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The In Death series is a series of romantic suspense novels written by the author JD Robb, which is a pen name of the prolific American romance author Nora Roberts. The In Death series is set in the near future, the mid-21st century, and is predominantly set in the near-future version of New York City. The In Death series of books revolve around Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her Roarke, an Irish immigrant who is one of the richest men in the world and owns Roarke Industries. While the series does revolve around the relationship of the two main characters, there are also murder-mystery elements to them, as Eve must also solve murder cases during the series.

Order of In Death Series

1Naked in Death1995Description / Buy
2Glory in Death1995Description / Buy
3Immortal in Death1996Description / Buy
4Rapture in Death1996Description / Buy
5Ceremony in Death1997Description / Buy
6Vengeance in Death1997Description / Buy
7Holiday in Death1998Description / Buy
8Conspiracy in Death1999Description / Buy
9Loyalty in Death1999Description / Buy
10Witness in Death2000Description / Buy
11Judgment in Death2000Description / Buy
12Betrayal in Death2001Description / Buy
13Seduction in Death2001Description / Buy
14Reunion in Death2002Description / Buy
15Purity in Death2002Description / Buy
16Portrait in Death2003Description / Buy
17Imitation in Death2003Description / Buy
18Divided in Death2004Description / Buy
19Visions in Death2004Description / Buy
20Survivor In Death2005Description / Buy
21Origin in Death2005Description / Buy
22Memory in Death2006Description / Buy
23Born in Death2006Description / Buy
24Innocent in Death2007Description / Buy
25Creation in Death2007Description / Buy
26Strangers in Death2008Description / Buy
27Salvation in Death2008Description / Buy
28Promises in Death2009Description / Buy
29Kindred in Death2009Description / Buy
30Fantasy in Death2010Description / Buy
31Indulgence in Death2010Description / Buy
32Treachery in Death2011Description / Buy
33New York to Dallas2011Description / Buy
34Celebrity in Death2012Description / Buy
35Delusion in Death2012Description / Buy
36Calculated in Death2013Description / Buy
37Thankless in Death2013Description / Buy
38Concealed in Death2014Description / Buy
39Festive in Death2014Description / Buy
40Obsession in Death2015Description / Buy
41Devoted in Death2015Description / Buy
42Brotherhood in Death2016Description / Buy
43Apprentice in Death2016Description / Buy
44Echoes in Death2017Description / Buy
45Secrets in Death2017Description / Buy
46Dark in Death2018Description / Buy
47Leverage in Death2018Description / Buy
48Connections in Death2019Description / Buy
49Vendetta in Death2019Description / Buy
50Golden in Death2020Description / Buy
51Shadows in Death2020Description / Buy
52Faithless in Death2021Description / Buy
53Forgotten in Death2021Description / Buy
54Abandoned in Death2022Description / Buy

Order of In Death Short Stories/Novellas

1Midnight in Death (Short Story)1998Description / Buy
2Haunted in Death2006Description / Buy
3Interlude in Death (Short Story)2006Description / Buy
4Eternity in Death2007Description / Buy
5Ritual In Death2008Description / Buy
6Missing in Death2009Description / Buy
7Big Jack2010Description / Buy
8Possession in Death2010Description / Buy
9Chaos in Death2011Description / Buy
10Taken in Death2013Description / Buy
11Wonderment Death2015Description / Buy
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The first book in the In Death series is Naked in Death, which was published in 1995. It starts out by introducing us to the main character of Eve Dallas, who is having a hard time getting over the death of a child she feels responsible. While trying to cope with this trauma, Eve is called up to a high-profile murder, that of a grandchild of a senator. What complicates matters is that the senator’s granddaughter is a licenced companion, a legal prostitute in the vernacular of the In Death series. It is during the investigation that we meet Roarke, the exceedingly wealthy Irish businessman. Roarke becomes the main suspect in the murder when it transpires the victim had an appointment with him. From there, Eve must solve the murder of the senator’s granddaughter and try to put her blossoming feelings for Roarke aside until she either finds him guilty, or exonerates him.

Naked in Death was followed up by Glory in Death, which was also published in 1995. Immortal in Death followed in 1996, and Rapture in Death was published the same year. Ceremony in Death and Vengeance in Death, the fifth and sixth books in the In Death series, were published in 1997. Holiday in Death is the next book in the series, then the short story collection of Midnight in Death, both published in 1998. Conspiracy in Death and Loyalty in Death were both published in 1999, and Loyalty in Death marked the tenth book in the In Death series.

Witness in Death and Judgment in Death were the first two books to be published in the new millennium, and then Betrayal in Death followed in 2001. Interlude in Death, another collection of short stories in the series was next up, followed by Seduction in Death the same year. In 2002, Reunion in Death and Purity in Death were released.

