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Win Garano was a short-lived series of novels written by Patricia Cornwell. The books tell the story of a police detective with a troubled past who must come to terms with the complexities his work with the District Attorney injects into his life.

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Order of Winston Garano Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 At Risk ( By: Patricia Cornwell) 2006 Description / Buy
2 The Front ( By: Patricia Cornwell) 2008 Description / Buy
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When he is introduced in At-Risk, the first novel in the series, Winston Garano, the protagonist of the series is trying to improve his prospects via his studies at the National Forensics Academy when DA Monique Lamont asks him to participate in a new crimes initiative.

It is in that setting that Winston and Lamont realize that they are not cut out to work with one another. An African-American Massachusetts State Investigator, Winston only cares about doing his job the best way he can, serving his community when the need arises and taking care of the grandmother that raised him.

Unfortunately for Winston Garano, Lamont is far more ambitious than that. The DA has big plans for her future. With her eyes set on political success, starting with the governor’s office, every step Monique Lamont takes is designed to improve her public image and garner her support down the line.

A cutthroat hard-changing woman, Lamont isn’t averse to cutting corners and pushing the limits of the law to get what she wants. And she is more than willing to gamble with Winston’s career to get ahead.

If all Winston had to worry about was his career, he might look upon Lamont with a little more favor. However, every scheme the DA draws him into typically leaves Winston mired in violence and crime. And he almost always has to wade deeper into troubled waters to find justice before successfully extricating himself from his boss’ machinations.

The Win Garano books came out years after Patricia Cornwell had achieved critical and financial success through her Kay Scarpetta novels. Unfortunately for Cornwell, the Win Garano books were unable to escape comparisons with the Scarpetta series.

And at its height, the quality of the Scarpetta series was such that it made the Garano books appear drastically inferior, an outcome that neither helped their popularity nor compelled Patricia Cornwell to keep writing them.

It didn’t help that the Garano books were so poorly received by critics who saw the series as a continuation of the decline in Cornwell’s writing abilities which had begun with the Scarpetta books released in prior years.

Win Garano Books into Movies

At Risk, the first book in the Win Garano series, was made into a television movie. Directed by Tom McLoughlin, the movie followed the exploits of an Apache struggling to find his footing under a boss in the Boston DA Department hellbent on using a crime initiative to secure her future.

Best Win Garano Books

Despite the criticisms, the Win Garano series was not a complete financial failure primarily because of the loyalty from readers that Patricia enjoyed at the time, with the best books in the series including:

At Risk: Winston Garano is a Massachusetts State investigator who must return home to Knoxville to solve a 20-year-old murder. The District attorney is an attractive and ambitious woman that intends to use a new crime initiative to boost her chances of becoming Governor.

Monique Lamont believes that solving a cold case will improve the image of her office. But Winston isn’t convinced that events will proceed so smoothly, and he is proven right when an unexpected act of violence shakes his life and that of Lamont.

The Front: Winston Garano is still at the beck and call of District Attorney Monique Lamont, and that is problematic because Lamont has no problem cutting corners to get what she wants. With her eye still firmly fixed on a successful political future, Lamont sends Winston to Waterton to lay the groundwork for a new public relations campaign about the dangers of declining neighborhoods.

Winston knows that Lamont has a bone to pick with the municipal police departments in Watertown. He also knows that there is a deeper agenda at play, one he must uncover before things get too rowdy.

Other Book Series You May Like

The “Kay Scarpetta” Series by Patricia Cornwell is a great read. Doctor Kay Scarpetta is beautiful blonde Chief Medical Examiner. Operating out of the Commonwealth of Virginia at Richmond, Kay uses her abilities as the top forensic pathologist in her area to solve catch criminals.

Fans will also enjoy the “Stone Barrington” Series by Stuart Woods. Stone Barrington is a former police officer who was injured and forced to retire. So he decided to put his law degree to good use by fighting for justice as a lawyer in New York City.

What Is The Next Book in The Winston Garano Series ?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Winston Garano Series . The newest book is The Front and was released on January, 1st 2008.

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