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Wrath and Righteousness is a 10-episode series of e-Books written by Chris Stewart. The books are described as apocalyptic techno-thrillers, or at least that is what the author calls them.

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Order of Wrath & Righteousness Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Wrath & Righteousness ( By: Chris Stewart) 2012 Description / Buy
2 Darkness of This World ( By: Chris Stewart) 2012 Description / Buy
3 Son of the Morning ( By: Chris Stewart) 2012 Description / Buy
4 Breathless ( By: Chris Stewart) 2012 Description / Buy
5 The Master's Cry ( By: Chris Stewart) 2012 Description / Buy
6 Smoke and Dust ( By: Chris Stewart) 2012 Description / Buy
7 Wolves in the Night ( By: Chris Stewart) 2013 Description / Buy
8 Evil in the Darkness ( By: Chris Stewart) 2013 Description / Buy
9 Spiders from the Shadows ( By: Chris Stewart) 2013 Description / Buy
10 Sunrise ( By: Chris Stewart) 2013 Description / Buy
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Very reminiscent of books like Left Behind, Wrath and Righteous is an exploration of the end times through a Christian lens. Chris Stewart tells a story that spins contemporary international conflicts into signs of the End Times.

Stewart suggests that behind the writhing and groaning and talk of war in the Middle East is a spiritual entity, a dark force hellbent on bending humankind to its will and bringing about the end.

The focus is placed on Saudi Arabia, specifically on Prince Abdullah al-Rahman, chosen by Lucifer to be hell’s agent, bringing instability to his father’s kingdom and taking steps to prepare the engines of war with which Saudi Arabia will fight the great enemies of the Middle East like Israel and the United States.

The author emphasizes the existence of a great spiritual battle between good and evil, one that has encompassed the world and all its people; a battle that the world is destined to lose if not for the direct actions of a chosen group of men and women boasting divine providence and abilities that they will use to face off against the machinations of Lucifer.

The Wrath and Righteousness series was released over a period of a year, with a new chapter in the story no more than 200 pages long being published online every month.

The books feature a lot of Christian references and undertones. However, Stewart has said that he wrote the story in such a way that it could appeal to all readers, regardless of their beliefs.

Stewart believes that to people who believe like he does, the Wrath and Righteousness episodes are eye-opening, providing warnings about the direction the world is bound to take if those that are called to fight the good fight do not take up arms and play their role.

On the other hand, Stewart expects those more skeptical and even atheistic readers to appreciate the techno-thriller aspects of his work.

Before Chris Steward became an author, he was in the army setting records as an Air Force pilot. The author is a military expert that has made many appearances on news programs where he provides his take on the nature of national security and the readiness of the United States Military to deal with unexpected threats.

Best Wrath and Righteousness Books

Chris Stewart was criticized for releasing the Wrath and Righteousness story in ten small episodes for the sake of maximizing his profits but that did nothing to debilitate their popularity, with the best books in the series including:

The Master’s Cry: The World reached a cliff’s edge and went over. First came the nuclear strike on Washington, D.C. Scarcely had the surviving members of the U.S. government began to plot a response when Iran and Israel unleashed hell against one another.

North Korea wastes no time in getting its missiles ready, this while neighbors South Korea, China and Japan watch.

Europe has descended into madness. Muslims in the millions have unleashed riots on the streets. India and Pakistan are waiting for an excuse to turn their guns on one another.

The end is fast approaching. Yet, in Saudi Arabia, King Al-Rahman is at peace, amused that things could play out so perfectly on the world stage. Compelled to act by a mysterious old man, the King is all but ready to bring the United States to its knees.

Smoke and Dust: The United States is in chaos. The EMP attack stranded people in the tens of millions on roads and in airports, rendering them homeless.

Sam and Bono entered the United States before the EMP attack landed. But without tools for transportation or communication, the Special Forces soldiers are all but helpless.

Sam cannot afford to dawdle for much longer, not when his family is at the mercy of a great evil. The War has already claimed many victims. It will soon claim even more.

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What Is The Next Book in The Wrath & Righteousness Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Wrath & Righteousness Series. The newest book is Sunrise and was released on May, 19th 2013.


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