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The 13th Reality is series of sci-fi novels written by bestselling American author James Dashner.

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Order of The 13th Reality Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Journal of Curious Letters ( By: James Dashner) 2008 Description / Buy
2 The Hunt for Dark Infinity ( By: James Dashner) 2009 Description / Buy
3 The Blade of Shattered Hope ( By: James Dashner) 2010 Description / Buy
4 The Void of Mist and Thunder ( By: James Dashner) 2012 Description / Buy
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The series revolves on Atticus ‘Tick’ Higginbottom is a 13-year-old boy who lives his life usually until he receives a letter from Alaska, signed M.G. Tick gets to learn that something catastrophic is on its way and poses a threat to destroy reality itself. More letters keep coming, and Tick solves the riddles and follows the clues in the letters.

In no time he meets new acquaintances, and they set off on a journey to different realities in the alternate worlds that get formed each time a decision gets made. Not aware of the kind of dangers that lie ahead, Tick and his new made friends partake a journey that could be a threat to their lives.


These are best two books in 13th Reality by James Dashner, The Journal of Curious Letters and The Blade of Shattered Hope.

The Journal of Curious Letters: What if each time you made a choice that had a meaningful result, a new, alternate reality got created. The life that would have taken place if you made the other decision, what if the realities were at risk and it is upon you to rescue all those alternate realities. Tick is your normal thirteen-year-old boy who receives a mysterious letter in his mailbox.

The letter is from Alaska, and it is signed with the initials M.G. the message comes bearing the information that dangerous or even deadly events are about to take place and these events could result to the destruction of reality. M.G. makes a promise that he was going to send Tick twelve riddles. With the aid of these puzzles, Tick would know that on a particular day, at one specific time, to a particular place something out of the ordinary was going to happen.

Will Tick be courageous enough to follow the clues that got sent to him by M.G. will he be able to solve all the riddles before it is too late? Is Tick going to find out the kind of life that he was meant to live?

The Journal of Curious Letters is the first volume of a splendid new children’s fantasy series, a debut well-endowed with adventure, humor, riddles, and mystery.

The Blade of Shattered Hope: Now things are different for Atticus Higginbottom. Now Tick is homeschooled, in the fields of science, after a catastrophe almost happened in the Fourth Reality. He is making attempts to master the mysterious Chi’karda. Mistress Jane comes back just when Tick begins to make some progress.

The mistress is much more scared and more powerful now. She had tapped into the darkest secret of the universe, and she can create The Blade of Shattered Hope. With the power that she has, she is willing to put billions of lives at risk so that she can be successful in her plan to achieve a Utopian reality for the future of humanity.

The lives of Tick’s parents and his sisters are part of the lives Mistress Jane is willing to risk so that she can kick off her plan. Her revenge does not know boundaries. It is not long before rumors begin to make rounds about the secret scientific experiment that is taking place in the factory. Tick and his friends, Paul, Sofia, and Sato, come face to face with the most dangerous task they have ever engaged. In this task, failure is not an option because if they fail the whole universe could stop existing at all.

The Blade of Shattered Hope explores the pasts of the characters extensively. In this title, the readers get to know more about Sofia and why she acts to justify her behavior. By diving in Sofia’s past, the readers can understand her present as well as her divine future and also as it is with all history. Then there is Jane a multifaceted character, capable of showing the full range of emotion. The plot and the storyline is well woven guarantying to capture readers attention to the last page.


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What Is The Next Book in The 13th Reality Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The 13th Reality Series. The newest book is The Void of Mist and Thunder and was released on July, 13th 2012.

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