Stone Barrington Books

Stone Barrington is the lead character in the Stone Barrington series of novels by American author Stuart Woods. Barrington makes his first appearance in the 1991 published title New York Dead. These novels are generally regarded as mystery thrillers.

Order of Stone Barrington Series

# Read Title Published
1 New York Dead 1991
2 Dirt 1996
3 Dead in the Water 1997
4 Swimming to Catalina 1998
5 Worst Fears Realized 1999
6 L.A. Dead 2000
7 Cold Paradise 2001
8 The Short Forever 2002
9 Dirty Work 2003
10 Reckless Abandon 2004
11 Two Dollar Bill 2004
12 Dark Harbor 2006
13 Fresh Disasters 2007
14 Shoot Him If He Runs 2007
15 Hot Mahogany 2008
16 Loitering with Intent 2009
17 Kisser 2009
18 Lucid Intervals 2010
19 Strategic Moves 2010
20 Bel-Air Dead 2011
21 Son of Stone 2011
22 D.C. Dead 2011
23 Unnatural Acts 2012
24 Severe Clear 2012
25 Collateral Damage 2012
26 Unintended Consequences 2013
27 Doing Hard Time 2013
28 Standup Guy 2014
29 Carnal Curiosity 2014
30 Cut and Thrust 2014
31 Paris Match 2014
32 Insatiable Appetites 2015
33 Hot Pursuit 2015
34 Naked Greed 2015
35 Foreign Affairs 2015
36 Scandalous Behavior 2016
37 Family Jewels 2016
38 Dishonorable Intentions 2016
39 Sex, Lies & Serious Money 2016
40 Below the Belt 2017
41 Fast and Loose 2017
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Stone is a former detective with the New York City Police Department. The series begins immediately after Barrington’s termination form the city police department due to his outspoken outbursts against his superiors. Now broke and in debt, he has no hesitation taking up his friend on an offer to work in at his prestigious law firm rather than file for unemployment.

The first novel in the series, New York Dead sees Stone Barrington witness an inexplicable happening on the streets of the city that turns his life on its head. Purely out of luck, he finds himself the centerpiece of every newspaper story, with his life now intertwined with the shocking life of the now missing and thought to be deceased Sasha Nijinsky, one of the country’s most celebrated news anchors.

There is no escaping the case, as it stalks his days and keeps him awake at night. What follows is the story of how Barrington has to deal with the intricate web of sexual depravity, dangerous friends, and unspeakable crimes centering on the life of the deceased news anchor Sasha. Stuart Woods writes a story so compelling, that it is now wonder that Publishers Weekly once pronounced his work as “smooth as silk.”


Chiefs and Grassroots some of Stuart Woods’s most popular books have been made into TV series. In 1993, Grassroots was adapted into a four-part TV miniseries by CBS following the very popular adaptation of the Chiefs novel into a miniseries in 1983, also by CBS. Woods played a role in writing the script for both of the miniseries, being lead writer in Chiefs and co-writer with Derek Marlowe in Grassroots. While no other books have been made into movies or series, Woods has indicated that he would be very interested in adapting any of his books into a movie or TV series. With the Chiefs series now on the Netflix catalogue, the Stone Barrington series is sure to be a hit with fans if it were to be adapted for TV.


The first novel, New York Dead is one of the most popular among fans of the Stone Barrington series. When Sasha Nijinsky, a telecaster survives a 12-floor fall from her terrace, Stone who is the only witness, finds himself the center of attention, particularly when she goes missing on the way to hospital. The New York Police Depart is easy to point all blame on her lesbian lover, but Barrington believes there is more to the case than meets the eye. He takes it upon himself to unravel the entire mystery of her fall and disappearance.

Another excellent novel in the Stone Barrington series of novels is the third book in the series, Dead in the Water. As Stone is enjoying his well-deserved holiday in the Caribbean Island of St Mark, he is suddenly drawn to a very strange thing: Sailing a large yacht into the harbor is a very beautiful young woman. The strange thing is that while she had left the US in the company of her husband she is now all alone, arousing the suspicion of the minister of Justice Sir Winston Sutherland. While Stone is all for justice, what he values more is evidence, and soon he is all that stands between the patently evil Winston and Allison Manning, the young woman who insists that she is innocent.

The fourth book in the Stone Barrington series, Swimming to Catalina has one of the most compelling twists. Soon after his fiancé dumps him for Vance Calder a Hollywood actor, she disappears with no trace. Calder turns to Stone for help to find his new girlfriend. Stone now has to not only set aside his feelings, but also try to crack a case that seems to have no leads with his fiancé’s new lover in two.


Many fans of the Stone Barrington series of novels also love the “J.P. Beaumont” series by J.A. Jance. These series of books are detective mysteries featuring J.P Beaumont, a Seattle homicide detective who displays tenacious Jack Bauer like traits. Fans of the series are also partial to the “Doc Ford Mystery” series by Randy Wayne White. Doc Ford is an ex CIA agent turned marine biologist, who is addicted to the dangers of an intelligence job, and keeps going back for more.