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Adam Frost is a children’s book author, information designer and website editor. Frost’s children books normally feature fantastical gadgets as well as his trademark, talking animals. Apart from penning children’s books, Adam Frost also pens non-fiction books that are filled with extremely random and strange facts.

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Order of Zoo Stories Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Stop! There's A Snake in your Suitcase ( By: Adam Frost) 2012 Description / Buy
2 Run! The Elephant Weighs a Ton! ( By: Adam Frost) 2012 Description / Buy
3 Catch That Bat! ( By: Adam Frost) 2013 Description / Buy
4 Hide! The Tiger’s Mouth is Open Wide! ( By: Adam Frost) 2013 Description / Buy
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Frost’s debut novel, Ralph the Magic Rabbit was published in the year 2005. After being published, Ralph the Magic Rabbit was shortlisted for a Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. His Factbook, the Epic of Epicenes emerged the winner during the Blue Peter Book Award. Adam Frost’s favorite animal is the brown-throated slot, while crisps is his favorite food. Apart from being an author, Adam Frost is also a website and infographics designer, with many of them being about writers, films and current affairs. One of the most well established company that Adam Frost has worked with include, the Guardian.

Best Zoo Stories Books

Run; the Elephant Weighs a Ton: Run is the first installment in the Zoo Stories books series. In Run, author Adam Frost introduces the readers to Tom and Sophie. The Book begins as Tom and Sophie are joining their mother as she dashes to Whipsnade Zoo. Their mother is dashing to Whipsnade Zoo is so that she can assist an elephant to deliver its calf. After being delivered, Calf, Dirshani experiences a little bit of difficulty in breathing and does not eat as expected.

However, with lots of help and expert care, the calf eventually manages to grow stronger and eventually Sophie and Tom have a new friend, whom they will spend most of their free time with. After one year passes away swiftly, the young calf is then encouraged to take its rightful place in the herd.

Both Sophie and Tom hope that the young elephant, Dirshani is going to participate eventually in the popular elephant-demonstrations. However, as expected, there are several hurdles and challenges for the trio to cross before the dream that they have is eventually realized. With that said, Run is a brilliantly written children’s book that consists of extremely easy and short chapters. The animals that are featured in Run are definitely going to be favorites with the children.

Stop; There is a-Snake in Your Suitcase: Stop is the second installment in the Zoo book series by author Adam Frost. In Stop, the readers are introduced to the Nightingale family, which resides on the barge canal, just right next to London Zoo. Their mother is a qualified veterinarian. Due to the fact that Tom and Sophie’s parents work at the Zoo, they normally manage to get backstage pass to a reptile house. Each day after school, Sophie and Tom head straight to the reptile house.

Furthermore, during the weekends, Tom and Sophie get to spend time at the zoo. During the time, that they spend at the zoo, both Sophie and Tom get to see several things that not many zoo goers get to see. In Stop, the readers get to see that there are so many snakes than what was actually on display. Furthermore, the readers get an opportunity of experiencing snake surgery, learn about snakes including their organs and learn how to do an x-ray on a snake.

One day, Sophie and Tom find a bag, which had been dumped right next to the zoo. In the bag, the duo are able to establish that the bag was filled with snake. This, in turn marks a rather exciting and great adventure. Upon a little digging, Sophie and Tom establish that there was a group of individuals, who were dealing with the illegal trade of animals.

Furthermore, Sophie and Tom are able to find ways of taking care of the animals that they had found in the bag. Readers are definitely going to fall in love with the idea of residing in a canal boat. If you have a thing for campervans and caravans, then you are definitely going to fall in love with Stop.

Catch That Bat: The third book in the Zoo stories book series. Just like all the other two books in the series, Catch That Bat is specifically aimed at elementary readers. Catch that Bat consists of 145 pages and is suitable for children between 7 and 9 years. However, 9 year olds might find Catch That Bat a little bit unchallenging considering the fact that the illustrations are rather simple and the book itself is extremely short.

Author Adam Frost has used both female and male characters as the main characters, and in the process making Catch that Bat appealing to both male and female students. Catch that Bat follows Tom and Sophie the two main protagonists who are siblings. Tom and Sophie are siblings and live inside a houseboat with their parents and Rex, their pet dog. The houseboat is located on London’s Regent Canal.

Tom and Sophie’s mother is a trained veterinarian, while their father serves as a zoo keeper. The children are extremely fascinated about the area’s nocturnal wildlife, most specifically the bats, which have been described as the most fascinating nocturnal animals. Due to the nature of their parents jobs, Sophie and Tom get a behind the scene look at the Zoo, which for many children would definitely be a dream come true. Bothe Sophie and Tom are extremely inquisitive about the animals and their surroundings as well.

Tom, who happens to be the youngest among the siblings, is a little bit adventurous while Sophie his sister on the other hand is a little bit laid back and cautious. Catch that Bat documents, the various adventure of Sophie and Tom and also follows their night-time adventures around and within the canal.

The adventure of Tom and Sophie begins when there is a power blackout. The great thing is that both Sophie and Tom possess infrared googles and eventually using the devices, assist a fox. Later on, Sophie and Tom in turn embark on a mission of rescuing a baby bat and eventually re-uniting it with its mother.

Many at times, Sophie and Tom compete with one another to find the solutions to various challenges that they may face within their day-to-day adventures. Nonetheless, in the end Sophie and Tom end up listening to one another and cooperating. With that said, Catch That Bat encourages the readers to develop an interest with wildlife, by offering important details about wildlife and the zoo in general.

What Is The Next Book in The Zoo Stories Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Zoo Stories Series. The newest book is Hide! The Tiger’s Mouth is Open Wide! and was released on July, 4th 2013.


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