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Seldom do we come across authors who have actively worked in the field they have been writing on. Brad Taylor is one such rare gem whose military career and astute writing skills have given us novels that are a class apart from the rest. Having served America as a Commander of the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta, he now brings to us what his eyes saw.

Order of Pike Logan Series

1One Rough Man 2011Description / Buy
2All Necessary Force 2012Description / Buy
3Enemy of Mine 2013Description / Buy
4The Widow's Strike 2013Description / Buy
5The Polaris Protocol 2014Description / Buy
6Days of Rage 2014Description / Buy
7No Fortunate Son 2014Description / Buy
8The Insider Threat 2015Description / Buy
9The Forgotten Soldier 2015Description / Buy
10Ghosts of War 2016Description / Buy
11Ring of Fire 2017Description / Buy
12Operator Down 2018Description / Buy
13Daughter of War 2019Description / Buy
14Hunter Killer 2020Description / Buy
15American Traitor 2021Description / Buy
16End of Days 2022Description / Buy

Order of Pike/Taskforce Short Stories/Novellas

1The Callsign 2012Description / Buy
2Gut Instinct 2013Description / Buy
3Black Flag 2013Description / Buy
4The Dig 2014Description / Buy
5The Recruit (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy
6The Target (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy
7The Infiltrator (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
8The Ruins 2018Description / Buy
9Exit Fee (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy
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Brad was born in Okinawa, Japan and soon after moved to rural Texas. Down South, he forged an ambition to join the military. He joined the University of Texas and graduated with flying colors. His cowboy days was over when he was admitted into the US army. There was no turning back. He has been posted across the world to protect America’s national interests. He joined the forces as a second lieutenant and has dutifully served many bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. The other locations he served in are classified. He ended his 21 years of a robust military career as an assistant professor of military science at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. His passion for academics has also earned him an advanced degree in ambush warfare from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. This academic side has also earned him a role of security consultant in various government departments and private bodies. He is an active blogger and has contributed editorials in major television channels like CNN and Fox. He currently lives in Charleston, SC with his wife and two daughters.

The idea of writing came to Brad during one of his military expeditions. His passion for writing and his will to depict the true face of war and life in the military has given birth to several books. Often they figure in the NY times Best Seller tag and also gets many critics speaking. With ten books in his kitty already, he is in no mood to disappoint his readers. He is always looking to develop a new story for his fans and the military academia.

The heart and soul of Taylor’s novels is Pike Logan. The main character of his books, Logan has become a heartthrob for many. Washed with an unusual military thrill with looming political crisis, the novels dig deep into the military establishments of both America and the world. Pike Logan is part of a clandestine unit of the Special Forces, commander directly by the President himself. The rule of law hardly matters and the only priority is the success of each mission.

Pike can easily be embalmed as a real-life superhero of contemporary America. His emotional and family side also finds a good number of pages in the series. He is not the free “Jason Bourne” type character, but someone who’s bound by the duties of both a nation and a family.


Brad’s first novel, One Rough Man (published in 2011) took the world of books by storm. A classic debut, the book takes the readers on a roller-coaster military escapade. Pike Logan is posted in the volatile Middle-East in an extremely secretive mission. The terrorist organization he’s fighting somehow uncover Brad’s identity and brutally murders Logan’s wife and daughter. Mentally shattered he returns to the US and trades his sorrows with alcohol. After a grueling drinking binge, he stumbles upon an archeologist who witnessed the murder of a scientist in Mexico. The same terrorist’s name pop up and they finally realize that the terrorists are planning an attack on US soil. Will they be able to mend things in time?

After the stunning success of his first book, Brad brought to the world his second, All Necessary Force. It’s another classic drenched in military thrills and suspense. You can also feel the patriotic vibe in this book. The book is a continuation of the first and it smoothly transits and creates a story of its own. The main protagonist is Pike Logan as usual and in his character you can expect the same determination and passion as the last time.

But the best bite in the series has to be his seventh book in the series, No Fortunate Son. In this Pike Logan comes to know of his real employer which is not the conventional armed forces. The Taskforce, which is a shadow organization working for the interests of the USA gets too close to Logan. Will Logan still take command? It’s a sure-shot thriller and can be classified the best of the best.

For people who love the bullets and wrath of the military will enjoy this series to its core. Brad’s writing is visibly refreshing and the environ he creates has the power to keep your attention attuned. Moreover, the series is also a take on the moral grounds of military warfare and the ethics which surround it.

When Does The Next Brad Taylor book come out?

The next book by Brad Taylor is End of Days and will be released on January, 11th 2022. It is the newest book in the Pike Logan Series.

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