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James Dashner is a renowned American author of speculative fiction, mainly for young adults and children. Dashner is widely known for the Maze Runner book series and 13th Reality series.

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Order of The Mortality Doctrine Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Eye of Minds ( By: James Dashner) 2013 Description / Buy
2 Gunner Skale (Short Story) ( By: James Dashner) 2014 Description / Buy
3 The Rule of Thoughts ( By: James Dashner) 2014 Description / Buy
4 The Game of Lives ( By: James Dashner) 2015 Description / Buy
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Born on 26 November 1972, Dashner attended Duluth High School, where he graduated in the year 1991. Later on, Dashner relocated to Provo, Utah to join Brigham Young University. Currently, Dashner lives with his wife in Utah, together with four children.

James Dashner is best known for his best selling “The Maze Runner” series which has spawned major motion pictures of the books. Dashner is also the author of a very interesting series called “The Mortality Doctrine”. Set in an advanced world of technology where cyberterrorists are a part of life and gaming is unlike anything you’ve ever imagined.

The protaganist of this series is Michael, a gamer who spends more time online playing games in the VirtNet than he does in the real world. And why wouldn’t he? The VirtNet is better than the real world. Total mind and body immersion, it’s a world unlike no other. Especially for those with elite hacking skills who can make it even more fun.

Of course, not all hackers just want to have more fun. Some have more sinister ideas and that’s exactly what happens here. A rogue gamer has been hacking the game and murdering people, in the real world. To fight a hacker, you need a hacker with similar skills and that’s when the government calls upon Michael. They’ve been watching him and they know what he’s capable of.

To help means playing a very dangerous game with real life consequences. While also getting into parts of VirtNet that few would venture. The line between reality and gaming is razor thin out here and Michael might see that line disappear forever.

Mortality Doctrine Best Books

Eye of Minds: The first installment in the Mortality Doctrine book series. In Eye of the Minds, author James Dashner offers the readers an irresistible premise; three teenagers must track down an extremely dangerous rogue player in a well-liked virtual game. Bryson, Sarah, and Michael reside in a house within the Virtnet, where the trio seeks out some of the wildest adventures without posing any risk to their bodies.

As the narrative progresses, Michael meets a girl, haunted by a player known as Kaine. Out of fear, the young girl decides to disable the safety device to end her life. VirtNet contracts Michael to look for Kane and root him out. In the process, a violent hunt ensues. Eye of Minds offers everything that readers have come to expect in any of the works written by James Dashner. Apart from offering a fantastic plot, Eye of the Minds also offers the readers subtle romance, a fantastic plot and a rather great world building.

Just like any other page-turner, the readers will find themselves zooming through the pages of the book, much faster than they expected. The book’s plot is quite original with the right amount of romance, adventure, and action. Dashner has a tendency of delivering such tense and action-packed novels.

Apart from being original, the world building is also thorough and perfectly executed. Sara, Bryson, and Michael are not perfect; they each have their shares of faults and flaws. Due to the fact that author Dashner does not try to hide their flaws, many of the characters in Eye of Minds are quite realistic. Furthermore, the three main characters are quite likable and the readers will get attached to this character quite easily.

Rule of Thoughts: By the end of the Rule of Thoughts, Michael, one of the main characters discovers that he is a computer code known as a Tangent, which has managed to gain sentience. When the Rule of Thoughts begins, Michael is downloaded into the brain of one Jackson Porter. Inside the brain of Jackson Porter, Michael must first locate his friends and also ensure that he is ahead of the villainous Tangent, Kaine. Kaine discovers that he has the ability to invade the real world by corrupting human bodies.

In Rule of Thought, author James Dashner creates an outstanding sequel, filled with a self-contained, psychological arc and propulsive character development, which leads satisfactorily to the future installments. The escalation in the plot has been smartly paced and excellently paired with a team of well-balanced characters.

By making use of rather nifty technobabble, author James Dashner brilliantly describes a future that is quite refreshing and not totalitarian in any way. As expected, the Rule of Thoughts ends on a cliffhanger. Nonetheless, the arresting scene and the enjoyable ride makes the cliffhanger quite easy to swallow.

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What Is The Next Book in The Mortality Doctrine Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Mortality Doctrine Series. The newest book is The Game of Lives and was released on November, 17th 2015.

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