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The name Tom Buckingham refers to a series of novels written by Andy McNab. It is also the name of the series’ protagonist. The Tom Buckingham books, which began publication in 2012, perfectly manifest Andy McNab’s style as an author.

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Order of Tom Buckingham Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Red Notice ( By: Andy McNab) 2012 Description / Buy
2 Fortress ( By: Andy McNab) 2014 Description / Buy
3 State Of Emergency ( By: Andy McNab) 2016 Description / Buy
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Andy McNab’s life has been one extraordinary occurrence after another, starting with the day he was found in a carrier bag outside a hospital. Even as a teenager, Andy never felt like he belonged, which is why everything he did felt like a form of rebellion against a society that wouldn’t accept him.

The Tom Buckingham books are a product of Andy’s time in the army. As a member of the British SAS, Andy McNab participated in many covert operations and is known for his command of a renowned patrol known as Bravo Two Zero that executed great feats during the Gulf War.

Like most former soldiers, even when he left the Military, his experiences in the army where never far from Andy’s mind. However, unlike most former soldiers, Andy was lucky enough to possess a noteworthy writing ability through which he has given so many of his thoughts life.

Fans of Andy McNab might not necessarily know who Tom Buckingham is; though that doesn’t necessarily suggest that the Tom Buckingham series is inferior in any way. Rather, Andy McNab has written so many military fiction novels about ex-SAS operatives that one would be forgiven for forgetting Tom Buckingham.

Following the trend of all Andy McNab heroes, Tom is a highly skilled operative who once used his talents for the British SAS. When certain events force Tom to leave the Military Life he has known for so many years, Tom doesn’t know what to do with himself.

Where does a combat veteran go when there are no more wars to fight? Fortunately for Tom Buckingham, he doesn’t have to ponder this question for too long. For a man like Tom, trouble is never far, and he soon finds himself mired in conspiracies involving determined terrorists and corrupt government officials.

The Tom Buckingham series plays with the concept of Islamic terrorism on the European Landscape. Andy has been commended for providing accurate and authentic descriptions of the lives of soldiers after they leave the military service.

He has also been praised for the manner in which the Tom Buckingham books represent moderate Muslims in Europe and the role they play in either driving terrorism or fighting against it.

Tom Buckingham Books into Movies

Since 2014, rumors have been rife about a possible adaptation of Red Notice, the first book in the Tom Buckingham series. There were even rumors of Luke Evans taking the helms of the movie as Tom Buckingham. The potential adaptation, which is being driven by Altitude Film Entertainment and Vertigo Films, is still stuck in development hell.

Best Tom Buckingham Books

Even though Andy McNab’s books tend to mirror one another, his Buckingham novels have managed to secure a place in the annals of explosive and entertaining Military Fiction, with some of the best books in the series including:

Red Notice: When vicious terrorists board the Eurostar to Paris and take its passengers hostage, the one man standing in their way is Tom Buckingham. He might be injured and alone but the Combat Veteran is the sort of foe the terrorists won’t see coming.

Tom has more than enough reasons to bring the hostage situation to an end, even if it means using violence. Delphine, the woman he loves, is onboard the train.

Fortress: Tom Buckingham did not necessarily believe that he would be proclaimed a hero for taking a renegade Afghan soldier down. But being drummed out of the regiment and discarded as a scapegoat came as a surprise.

It is during his return trip home that Tom encounters Vernon Volt, a wealthy gentleman who believes he has what it takes to bring the chaos in Britain under control. And Vernon wants to use Tom’s skills to achieve his goals. With a civilian existence waiting ahead, Tom is a little confused with regards to what he should do with his life. But he also knows that Vernon has very few scruples, not to mention voracious political ambitions.

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Fans also enjoy the “Liam Scott” Series by Andy McNab. Liam Scott became a soldier to escape a terrible mistake from his past. However, despite a new set of skills and a boost in confidence, Liam struggles to fend off the demons at home even as his enemies on the battlefield grow bolder and more vicious.

What Is The Next Book in The Tom Buckingham Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Tom Buckingham Series. The newest book is State Of Emergency and was released on May, 19th 2016.

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  1. I’m surprised there isn’t more hype around the Tom Buckingham series. Author Andy McNab was a highly decorated soldier in the SAS and he’s taken that expertise and turned it into a great series.

    Buckingham is sort of a British Jack Reacher, but more believable and more badass. He’s a new breed of warrior who is trained in the best of British military ways. I sat down to read this book one afternoon and the pages started turning without my permission, I simply could not stop reading and before I knew it I was on to the next one. It’s so nice to start a series from the beginning and see where it goes. So far, so good!

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