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The Pike Logan series is a series of novels by Delta Force Commander turned author, the American novelist, Brad Taylor. Pike Logan, the lead character in the series was first introduced to readers in the first novel of the series, the 2011 published novel, One Rough Man. The series of novels are best classified thriller mysteries.

Order of Pike Logan Series

1One Rough Man2011Description / Buy
2All Necessary Force2012Description / Buy
3Enemy of Mine2013Description / Buy
4The Widow's Strike2013Description / Buy
5The Polaris Protocol2014Description / Buy
6Days of Rage2014Description / Buy
7No Fortunate Son2014Description / Buy
8The Insider Threat2015Description / Buy
9The Forgotten Soldier2015Description / Buy
10Ghosts of War2016Description / Buy
11Ring of Fire2017Description / Buy
12Operator Down2018Description / Buy
13Daughter of War2019Description / Buy
14Hunter Killer2020Description / Buy
15American Traitor2021Description / Buy
16End of Days2022Description / Buy

Order of Pike/Taskforce Short Stories/Novellas

1The Callsign2012Description / Buy
2Gut Instinct2013Description / Buy
3Black Flag2013Description / Buy
4The Dig2014Description / Buy
5The Recruit (Short Story)2015Description / Buy
6The Target (Short Story)2016Description / Buy
7The Infiltrator (Short Story)2017Description / Buy
8The Ruins2018Description / Buy
9Exit Fee (Short Story)2019Description / Buy
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At the beginning of the series, Pike Logan is serving in the Taskforce, an ultra-secretive dark ops corps of elite men drawn from the various branches of American intelligence. When it comes to talented officers, there is none better than Pike Logan, the best operative in the Taskforce.

Nonetheless, while he is a man of unrivalled instincts and talents, he is affected by personal tragedy just as much, if not more than the regular intelligence officer. The first novel in the series, One Rough Man sees Pike Logan go through a personal tragedy that permanently changes his perspectives on the world he lives in. He now knows that while not many people want to believe it, the real threat to world peace and security is not terrorist groups, rogue governments, or nations, but rather an individual person with extremist ideology that gets their hands on a dangerous weapon.

With an attack imminent, Logan now has to dig through a mound of paper full of intercepted chatter that could implicate and lead to the apprehension of two men with such extremist ideologies. Given the scale of the devastation that would likely result if the extremists’ plan were to succeed, there is no one better equipped to stop them than Pike Logan.


Three of the Pike Logan novels; Enemy of Mine, All Necessary Force, and One Rough Man made it into the New York Best Sellers list. Enemy of Men and All Necessary Force have also received recognition in the USA Today’s top 150 list.


One Rough Man: The first novel of the Pike Logan series, One Rough Man is highly popular among fans and is deemed one of Brad Taylor’s best works. Pike Logan one of the Taskforce’s best assets, has three days to find and neutralize two men who have in their possession a powerful weapon that they intend to unleash on an unsuspecting populace. Pike’s career has been on a downward spiral due to depression brought about by the brutal murder of his wife and daughter. Unable to help them since he was on an overseas mission with the Taskforce, he has always blamed himself for not being there for them. He has adopted a more black and white ideology and with nothing to lose, the two men who fall firmly in the black category, are going to face a dangerous man in Logan.

The Widows Strike: This is another popular novel in the Pike Logan series. A rogue state with nuclear ambitions has got its hands on a virulent form of the bird flu virus and is planning to release it as a form of retaliation for sanctions against its nuclear program. They intend to spread the virus using Chechen suicide terrorists, referred to as Black Widows. The suicide bpmbers will detonate the bombers in crowded spaces in major cities in the US. It is up to Pike Logan and his side kick Jennifer Cahill to follow the terrorist trail from South East Asia to the US. Along the way, they learn that the bigger enemy is not the terrorists and their Black Widows and that the world has much more to fear from these enemies in the shadows.

The tenth novel in the Pike Logan series is another incredible novel. After stopping countless terrorist threats, the Taskforce is shut down after one operator goes rogue. But rising tensions between the Russia and the West and a sudden horrific attack on the US forces its reactivation. Jennifer Cahill and Pike Logan find themselves deep in Europe trying to determine who was behind the attack. What they find is an intricate agenda that if not stopped, will result in another attack that will guarantee World War III.


Many fans of the Pike Logan series of novels also love the “Dewey Andreas” series of novels by Ben Coes. Dewey Andreas is a former Special Forces agent with a special set of skills that he uses to prevent potentially devastating terrorist threats around the globe.

Pike Logan fans also like the “Ryan Kealey” series of novels by Andrew Britton. Kealey is a Jack Bauer type of character who, while good at his job likes to use unorthodox methods that frequently rub his superiors and other senior government officials the wrong way.

What Is The Next Book in The Pike Logan Series?

The next book in the The Pike Logan Series by Brad Taylor is End of Days and will be released on January, 11th 2022.


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  1. The world can be a dark and dreadful place with terrorism often being the cause of so much pain and anger in the world. That said, Brad Taylor always finds a way to make it really entertaining! Taylor tackles the real, scary things that are happening in the world right now and combines them with page turning action. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

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