulconer by politics. Rather, circumstances pushed him to take his important place in a conflict that would eventually define the nation. As such, Bernard Cornwell presents Nathaniel as an individual that is malleable and open to change.

And, indeed, over the next couple of books, Nathaniel changes as his loyalties are tested and his politics begin to take shape.

The Starbuck Chronicles Books into Movies

Talk of a television series based on the Starbuck chronicles has been rife since the rumors first emerged in 2015. Those rumors were replaced by news of a television movie adapted from Rebel, the first book in the Starbuck Chronicles.

The powers behind the concept went so far as to produce a short to generate interest in the project. However, a television show or even a TV Movie based on the first book in the Starbuck Chronicles is yet to manifest.

Best Starbuck Chronicles Books

The most entertaining aspect of books like this is seeing how they diverge from real history, with some of the best books in the Starbuck Chronicle including:

Rebel: Nate Starbuck had no intention of joining the Faulconer Legion. He only wanted to visit his friend. But then a hostile crowd mistook him for a Yankee spy and sought to lynch him. Luckily for Nate, Washington Faulconer swooped down just in time to save him.

And now, to show his gratitude, Nate decides to join his destiny with that Faulconer by enlisting in his group. It is a decision that will pit Nate against his family. Nate knows that the Faulconer Legion is ready for war. However, he doesn’t realize the impact his actions will have in the grand scheme of things.

The first novel in the Starbuck books is also the most popular. The book introduces Nate as a young man that hates his abolitionist father. So he steals some money and runs away.

Nate stumbles into Richmond at the worst possible time and only survives the fury of a hateful mob because of the actions of a rich landowner. Thus begins Nate’s long and arduous journey.

Copperhead: The Second book in the Starbuck Trilogy finds Nate Starbuck struggling with his future. Despite being a beloved confederate Captain, an incident puts Nate in a precarious position; he soon realizes that he might soon be accused of being a Yankee spy.

There is no escaping his Northern roots. There is a traitor afoot and Nate knows that finding him is the only way to keep his name in the clear and to avoid a complication that could end his life. However, to achieve his goal, Nate must journey through the enemy’s territory.

Other Book Series You May Like

Fans enjoy “The Grail Quest” Series by Bernard Cornwell. This historical fiction series digs into the Hundred Years War, focusing on Thomas of Hookton, a young man that joins the English Army during the reign of Edward the Third after his father is murdered. The series, which is set in the fourteenth century, focuses on the hunt for the Holy Grail.

Stabuck Chronicles fans also like “The Warlord Chronicles” by Bernard Cornwell. These books delve into the Arthurian Legend. Cornwell imagines Arthur as he believes he was; a powerful warlord that sought to raise the status and authority of native Britons in a post-Roman Britain. The novels play with well known aspects of Arthurian mythology, this including the legend of Merlin.

What Is The Next Book in The Starbuck Chronicles Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Starbuck Chronicles Series. The newest book is The Bloody Ground and was released on March, 1st 1996.

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