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Andrew Klavan, who hails from America, is a screenwriter, penman, and commentator all rolled into one. Klavan, whose niche is mysteries and thrillers, has had other occupations such as reporting, writing news, and script coverage, especially for mystery movies. Did you know that Klavan has written crime books under the pen name Keith Peterson? What’s more, in 1983, Klavan co-authored the book titled Mrs. White with his brother Laurence Klavan. While writing the book, the siblings adopted one feminine pen name—Margaret Tracy.

Order of Mindwar Series

# Read Title Published
1 Mindwar 2014
2 Hostage Run 2015
3 Game Over 2016

Order of John Wells Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Trapdoor 1988
2 There Fell a Shadow 1988
3 The Rain 1988
4 Rough Justice 1989
5 The Scarred Man 1989

Order of The Homelanders Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Last Thing I Remember 2009
2 The Long Way Home 2009
3 The Truth of the Matter 2010
4 The Final Hour 2011
5 The Homelanders 2012

Order of Weiss & Bishop Series

# Read Title Published
1 Dynamite Road 2003
2 Shotgun Alley 2004
3 Damnation Street 2005

Order of Andrew Klavan Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Face of the Earth 1980
2 Mrs. White 1983
3 Agnes Mallory 1985
4 Darling Clementine 1988
5 Son of Man 1988
6 Don't Say a Word 1990
7 The Animal Hour 1992
8 Corruption 1994
9 True Crime 1995
10 Hunting Down Amanda 1998
11 The Uncanny 1998
12 Man and Wife 2001
13 Empire of Lies 2007
14 The Identity Man 2010
15 Crazy Dangerous 2012
16 If We Survive 2012
17 A Killer in the Wind 2013
18 Nightmare City 2013
19 Werewolf Cop 2015

Order of Andrew Klavan Non-Fiction Books

# Read Title Published
1 The Crisis in the Arts 2014
2 Great Good Thing 2016
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Klavan, who is a sexagenarian, was born in July 1954. Klavan’s birthplace is New York City in the United States and spent his formative years in Long Island. Currently, Klavan resides in California. Klavan’s articles have appeared in various publications among them the quarterly named City Journal (where he serves as the contributing editor), the online conservative-news oriented PJ Media, and the online podcast called The Daily Wire. Notable publications such as New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Wall Steet Journal have also published his articles. Furthermore, Klavan had a stint writing for radio stations such as ABC Radio and WOR.

Klavan, who had a Jewish upbringing though later on became a Christian, was a university drop-out but he returned to finish school afterwards. For his undergraduate studies, Andrew Klavan is an alumnus of the Berkeley-situated University of California wherein he pursued business studies.

Andrew Klavan first published in his early twenties; his debut book, titled Face of the Earth, was published in 1977. Standalone books aside, Andrew Klavan has a number of series of books and the earliest called John Wells. There are five books in the serialized John Wells. However, the first of the eight editions of the first book was originally published in December 1995, titled The Trapdoor. The said book is shelved under the thriller genre.

John Wells is the featured central character in Andrew Klavan’s book. Meet protagonist John Wells: a middle-aged journalist working for the New York Star whose niche is reporting crime. His daughter killed herself previously. The turning point in Klavan’s first book in the John Wells series, The Trapdoor, is a suspicious series of seemingly suicides that rock Grant County to the core. Wells is assigned the cases and he realizes that the line between suicide and murder is blurred in this Edgar Award-nominated book.

Andrew Klavan Awards

Andrew Klavan is a multi-award-winning scribbler. In 1984, Klavan bagged the Edgar Award, in the Best Paperback Original category, in virtue of his 1983 book titled Mrs. White. In 1989, Klavan was nominated for the Edgar Award, in the Best Paperback Original group, for his 1988 named The Trapdoor.

In 1990, Andrew Klavan clinched the Edgar, in the Best Paperback Original, courtesy of his 1988 book titled The Rain. Still in 1990, Klavan was nominated for the Anthony Awards for his 1989 book titled Rough Justice, in the Best Paperback Original category; this is the fourth book in the John Wells series.

In 1996, Andrew Klavan was nominated for the Anthony Awards yet again, in the Best Mystery Novel category, for his 1995 book titled True Crime; the book was also nominated for the Hammett Prize in 1995. In 1992, Klavan was nominated for the Edgar Award, in the Best Novel category, thanks to his 1990 book named Don’t Say a Word.

Andrew Klavan Books into Movies

In the context of filmography, the following are the film adaptations of Andrew Klavan’s books. Andrew Klavan’s 1990 book Don’t Say a Word was made into a 2001 film also titled Don’t Say a Word. The starring are Sean Bean who appears as Patrick Koster and Michael Douglas who acts as Dr. Nathan R. Conrad. Klavan’s 1995 book True Crime was made into a 1999 film starring Clint Eastwood who plays as Steve Everett.

Mrs. White, a book which Andrew Klavan co-authored, was adapted into a 1987 thriller film titled White of the Eye. The starring actors are David Keith and Cathy Moriarty who appear as Paul White and Joan White, respectively.

Best Andrew Klavan Books

The following are the best books penned by Andrew Klavan based on winning or being nominated for the revered Edgar Awards.

The Rain: Hereby, John Wells is sleuthing the murder of his informant-cum-drug pusher who was killed hard on the heels of leaking photos showing that a Senate aspirant had illicit romantic affairs.

Mrs. White: The second is Mrs. White; it denotes a dutiful carpenter’s wife whose is unaware that her spouse is a serial murderer. The third is Don’t Say a Word. A psychologist’s daughter is abducted and the kidnapper makes her his bargaining chip.

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