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Ryan Kealey is the lead protagonist in the detective mystery thriller series by popular British author Andrew Britton. Ryan made his first appearance in the first novel in the series, the 2007 published title “The American”.

Order of Ryan Kealey Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The American ( By: Andrew Britton) 2006 Description / Buy
2 The Assassin ( By: Andrew Britton) 2007 Description / Buy
3 The Invisible ( By: Andrew Britton) 2008 Description / Buy
4 The Exile ( By: Andrew Britton) 2010 Description / Buy
5 The Operative ( By: Andrew Britton) 2012 Description / Buy
6 The Courier ( By: Andrew Britton) 2013 Description / Buy
7 Threatcon Delta ( By: Andrew Britton) 2014 Description / Buy
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Ryan Kealey is a thirty-three-year-old Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent, who for his age has achieved what most of his colleagues can only dream of. He has also been through the worst in his life, but has come through to become even stronger. He is one of the best when it comes to counterintelligence and counter terrorism, having worked for some of the best units in US intelligence. However, he has his own demons that come back to haunt him from time to time.

“The American”, the first novel in the series opens to Ryan being enlisted by the CIA to deal with one of the most vicious of foes, former American soldier Jason March. Jason had once been a student of Ryan and hence he knows all about the man, enough to know he is one of the most ruthless. He can disappear like a shadow, is a superb sharpshooter, an explosives expert, a master of the languages and a ruthless assassin capable of some of the most heinous of crimes.

March has quit the army and is now allied with one of the vilest of Middle Eastern terrorism networks that has vowed to destroy the United States. Ryan teams up with Naomi Kharmai, a British agent to try to catch his elusive and cunning former student. As the clock ticks down, Ryan realizes that March’s crusade is not only political, but also personal. The fate of an entire country now rests upon the shoulders of one man facing up to a man who knows every move he is going to make.


The American: The first novel is an excellent political thriller that introduces the brilliant operative Ryan Kealey. Bringing in one of the most feared of assassins to go head-to-head with the protagonist, the novel offers a thrilling ride. CIA operative Ryan Kealey was not only a mentor to the assassin but also his teacher, which means the man can sometimes be two steps ahead of the protagonist.

However, getting back with the CIA reintroduces many private and professional issues that Ryan thought he had left behind. The American is a roller coaster narrative that culminates in one of the most explosive of endings, as the motivations of the assassin are finally revealed.

The Assassin: The second novel in the series is one of Andrew Britton’s most highly regarded of novels. Ryan Kealey has been recalled to Washington, where he is informed that William Paulin Vanderveen, the man that had killed his fiancée had been spotted. Teaming up with Naomi Kharmai, he sets put to track down the man that had caused him so much pain. The Assassin is a roller coaster of a novel that gives inside information about the workings of the intelligence agencies. The author also spices it up by teasing a possible romantic story between Naomi Kharmai and Kealey.

The Courier: The sixth novel of the series is one of the most remarkable novels in the series. Ryan Kealey had always dreamt of leaving the intelligence life behind for good. However, his experiences make it almost impossible to turn off his instincts and lead a normal life. But the game has changed as intelligence is now over reliant on data crunching and cooperation, that he believes have put the bad guys a step ahead of the agencies.

Thanks to all the bureaucracy in the system, the terrorists have gotten hold of a nuke that they intend to use it to unleash untold terror. It is now up to Kealey and Rayhan Jafaria, Farsi speaking nuclear scientist to track down the Iranian terrorists that have disappeared in the arctic.


Ryan Kealey fans are also lovers of the “Dewey Andreas” series of novels by Ben Coes. These are international political thrillers featuring Dewey Andreas, a former Delta officer in the mold of Chuck Norris, who takes down terrorist plots against the United States.

Many Ryan Kealey fans also like the “John Wells” series of novels by Alex Berenson. These books are suspense thrillers featuring CIA agent John Wells, a type of Jack Bauer character who travels around the world taking down enemies of the United States.

What Is The Next Book in The Ryan Kealey Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Ryan Kealey Series. The newest book is Threatcon Delta and was released on November, 25th 2014.


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  1. I gave these books a shot per a recommendation from my cousin. I got halfway through The American before giving up. Normally I can get into suspense thrillers, but most of the characters were unbelievable, including the main character. The story was clunky and moved too abruptly between characters and locations. I will not be continuing the series.

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