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Will Trent is popularly known as the main fictional protagonist that came into existence in black and white with Georgia Bureau of Investigation Atlanta Series by Karin Slaughter. The first novel of the Will Trent series, Triptych initially introduced the character of Will Trent who is the Special Agent with the Criminal Apprehension Team.

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Order of Will Trent Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Triptych ( By: Karin Slaughter) 2006 Description / Buy
2 Fractured ( By: Karin Slaughter) 2008 Description / Buy
3 Genesis / Undone (By: Karin Slaughter) 2009 Description / Buy
4 Broken ( By: Karin Slaughter) 2010 Description / Buy
5 Fallen ( By: Karin Slaughter) 2011 Description / Buy
6 Snatched (Short Story) ( By: Karin Slaughter) 2012 Description / Buy
7 Criminal ( By: Karin Slaughter) 2012 Description / Buy
8 Busted (Short Story) ( By: Karin Slaughter) 2013 Description / Buy
9 Unseen ( By: Karin Slaughter) 2013 Description / Buy
10 The Kept Woman ( By: Karin Slaughter) 2016 Description / Buy
11 Cleaning the Gold (Short Story) (By: Karin Slaughter, Lee Child) 2019 Description / Buy
12 The Last Widow (By: Karin Slaughter) 2019 Description / Buy
13 The Silent Wife (By: Karin Slaughter) 2020 Description / Buy
14 After That Night (By: Karin Slaughter) 2023 Description / Buy
15 This is Why We Lied (By: Karin Slaughter) 2024 Description / Buy
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So far as the early life of Will is considered, he was picked from a trashcan as an infant and was brought to the Atlanta Children’s Home. Although the children’s home was understaffed and unstable, it managed to provide food and clothes to orphans. The children’s home was also involved in the practice of placing the children with foster families.

Unfortunately, Will Trent was never picked up by any of the family. But it did not lessen his determination and he continued to groom himself every day in the very hope to find a family. However, it never became possible and Trent after achieving his legal age of eighteen left the children’s home.

Will Trent is an agent for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, where he works for the Special Criminal Apprehension Team. When Trent started out with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, he joined the Major Case Squad. However, although he was seen as an excellent member of the team, he was not seen as a team player and was drafted into the Special Criminal Apprehension Team where he could utilise his skills better. In his Major Case Squad, he has a reputation for being a good agent although he did not gel well with the other team members. This is when he is shown in Triptych where he is solving the mysterious murder case of Aleesha Monroe. Monroe was discovered dead in the stairwell with a horribly mutilated body.

It is suggested throughout the series of books that Will Trent’s upbringing may be the reason why he does not work well with others. He grew up in the Atlanta Children’s Home, after being found in a bin when he was a baby. Despite his attempts, and the attempts of the home to find a family, Trent always returned to care, and left the state-run facility on his 18th birthday. But Trent has not let his upbringing hinder him professionally, and although he deals with dyslexia, he has a great mind for puzzle-solving. In fact, Trent’s stories are often littered with little things that help him combat his dyslexia, with tricks to help him remember left and right or ways in which he avoids having to read documents in front of his peers.

Will Trent first appears in the novel Triptych, which was published in 2005. Trent has to share the stage in Triptych with Detective Michael Ormewood as they hunt a serial rapist in Atlanta. However, unknown to both men at first, their past also involves Will Trent’s one-and-only love, Angie Polaski.

The Will Trent series merges with the Grant County series in the book Undone, as it brings Karin Slaughter’s most famous heroine, Sara Linton into the Atlanta world of Trent and his partner Faith Mitchell. All three must work to find a sadistic killer who will stop at nothing to keep from being apprehended.

The series has eight full-length novels along with two short stories that were inspired from the same series and feature the same character. All the books of the series have gained world recognition as the best thriller crime novels.

Will Trent Books into Movies:

No Will Trent novels have been turned into movies yet although there are plans for the first few books to hopefully be turned into movies son.

Best Will Trent Books:

Speaking of the best from the Will Trent series, the most fascinating and unforgettable books are Fracture, Criminal, and Unseen. They have remained the bestsellers and top-pick of thousands of readers worldwide.

Fractured is the second novel from the Will Trent series set in one of the most upscale neighborhoods of Atlanta. The story initiates when Abigail Campano discovered her teenage daughter dead with a man standing over her, a bloody knife in hand. The case goes to Will Trent who was teamed with detective Faith Mitchell. Mitchell has resentment towards Will from their very first meeting.

The sixth edition of the Will Trent series, Criminal again features Will Trent and also characters from Karin’s other popular Grant County series. The novel revolves around the newly developed love relationship of Trent along with a missing case of a local college student. The novel also covers the long-held secret of Will’s birth and parentage.

Unseen, the seventh book from the series is known for its thrilling and fascinating story. Will Trent has donned a new character, Bill Black in this novel as is the demand for his new case. There is a lot of suspense and action in this novel which makes it one of the most notable works of Karin Slaughter. A character from the Grant County series again appear in this novel and make it even more exciting.

Other Book Series You May Like:

Will Trent fans have also loved the “Joe Dillard” series by Scott Pratt. Dillard has played the role of a detective who has a similar crime approach like Trent. This is a long series of five amazing books with its various editions immensely loved by the readers of the thriller genre.

Another prominent series of the same genre highly celebrated by the readers is the mystery crime thriller “Jack Stratton” series. Jack Stratton is a handsome but rogue detective that has won millions of hearts because of its humor and wit. This is one of the top-rated mystery-thriller series by Christopher Greyson compiled up of five remarkable novels all revolving around crime and suspense.

Will Trent FAQ

Q: Who writes the Will Trent series?

A: The Will Trent series is written by author Karin Slaughter.

Q: What is the first book in the Will Trent series?

A: The first book in the Will Trent series is the novel Triptych, and it is followed by Broken.

What Is The Next Book in The Will Trent Series?

The next book in the The Will Trent Series by Karin Slaughter is This is Why We Lied and will be released on August, 20th 2024.


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