The Claybornes’ Brides (Rose Hill) Books

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Claybornes’ Brides is a series of historical romance novels written by Julie Garwood. The books follow the exploits of a group of former street urchins struggling to find love and romance in a harsh world.

Order of Claybornes of Rose Hill Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 For the Roses ( By: Julie Garwood) 1995 Description / Buy
2 One Pink Rose ( By: Julie Garwood) 1997 Description / Buy
3 One White Rose ( By: Julie Garwood) 1997 Description / Buy
4 One Red Rose ( By: Julie Garwood) 1997 Description / Buy
5 Come the Spring ( By: Julie Garwood) 1997 Description / Buy
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Even though many a reader came to know Julie Garwood for her contemporary romantic suspense novels, it was her efforts in the genre of historical fiction that first established her career.

The Claybornes Brides series, which began publication in 1995, takes readers back to the 1800s. Douglas, Cole, Travis, and Adam are street urchins living in New York City in 1860 when readers first meet them in For the Roses, the first novel in the Claybornes Brides series.

The young boys each lost their place in their families and in society for various reasons. But they have survived, slinking away in alleys, hiding under bridges, stealing from the rich, salvaging what they can find from garbage dumps and making the most of a relatively miserable life.

Despite being so different, their time surviving on the streets has created a bond between the boys. They’ve also grown in strength, becoming a fearsome gang known only as the Claybornes.

Douglas and his friends thought they knew everything that fate had to offer. But then a woman discarded a basket in their alley, and they went to investigate only to discover a baby within.

Naming the little girl Mary Rose after their mothers, the boys were given new purpose. They promised to give Mary Rose every advantage that had been kept from them. So they went west and raised Mary as a Lady.

By the tie the Claybornes Brides series picks up in earnest, the Claybornes have become family in every sense of the word. They have spent their lives caring for Mary Rose and, in the process, matured into handsome, hardworking men.

The Claybornes Brides series is an exploration of the romantic lives of the Clayborne brothers and their adopted sister. Each installment in the series follows the adventures of a particular member of the Clayborne family.

Circumstances always conspire to bring each Clayborne brother into contact with the one woman strong enough to challenge them, at which point they must decide how far they are willing to go, how many sacrifices they are willing to make to achieve true happiness.

All the Claybornes Brides books are connected, with the various members of the Clayborne clan making brief appearances in one another’s stories.

Claybornes’ Brides / Rose Hill Awards

For the Roses, the first novel in the Claybornes Brides series won the RT Reviewers Choice Award in 1995.

Claybornes’ Brides / Rose Hill Books into Movies

For the Roses was adapted into a Hallmark Television movie called Rose Hill in 1997.

Best Claybornes’ Brides / Rose Hill Books

These Julie Garwood novels are normally praised for their sweet explorations of love and romance between mismatched protagonists from diverse backgrounds, with some of the best books in this series including:

For the Roses: Everyone feared the Claybornes. The brothers grew up on the streets and in trying to survive, they had grown tough. But then the unexpected happened; the boys found a baby girl in a basket and determined that they would give her all the advantages they never had.

Two decades later, Mary Rose is a grown woman who loves her brothers dearly. The stability of her life is threatened when a man by the names of Lord Harrison Stanford MacDonald comes to town. In asking her brothers to teach him the way of the frontier, Mary Rose never thought she would fall so hard for him.

Come the Spring: Even though they spent their childhood on the wrong side of the law, Adam, Douglas, and Travis grew up to become happy respectable men with wives of their own. However, things haven’t been quite so easy for their brother Cole.

As a shadowy man upends his life, drawing him towards an uncertain future, Adam, Douglas, Travis and Mama Rose can only watch as Cole struggles to find his identity and purpose.

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What Is The Next Book in The Claybornes Of Rose Hill Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Claybornes Of Rose Hill Series. The newest book is Come the Spring and was released on December, 12th 1997.

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  1. I don’t normally read books as long as these, but the uniqueness of the Clayborne family is so captivating that I can’t put the book down once I start. The story is so unique with four gruff men completely changing their lives due to finding an abandoned baby. Love really does exist everywhere, and everyone has the ability to change for the better! Heartwarming and inspiring tales. Love these books!

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