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Sunny Randall is a popular series unleashed by Robert Parker at the fall of 1999. Parker has always shown a talented hand when it comes to female character and it turned out that the sunny series is unexceptional. The series features a fiction character Sunny Randall who is hired to protect a number of wealthy characters in the series.

Order of Sunny Randall Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Family Honor ( By: Robert B. Parker) 1999 Description / Buy
2 Perish Twice ( By: Robert B. Parker) 2000 Description / Buy
3 Shrink Rap (By: Robert B. Parker) 2002 Description / Buy
4 Melancholy Baby ( By: Robert B. Parker) 2004 Description / Buy
5 Blue Screen (By: Robert B. Parker) 2006 Description / Buy
6 Spare Change (By: Robert B. Parker) 2007 Description / Buy
7 Blood Feud ( By: Mike Lupica) 2018 Description / Buy
8 Grudge Match ( By: Mike Lupica) 2020 Description / Buy
9 Payback ( By: Mike Lupica) 2021 Description / Buy
10 Revenge Tour ( By: Mike Lupica) 2022 Description / Buy
11 Bad Influence ( By: Alison Gaylin) 2023 Description / Buy
12 Buzz Kill ( By: Alison Gaylin) 2024 Description / Buy
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Sunny’s family linage has been active in law enforcement industry for quite sometimes while Richie’s family is mobbed up. Her dad has attempted may times to put her former farther-in-law to the jail and that is among of the reasons why Sunny quite the military. Her best friend is a restaurant spike, who is a world’s toughest, flamboyant guy, Spenser. Like Spenser, Sunny owns a miniature English bull terrier that looked like a possum. Sunny has gone to the dogs and those who are not exactly anamoured of pearl the Wonder Dog in the Spenser series should know that Rosie was also a prominent character in the book.


Parker was nominated for three awards, and received two Edgar Awards. In 2002 he received a Grand Master Award Edgar for his collective oeuvre and in 2008, he was awarded the Gumshoe lifetime Achievement Award.


Since the death of Parker, the novel series was continued by Michael Brandman, for film adoptions. Although there is a little different between the novel and movies, a number of characters appear on the film. The film Jesse is a major character and is quite younger. Other clear changes in the movie are the fact that Jesse’s ex-wife is a major voice in the movie but in-person presence in the novel. In the film we are shown Jesse living with his dog in a big house, while in the book, he life in apartment and has no dog.

The novel portray the city of Paradise to have a larger police department but the book diverge from this, which the reader could be expected the film to be based on. In fact, the fourth film in the series is totally different with the book series.


Sunny Randall series feature seven books with the first novel in the series, Family Honor, introducing the main fictional writer Sunny Randle. This first book along with another book, Blue Screen, forms the best selling books in this series.

Family Honor is a blazing novel from the American crime fiction writer, Parker. It is the first book in the series and introduces the sharp, tough and sexy new P.I, Sunny Randal. The book features razor-sharp and witty dialogue, memorable characterization and hard-driving suspense. Parker’s spare prose and tight story telling in his book earned him a number of critical praise and popular success. The Honor Novel introduces the main character who a young, smart female character, Sunny Randall who is a Boston P.I. and a former cop. She is a college graduate, a divorce, aspiring painter and own a miniature bullterrier called Rosie. She is hired by a wealthy family as a detective to protect their teenage daughter and Sunny is tested by parent’s preconceived notation of what a detective should be. She manage to track down the runaway Millicent who had done into prostitution and find herself a custodian of a difficult teenager who refused to return to her family.

Blue screen feature Buddy Bollen who is a c-list film mogul making fortune by producing movies of questionable artistic merit. Buddy hires Sunny Randle to guard her rising star girlfriend Erin). Sunny knows from the begging that with prickly spoiled beauty, her job will not be easy.

Misty, Erin’s sister, is found dead in a lavish home that they shared with a sugar daddy Bollen and there seems to be not single lead that can help to identify the killer. But Sunny meets with Jess Stone, chief of the police in Paradise, Massachusetts. Sunny and Jesse have a lot in common and while looking for the killer, they get to learn much about each other. While tracking Misty’s murderer they learn about a number of seedy complications behind Erin’s glamorous lifestyle and the entertainment empire of Buddy Bollen that has resulted in shaddy film deals resulting mobsters out for revenge.


Other series by Robert B. Parker that is highly recommend that you read inlcude the “Jesse Stone” Series and the “Spenser” series. Jesse Stone series features interesting detective novels written in third person narative. The series consist of nine books with the first book, Night Passage, published in 1997 and the last Splint Image published in 2010. Spenser series also features great detective novels that have been adopted in television series (Specncer:For Hire).

What Is The Next Book in The Sunny Randall Series?

The next book in the The Sunny Randall Series by Robert B. Parker is Buzz Kill and will be released on September, 10th 2024.

2 thoughts on “Sunny Randall”

  1. I love this series except for one thing. We learn to love her dog Rosie through all the books written through 2007. Then there are no new books until 2018. And early in it we learn in one sentence that Rosie passed away in the Spring and she has a second dog named Rosie. There is no more explanation about the passing of a little dog readers have grown to love!!!

  2. It’s great to have a novel, nay, a whole series of mystery novels with a female protagonist that actually holds up against the likes of those with male main characters. Sunny is smart, multi-dimensional, and there is a fun romantic side to the story without making it too “girly”.

    This series is highly enjoyable and a breath of fresh air from the normal male-led mystery novels.

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