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J.D Robb is the pseudonym of renonwed author, Nora Roberts, who was born as Eleanor Marie Robertson. Robb is an American-based author who has written numerous fantasy, suspense and romance novels. Robb holds an exceedingly long and illustrious legacy with more than 209 novels under her name. She also uses the pseudonym of Jill March and Sarah Hardesty, a name that she uses for the books that she publishes in the United Kingdom. J.D Robb has numerous labels and brands that she uses to put out her different franchises and book series as well. One of the major theme that Robb makes is her pen name J.D Robb, which she has used even in her exceedingly popular book series, in Death.

Order of In Death Series

# Read Title Published
1 Naked in Death 1995
2 Glory in Death 1995
3 Immortal in Death 1996
4 Rapture in Death 1996
5 Vengeance in Death 1997
6 Ceremony in Death 1997
7 Holiday in Death 1998
8 Midnight in Death (Short Story) 1998
9 Silent Night 1998
10 Conspiracy in Death 1999
11 Loyalty in Death 1999
12 Witness in Death 2000
13 Judgment in Death 2000
14 Interlude in Death (Short Story) 2001
15 Seduction in Death 2001
16 Betrayal in Death 2001
17 Purity in Death 2002
18 Reunion in Death 2002
19 Portrait in Death 2003
20 Imitation in Death 2003
21 Remember When 2003
22 Big Jack 2003
23 Visions in Death 2004
24 Divided in Death 2004
25 Survivor In Death 2005
26 Origin in Death 2005
27 Memory in Death 2006
28 Born in Death 2006
29 Bump in the Night 2006
30 Innocent in Death 2007
31 Creation in Death 2007
32 Three in Death 2007
33 Dead of Night 2007
34 Strangers in Death 2008
35 Salvation in Death 2008
36 The Lost 2008
37 Suite 606 2008
38 Promises in Death 2009
39 Kindred in Death 2009
40 Missing in Death 2009
41 Indulgence in Death 2010
42 Fantasy in Death 2010
43 The Other Side 2010
44 The Unquiet 2011
45 Treachery in Death 2011
46 Time of Death 2011
47 Celebrity in Death 2012
48 Delusion in Death 2012
49 Mirror, Mirror 2013
50 Calculated in Death 2013
51 Thankless in Death 2013
52 Concealed in Death 2014
53 Festive in Death 2014
54 Obsession in Death 2015
55 Devoted in Death 2015
56 Down the Rabbit Hole 2015
57 Brotherhood in Death 2016
58 Apprentice in Death 2016
59 Echoes in Death 2017
60 Secrets in Death 2017
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Nora Roberts, being such a prolific writer, cause a bit of a problem for her new publishers, Putnam, when she moved to the company in 1992, having been with Bantam, where she had achieved great success. However, due to her staggering output of work, her new publishers found it hard to keep up with it and publish all of her work without saturating the market. So, they suggested Roberts write under another pseudonym (as Nora Roberts is also a pen name), so they were able to put more of her work onto the market without wearying the public to her stories.

Buoyed by this, Roberts’ agent pushed Putnam to also allow Roberts to write romantic suspense fiction, a genre which her client had longed to write, but had been pigeon-holed into writing standard romance novels so as to achieve a loyal following of readers. Putnam agreed to this, and Roberts began work on writing romantic suspense fiction under the pen name J.D Robb. Roberts came up with the J.D Robb pen name using the first letters of her sons’ names (Jason and Dan), while simply shortening the surname Roberts. Interestingly, however, Roberts initially went with the initials of her sons the other way around, DJ, and the surname MacGregor, but this was already the name of an author, so she flipped the initials and used a different surname just before her first book under the new pen name was published.

The first book to be published under the name of J.D Robb was Naked in Death, which was published in 1995. This would become the first book in Robb’s incredibly successful In Death series of books, which she followed up with Rapture in Death in 1996, followed by dozens more. Roberts was able to keep up her prolific writing under her new pen name, which is evident by the sheer number of books available in the In Death series, and the fan base that now exists for the work of J.D Robb also shows that Roberts was right to turn her hand to the world of romantic suspense, as she has proven just as adept writing it as she has been writing romantic fiction.

Born on 10 October 1950, Robb was raised in the town of Silver Spring. She is the youngest of five children. Robb’s family is of Irish descent. J.D Robb usually ensures that her family is exceedingly close to her. Because she comes from a long line of avid, J.D Robb developed an early interest in writing. Robb began to come up with her stories when she was still a teenager. She had a unique ability to tell put stories and also in the process creating an exceedingly rich and vibrant world within her imagination. Because she attended a Catholic high school, discipline has been of great importance to J.D Robb. Ever since she grew up, nuns have always surrounded Robb. Later on, Robb was admitted to Montgomery High School, where she met with Ronald Aufdem, who became Robb’s first husband. Robb and Ronald remained married for several years.

Upon graduating from high school, J.D Robb would spend most of her time as a homemaker. Robb and Ronald got married in the year 1968, immediately after the two had graduated from high school. The newly married couple relocated to Keedysville, Maryland, where her husband got the chance to work in the sheet metal business, owned by Robb’s father. Eventually, Robb, went ahead to work with her family, in her family’s lighting company. During this period, the two were blessed with Jason and Dan. While undertaking her role, Role maintained a passion for crafts and arts, working with ceramics and children’s clothes. All of these gave Robb the opportunity of finding a creative outlet and also ensure she does not give up on her passion. In the year 1983, the union between Robb and Ronald came to an end.

Later on, Robb met Bruce Wilder, who eventually would become her second husband. Robb and Bruce got married in the year 1985. In the year 1979, Robb began to venture into writing. She began to work on a number of manuscripts out of nowhere. After working on her manuscripts, she immediately became addicted. She then went ahead to present her work to several publishers who after turning her down for the first time, went ahead and presented her with a contract. After finding a home in one of the leading publishing houses, Silhouette Publishers, Eleanor Marie Robertson began by shortening her name to Nora Roberts so as to create an exceedingly easy and digestible brand. Silhouette publishers provided Robb with an outlet for publishing her works. In the year 1981, Roberts’s very first novel was published, and it was titled Irish Thoroughbred.

J.D Robbs Awards

J.D Robbs is the recipient of numerous awards such as the Rita Award for the Best Novel, Quill Award for Romance and Rita Award for the Best Romantic Suspense.

J.D Robbs Books into Movies

With numerous screen adaptations of her works, together with a long-term relationship with the well-established Lifetime Movie Channel, Robb has managed to attain a worldwide success that a majority of writers normally dream of.

Best J.D Robb Books

Vengeance in Death: This is one of the best performing books by J.D Robbs. The book was first published in the year 1997, so as to mark the six book in the In Death book series. Vengeance in Death features the protagonist, Eve Dallas who works for the New York Security and Police Department. It picks off from where the first book had left off. Despite being a part of an ongoing series, Vengeance in Death can be read as a standalone. However, the book still retains some of the key elements that Robb’s readers have not only come to love but also know as well. With a fine line connecting madness and genius, it appears that this time around murder is the connection and a killer is on the lose. It does not take long before another victim is found dead in one of the abandoned apartment. Thus, the protagonist, Eve Dallas must act quickly so as to catch the killer in due time.

J.D Robb FAQs

Q: What is the real name of J.D Robb?

A: J.D Robb is the pseudonym of the author Nora Roberts, who was born Eleanor Marie Robertson.

Q: What is the name of J.D Robb’s first book?

A: J.D Robb’s first book is called Naked in Death, which was published in 1995, the first book in her In Death series.