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Erika Johansen is a bestselling author, born and raised in the Bay Area., San Francisco. After completing her high school education, Johansen joined Swarthmore College, where she received a degree in law and an MFA from a writer’s workshop.

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Order of The Queen of the Tearling Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Queen of the Tearling ( By: Erika Johansen) 2014 Description / Buy
2 The Invasion of the Tearling ( By: Erika Johansen) 2015 Description / Buy
3 The Fate of the Tearling ( By: Erika Johansen) 2016 Description / Buy
4 Beneath the Keep of the Tearling (By: Erika Johansen) 2021 Description / Buy
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However, because the program was somewhat biased towards fiction, a genre that Erika rarely enjoys, due to its cerebral tone and artistic prose, Erika Johansen found herself struggling so much as a budding writer. Thus, immediately after college, Erika Johansen became a full time attorney. Despite serving as a full time attorney, Erika never stopped writing.

The Queen-of-the-Tearling is Erika Johansen’s best performing book series, centered on a heroine who is constantly grappling with the ethical dilemmas of becoming a just ruler, and the day to day realities of coming to age. The narrative is set three centuries after a population of humans populate a landmass, which mysteriously appeared right after an environmental catastrophe.

In this highly intriguing fantasy series, author Erika Johansen introduces the readers to Kelsea Glynn, a nineteen-year-old princess, who must do whatever it takes to ensure that she reclaims her mother’s throne, from the dark forces of magic and corruption.

Queen-of-the-Tearling Books into Movies

In the year 2014, Emma Watson, the Harry Potter star, announced that she would feature as the main star in the adaptation of the first installment of the Queen-of-the-Tearling book series.

Best The Queen of the Teearling Books

Queen-of-the-Tearling: This a brilliantly written fantasy novel, filled with adventure, magic, and romance. In Queen-of the-Tearling, a young princess, one Kelsea Glynn, must retrieve her mother’s throne by defeating the malevolent Red Queen and ultimately become a ruler. What Kelsea and the entire kingdom know, is that the Red Queen is a malevolent and extremely powerful witch, determined to wreck Kelsea and anyone who dares to stand in her way.

During her 19th birthday, Kelsea Glynn begins the treacherous and uncertain journey back to her kingdom and to the castle that belonged to her mother, with one objective in mind; ascend to power and put the Red Queen’s reign to an end. Apart from being plain, Kelsea is also quite serious, and just like her dead mother, Kelsea loves learning new things and reading as well.

While Kelsea may be sheltered and inexperience, she certainly is not vulnerable Around Kelsea’s neck lies Tearling Gemstone, a gemstone which holds immense magical powers. Accompanying Elsie back to the kingdom, is the queen’s guard, a group of brave guards, led by Lazarus. Lazarus is a dedicated and enigmatic soldier, who has sworn his allegiance to Kelsie.

To survive Kelsea will need these group of soldiers to defeat many enemies, who are going to use all kind of weapons available in their arsenal, ranging from the darkest of magic to crimson capped assassins. Despite having royal blood running in her veins, Kelsea feels nothing more, apart from the fact that she is an insecure girl and a child summoned to lead her people and a kingdom that she knows nothing about. What Erika Johansen eventually uncovers in the capital is going to change everything, as she has to confront horrors that she has ever imagined existed.

A small act of singular audaciousness throws Erika Johansen’s kingdom into a turmoil, followed by an attack on Mortmesne, the autocratic ruler of the neighboring kingdom. It is during this period that Kelsea will begin to find out, who among her servants, guards, and aristocrats, she can be able to trust fully. With that said, the Queen-of-the-Tearling is a wonderful journey of trial by fire and self-discovery, which will turn Kelsea into an icon if she survives the ordeal.

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Nonetheless, when villains attack Alina’s regiment, she releases powerful magic, which she had no idea existed. All the books in the Grisha book series are set in a fictional town of Ravka, where a different form of magic exists: Small Science. Individuals who can wield the magic are known as Grisha and are considered to be part of an elite class.

What Is The Next Book in The Queen Of The Tearling Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Queen Of The Tearling Series. The newest book is Beneath the Keep of the Tearling and was released on February, 11th 2021.

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