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The name Vicky Bliss refers to a series of mystery novels written by Elizabeth Peters. Vicky Bliss is also the primary protagonist of the series. It should be noted that Elizabeth Peters is actually a pseudonym for Barbara Mertz.

Order of Vicky Bliss Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Camelot Caper (By: Elizabeth Peters) 1969 Description / Buy
2 Borrower of the Night ( By: Elizabeth Peters) 1973 Description / Buy
3 Street of the Five Moons ( By: Elizabeth Peters) 1978 Description / Buy
4 Silhouette in Scarlet ( By: Elizabeth Peters) 1983 Description / Buy
5 Trojan Gold ( By: Elizabeth Peters) 1987 Description / Buy
6 Night Train to Memphis ( By: Elizabeth Peters) 1994 Description / Buy
7 The Laughter of Dead Kings ( By: Elizabeth Peters) 2008 Description / Buy
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An Egyptologist with a BA, an MA, and a Ph.D., and a former student of the University of Chicago, Barbara Mertz began her writing career as Barbara Michaels. She also wrote nonfiction books under her real name.

But it wasn’t until she created Elizabeth Peters that the author’s star begun to really shine.

The Vicky Bliss books, which began publication in 1973, are definitely a product of Elizabeth Peters’ extensive career as an Egyptologist. Vicky, the heroine of the series, is an art historian with nearly unrivaled knowledge and experience in her field.

Borrower of the Night, the first book in the series, emphasizes the fact that Vicky Bliss is the perfect combination of brains and beauty. The blonde bombshell often leaves men weak in their knees.

However, her work with some of the most notable museums in the world is unassailable in its accuracy. She is a strong woman, highly opinionated, impulsive and ridiculously careless.

Borrower of the Night kicks off with Vicky being lured to a German castle to find the long-lost works of a master artist. Accompanied on her journey by an arrogant male colleague, it doesn’t take the heroine long to realize that she might not be the only person on her particular trail and that the people behind her will do everything, even kill, to stop people like her from reaching her prize.

The thought of death and dismemberment does little to dissuade Vicky Bliss from her path. If anything, she is even more determined to outwit the men threatening her life by getting to the prize before they do.

Vicky doesn’t know how to quit. She has a one track mind that keeps leading her into trouble. Each new installment in the Vicky Bliss series revolves around a jewel or a work of art or an ancient artifact of priceless value.

Vicky is drawn to the object in question for its historical and artistic value. But she keeps coming up against foes with guns and a desire to kill to get what they want. She must then play the role of Indiana Jones as she escapes traps and overcomes nefarious bad guys in her efforts to safeguard history’s most important items.

The heroine often describes herself as a feminist. However, this assertion tends to attract criticism against her, primarily because she repeatedly complains about the tendency of the men in her life to view her as a sex object. But each book has at least one scene in which the heroine uses her sex appeal to get what she wants.

Even though the Vicky Bliss books are primarily categorized within the adventure and suspense genres, there’s quite a bit of romance. While Vicky is very liberal about sex and she says on numerous occasions that she has no interest in long-term relationships, she isn’t immune to the charms of the right man.

Chief amongst her love interests is John Smythe, a criminal with suspicious motives.

Vicky Bliss Awards

Night Train to Memphis and Trojan Gold were nominated for an Agatha Award (1994) and an Anthony Award (1988) respectively.

Best Vicky Bliss Books

Elizabeth Peters’ heroine tends to divide audiences, what with her extreme views on marriage and liberal approach to sex, but the books definitely have a strong fan base, with some of the best titles in the series including:

Trojan Gold: When Vicky Bliss receives a photograph, the blood she spots on the envelope warns her that she might be in for some trouble. But Vicky’s sense of self-preservation takes a back seat when she realizes that the woman in the picture is adorned in the gold of Troy, gold that was supposedly lost decades ago.

Vicky does not hesitate to pursue the mystery even after she learns that a determined killer might be in play.

Night Train to Memphis: Vicky Bliss is an art historian. She is definitely no detective. However, she has no problem accepting an offer for a luxury Nile cruise, even if the price is her assistance in the resolution of a murder.

Once Vicky gets there and learns that she must also stop a heist, she realizes that her latest job will throw her into conflict against John Smythe, a master thief, and her old flame.

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What Is The Next Book in The Vicky Bliss Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Vicky Bliss Series. The newest book is The Laughter of Dead Kings and was released on January, 1st 2008.

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