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Erica Spindler is a bestselling and award-winning American author that writes mystery and romance novels. Critics have praised her for crafting stories with engrossing plots and well-developed characters.

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Order of The Lightkeepers Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Final Seven (By: Erica Spindler) 2016 Description / Buy
2 Triple Six / If You Dare ( By: Erica Spindler) 2016 Description / Buy
3 Random Acts (Short Story) ( By: Erica Spindler) 2017 Description / Buy
4 Fallen Five ( By: Erica Spindler) 2018 Description / Buy
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Spindler never thought she would succeed in publishing. Her initial goal was to become an artist. She wanted to carve out a career as a university art instructor. She went so far as to attend the University of New Orleans, where she acquired an MFA.

The author was teaching at a local university when she contracted a summer cold. Spindler went to buy tablets and tissues at a drugstore, and the retailer added a Nora Roberts novel to her shopping bag.

While Spindler had always been a voracious reader, she had never read category romance. The book was so good that she couldn’t stop reading it. And once she finished the novel, she read another and another.

The author was steeped in romance for the next six months. Eventually, the desire to try her hand at writing took root, and Spindler realized that she had finally discovered her true calling. She threw the paint and brushes aside, taking up her tablet and keyboard and taking her first steps towards publishing success.

Spindler’s newest fans might be surprised to learn that she wrote romance. These days, people know the author primarily for her suspense thrillers. Spindler’s transition from romance to suspense thriller was unintentional.

She conceived a story in 1996 that featured a homicide detective and a serial killer. While she enjoyed writing the book, it was still romance. However, the author had so much fun exploring the serial killer subplot that she placed more emphasis on the suspense aspects of her next novel.

Spindler’s publisher was kind enough to play along with her experimentation. It took her a while to gain her footing as a suspense author. Publishers tend to pigeonhole writers into specific genres.

Readers are the same. They expect their favorite writers to maintain the same ideas and themes with each new novel. Additionally, bookstores need to know where on the shelf to place a writer’s work.

Spindler threw a spanner in the works when she jumped from romance to suspense thrillers because she alienated some of her romance readers. Fortunately, she found a new audience that appreciates her suspense novels.

Spindler embraced suspense because the genre allows her to explore a broader range of emotions, the most prominent being fear. She enjoys feeling that same knot in her stomach that assaults readers when they consume her stories.

The author encourages aspiring writers to inhabit their characters. They need an intimate understanding of the motives and objectives driving their protagonists. She also encourages them to generate atmospheric settings that engage the senses.

Erica Spindler Awards

Spindler has won Daphne du Maurier, Kiss of Death, and Listen Up awards. She has received multiple RITA award nominations.

Best Erica Spindler Books

The author has taken inspiration from numerous writers over the years, including Peter Straub, Stephen King, Susan Elizabeth, Judith Krantz, and Sidney Sheldon. Spindler’s best books include:

See Jane Die: Jane Killian was 15 when she lost everything. Seventeen years later, Jane has everything to live for. It took several reconstructive surgeries, but her lovely face was restored. Now she has an adoring husband, a thriving art career, and a child on the way.

Jane couldn’t wait to shower her child with all the joys life had to offer. But then someone died, and the police chose to pin the murder on Ian Westbrook, Jane’s husband. Now, Jane has two mysteries to solve.

The first is the murder her husband supposedly committed. The second is the anonymous message she received from the man that ruined her face all those years ago.

The First Wife: Logan Abbot was everything Bailey Browne wanted, a knight in shining armor that emerged from the mists and swept the girl off her feet. Logan’s farm in Louisiana was the sort of magnificent estate she had dreamt of calling home as a little girl.

But life on the farm wasn’t quite what Bailey expected. When she arrived, Bailey learned about the mysterious disappearance of Logan’s first wife and the other woman who had gone missing in the years since.

What does it all mean? Is Logan involved? Is Bailey safe?

What Is The Next Book in The Lightkeepers Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Lightkeepers Series. The newest book is Fallen Five and was released on February, 13th 2018.

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