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Louis D. LaMoore was born in North Dakota on March 22, 1908. He was born to a Veterinarian, Dr. Louis C. LaMoore and Emily D.LaMoore. He was a renowned novelist, poet, and short story writer, with over 100 published books, mostly fictional types. Louis was a well-travelled man traversing through the continents with his parents as a child in search of greener pastures.

Order of Chantry Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 North to the Rails ( By: Louis L'Amour) 1971 Description / Buy
2 Fair Blows the Wind (By: Louis L'Amour) 1973 Description / Buy
3 The Ferguson Rifle (By: Louis L'Amour) 1973 Description / Buy
4 Over on the Dry Side (By: Louis L'Amour) 1975 Description / Buy
5 Borden Chantry (By: Louis L'Amour) 1977 Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Chantry Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Fair Blows the Wind (By: Louis L'Amour) 1973 Description / Buy
2 The Ferguson Rifle (By: Louis L'Amour) 1973 Description / Buy
3 Borden Chantry (By: Louis L'Amour) 1977 Description / Buy
4 North to the Rails ( By: Louis L'Amour) 1971 Description / Buy
5 Over on the Dry Side (By: Louis L'Amour) 1975 Description / Buy
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He changed his Sir name to L’Amour in the 1930s as he embarked on his writing career journey. He successfully wrote short stories and crime stories including the famous, Death Westbound which featured in the “10 Story Book” magazine. Louis published his first book Westward the Tide in 1951.He continued writing and producing screenplay scripts through his life until he succumbed to cancer in 1988 in LA California. He had two daughters by his only wife, Kathy.

Talon & Chantry Awards

In May 1972, L’Amour received an Honorary Ph.D. from Jamestown College, for his legendary storytelling and social contributions. His book, Bendigo Shafter earned him the U.S. National Book Award. In 1982, Louis L’Amour he was honored the Congressional Gold Medal, and in 1984, he received a Presidential Freedom Medal from former President Ronald Reagan.

Talon & Chantry Books into Movies

Heller in Pink Tights, 1960 modified from Heller with a Gun. Some of the books that were adapted for screenplay include; The Burning Hills (1956), Hombre llamado Noon US version (1973) and Lo chiamavano Mezzogiorno Italian version, The Daybreakers and Sackett (1979) and The Shadow Riders (1982).

Best Talon & Chantry Books

Borden Chantry: This is the first book in the Talon & amp Chantry series. The storyline is set during the period when the Sacketts, Tyrel & Tell, and Orrin, lived and ranched in Mora, New Mexico. The boys discovered a woman that helped cure some miners in the area with smallpox is ailing and in need of medical attention. One of them was a Sackett, so the boys asked Joe Sackett to lend the sick woman some money so that she can relocate to another town with a better climate. In a twist of events, the local Marshall discovers that Joe is killed and he must investigate the murder. Before long, the Marshall finds a string of multiple murders all connected to Mora.

As with most small town cops, they never manage to unearth multiple murder cases, let alone a single one. The Marshall was only twenty-four years old. Back in the day, life in the west countryside made men mature quickly. The author did not come out clear on the significance of Joe’s death or who he was, other than getting help for his small pox. The storyline is great, detailing life in a relatively small town, making the characters sound real. Lots of empty buildings, arroyos, and structure rooftops were used to dry gorge dead bodies. This whole ordeal put Borden’s life at stake. It is evident that someone wants him dead too. The killer is too swift and closing in on his victims faster than they can breathe. It is a fast, quick read. An exceptional plot packed with intrigue and mystery. An unknown killer sprawling in the small town and the sheriff had to figure out why, before he made any moves to catch the reckless murderer.

The Flair Blow Winds: The Flair Blow Winds, is the second installment in the Loius La’mour book series. In this installment, we meet once again with Tatton Chantry, a boy whose father was killed by the British while his home was burned to the ground. Tatton in turn left to Ireland, so as to make fortune and regain land as well, which was rightfully his. Taught along the way on how to use firearms, Tatton eventually arrived in London, a tad wiser and an exceedingly dangerous man.

Other book series you may like

Renowned author Louis L’Amour introduces us to Barnabas Sackett from England in his first edition of the “Sacketts” series. The character-driven plot takes us through a debacle of a wrongfully accused robbery by the queen of England. If found guilty, Barnabas could face a long jail term or a death sentence. Faced with two difficult options in his already messed-up life, and without any feasible action plan to vindicate himself, Barnabas sets his sails to America, the land of milk and honey. Barnabas grew up in an unstable environment. Because of his violent and rough upbringing, he turned into a brave rugged man. Those inept skills would later help him in the new insecure land. With another shot at life, he vows to make something of his life in America.

What Is The Next Book in The Chantry Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Chantry Series. The newest book is Borden Chantry and was released on January, 1st 1977.


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