In 2003, Portrait in Death was published, which has Eve investigating a murder after she uncovers a body which has been left in a recycling bin. Eve’s friend, Nadine Furst, was informed of the body, and was also sent pictures of the victim, who was a young woman, in various candid poses, and a shot of her murdered corpse posed like a portrait, hence the title of the book. The pictures also come with a message that there will be more victims to come, so Eve and Rourke, along with Eve’s colleagues, must set out to try and stop the serial killer in their tracks. While the murder inquiry is taking place, Rourke also receives information that makes him question everything he knows about his family and his time growing up in Dublin.

Portrait in Death was followed in that same year by Imitation in Death. The 20th book in the series, Remember When, is a two-part book, which is part-written by Nora Roberts under her own name. The fist part of Remember When sets up the back story, and then the second half becomes part of the In Death Series, as we move into the future and Eve must help solve a murder.

2004 saw two new books in the series, Divided in Death and Visions in Death. Survivor in Death and Origin in Death were both published in 2005.

Between 2006 and 2011, three books in the In Death series were published each year, with two being full-length novels, and one a series of short stories in the series. In 2012, Celebrity in Death and Delusion in Death were published, with no anthology of short stories. In 2013, Thankless in Death was published, then another anthology followed the same year. Concealed in Death and Festive in Death were published in 2014. In 2015, the series returned to the two books and one anthology, with the publishing of Obsession in Death, Devoted in Death and then the Wonderment in Death, Down the Rabbit Hole anthology.

Brotherhood in Death, the 53th book in the In Death series, including the anthologies, was published in February 2016.

Nora Roberts made her name writing highly successful romance novels, and she currently stands as one of the most successful literary figures of all time. Nora created the J.D. Robb persona because she wanted to try something new.

After a long and highly successful career, Nora Roberts wanted to stretch her creative muscles by playing with a few new literary concepts, this along with reaching a new audience.

And she pretty much succeeded. Her In Death novels, which follow a tough and determined police officer with a mysterious past, have consistently dominated bestseller lists across the country. The popularity of the series only grew when it was finally revealed that J.D. Robb is Nora Roberts.

The In Death series of novels takes place in the future, though you wouldn’t know it. Eva Dallas lives at a time where interplanetary and intergalactic travel is possible for those that can afford it.

However, other than the mention of these awesome opportunities for cosmic adventure, life in the In Death universe is not that different from the present day. In fact, the futuristic concept rarely plays a role in the stories of the different books. J.D. Robb emphasizes the mysteries and the romance above all else, not to mention the gory murders.

Naked in Death, the first book in the series, introduces readers to Eva Dallas and her future husband, Roarke. Roarke is a suspect in a series of ruthless murders, but Eva can hardly control her attraction for the Irish billionaire.

The In Death books are primarily driven by the mystery of Eva’s past, though Roarke plays an important role in a number of the stories. Eva was found in an alley in Dallas when she was eight, boasting a broken arm and no notable memories.

As the series progresses, Eva’s memories begin to return, revealing the sordid details of her troubled past.

Even though the In Death series has been running for more than two decades, J.B. Robb hasn’t shown any interest in bringing it to a close. In fact, she has admitted that the series will keep running for as long as she feels like writing it.

In Death Awards

J.B. Robb won a RITA Award back in the mid 2000s for Survivor in Death. She won the award in the Category of Best Novel.

Best In Death Books

Even amongst fans of Nora Roberts, the In Death books are considered to be some of the most impressive the author has ever written, with some of the best titles in the series including:

Naked in Death: There is a ruthless killer on the prowl, and New York Police Lieutenant Eva Dallas is determined to catch him. After a decade on the force, Eva has learnt to trust her instincts. However, she doesn’t know what to make of Roarke.

The clues available to her suggest that the Irish Billionaire could be involved in her investigation, but it is taking everything in her power to fight the attraction between them.

The first book in the In Death series takes readers to the year 2053. Someone is killing prostitutes and he is going through the trouble of using a vintage gun to carry out his misdeeds. Eva wants to catch the killer, but her instant attraction to her suspect keeps getting in the way.

Glory in Death: There is a killer on the loose. He claimed his first victim on a sidewalk in the rain, the second in an apartment building. All the victims are attractive and highly successful women. Because they had torrid affairs with powerful men, Eva Dallas knows that working through her list of suspects will prove challenging.

This book is more of a psychological thriller which investigates the fact that, even in an era where genetics can weed out violent traits, murder still happens.

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In Death FAQs

Q: Who writes the In Death series of books?

A: The In Death series of books is written by JD Robb, which is a pen name of the American author Nora Roberts.

Q: What is the first book in the In Death series?

A: The first book in the In Death series is Naked in Death, which was published in 1995.

What Is The Next Book in The In Death Series?

The next book in the The In Death Series by J.D. Robb is Abandoned in Death and will be released on February, 8th 2022.

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