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The Terry Henry Walton Chronicles is a series of science fiction and fantasy novels written by Michael Anderle in collaboration with Craig Martelle. The books are set in the Kurtherian Gambit universe.

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Order of Kurtherian Gambit: Terry Henry Walton Series By: Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle

# Read Title Published Details
1 Nomad Found (By: Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle) 2017 Description / Buy
2 Nomad Redeemed (By: Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle) 2017 Description / Buy
3 Nomad Unleashed (By: Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle) 2017 Description / Buy
4 Nomad Supreme (By: Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle) 2017 Description / Buy
5 Nomad's Fury (By: Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle) 2017 Description / Buy
6 Nomad's Justice (By: Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle) 2017 Description / Buy
7 Nomad Avenged (By: Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle) 2017 Description / Buy
8 Nomad's Force (By: Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle) 2017 Description / Buy
9 Nomad's Galaxy (By: Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle) 2017 Description / Buy
10 Nomad Mortis (By: Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle) 2017 Description / Buy
11 Nomad's Journal (Short Story) (By: Michael Anderle, Craig Martelle) 2020 Description / Buy
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Anderle has produced a number of Kurtherian Gambit spin-offs, with each spin-off taking a supporting character from the original series and building a whole new story around their adventures.

These novels follow Terry Henry Walton. Anderle chose to wrap the character in plenty of mystery when he first appeared in the Gambit books. He always had a hidden agenda, though that never kept him from playing his part to propel the heroes and heroines of the Gambit series forward.

The Terry Henry Walton Chronicles start two decades later. Terry isn’t the same man. A former marine and mercenary, he has lost so much since the fall and that pain follows him everywhere he goes.

Terry gets a second chance to start over in Nomad Found’ when he is talked into defending the inhabitants of an isolated town from a dangerous enemy. This places the protagonist on the path to a bright but violent future as a charismatic military leader.

Even though these books are closely associated with the Kurtherian Gambit series, the fact that they focus on a separate cast of characters undertaking distinct adventures means that even audience members who never read the Gambit books can enjoy them.

The world that Anderle creates is a dangerous place. Something went wrong a long time ago. Civilization fell. Those people that escaped the destruction were forced to spend the rest of their days fighting for survival.

Terry has nothing he values when he first makes his appearance. But then he meets Char, a werewolf shifter, and everything changes.

First, Terry finds the strength to protect a town, the only scrap of civilization he has encountered so far.

Then the hero concludes that he has to play a more active role in the rebuilding of society. This, in turn, drives him to create the FDG, a paramilitary group that he wishes to use to secure the peace of the new world.

However, plenty of foes await Terry. He might be enhanced but he isn’t invulnerable. And the harsh conditions have turned men into monsters. To create the FDG, to build the strong and loving community he envisions, Terry must kill.

Best Terry Henry Walton Chronicles

These books tend to attract interest because of the author’s strong writing style and dour but exciting setting; conversations about his best work in this collection normally make mention of the following:

Nomad’s Fury: The world fell apart. But Terry decided to rebuild it. He created the FDG for that reason. Together they fought off numerous threats. For a time, Terry thought that he and Char had finally stumbled upon tranquility in their new North Chicago home.

But then more enemies emerged. Now Terry has to match his wits and skills against a Forsaken with a small army of humans. He knows that a war is coming and he understands that he cannot afford to lose.

Nomad’s Justice: Against all odds, Terry Henry Walton has created his sanctuary. North Chicago is actually thriving. But the soldier can’t rest on his laurels. It takes a trip to New York and the words of a trusted partner to remind him that his paramilitary force can do so much more than simply protect North Chicago; they can bring peace to the world at large.

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What Is The Next Book in The Kurtherian Gambit: Terry Henry Walton Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Kurtherian Gambit: Terry Henry Walton Series. The newest book is Nomad's Journal and was released on November, 21st 2020.


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