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Jeffrey Deaver is an American crime and mystery author. Deaver was a warded with a degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and a degree of law from Fordham University. Before practicing law, Deaver worked for several years as a journalist. Later on, he had to leave law practice and became a full-time writer. Lincoln Rhyme is one of the most popular book series by Jeffrey Deaver. Deaver also served as an editor for the Best American Mystery Stories, which was published in the year 2009.

Order of Lincoln Rhyme Series

1The Bone Collector1997Description / Buy
2The Coffin Dancer1998Description / Buy
3The Empty Chair2000Description / Buy
4The Stone Monkey2002Description / Buy
5The Vanished Man2003Description / Buy
6The Twelfth Card2005Description / Buy
7The Cold Moon2006Description / Buy
8The Broken Window2008Description / Buy
9The Burning Wire2010Description / Buy
10The Kill Room2013Description / Buy
11The Skin Collector2014Description / Buy
12The Steel Kiss2016Description / Buy
13The Burial Hour2017Description / Buy
14The Cutting Edge2018Description / Buy
15A Perfect Plan2021Description / Buy
16The Midnight Lock2021Description / Buy

Order of Lincoln Rhyme Short Stories/Novellas

1A Textbook Case (Short Story)2013Description / Buy
2Rhymes With Prey: Lincoln Rhyme vs. Lucas Davenport (Short Story)2014Description / Buy
3The Deliveryman (Short Story)2016Description / Buy
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Lincoln Rhyme Awards

As an accomplished author, Jeffrey Deaver has been awarded numerous literary awards such as the Short Story Dagger Award and the Steel Dagger Award. He is also a three-time recipient of Ellery Queen Reader’s Award, Good Read Award, and the Nero Wolfe Award. Deaver’s novels have been featured on numerous bestseller’s list across the world such as Sydney’s Morning Herald, Corriere Della Sera in Italy, The Times, New York Times and the L.A Times

Lincoln Rhyme book into Movies

Three of Deaver’s novels have been adapted for screenplay; they include a Mayden’s Grave and the Devil’s Teardrop. Deaver was also selected to pen down an official James Bond novel, Carte Blanch in the year 2009. Deaver made history by becoming the second American author to be involved in the James Bond franchise regarding novel development.

Best Lincoln Rhymes Books

The Born Collector: This is the first installment and also one of the best performing books in the Lincoln Rhyme book series. After living in a quadriplegic state for so many years, the protagonist, Lincoln Rhymes has contemplated on so many occasions about taking his life before he finally depletes into a less human being who is unable to speak to himself. Just before he makes the final decision, a knock comes through his door, bringing him a case of torture, murder and a possibility to feel alive once again. After opening the door, he meets one Amelia Sachs, a New York Police Department officer who possessed a mysterious ability to make Lincoln Rhymes feel as if he is always looking in the mirror each time he looks at her.

Sachs reminds Lincoln of the type of investigator that he used to be before he became a victim of the accident, which paralyzed him. The protagonist bullied Amelia into running the numerous crime scenes where she got to learn more about forensics and herself as well, something that she had previously thought was not possible. Amelia’s physical abilities and Lincoln’s directions, the two work together on a case, before Lincoln Rhymes has to make a decision once more between life and death. Being a rookie cop, Amanda Sachs has never worked on a crime scene She was busy responding to a radio call when she discovers that there was a hand which was sticking out along the railroads.

She does all she can to secure the crime scene. By doing this, she not only makes her boss angry but she also manages to attract the attention of Lincoln Rhymes. Apart from being the country’s best criminologist, Lincoln was also the head of the forensics team of the New York Police Department. However, when Lincoln developed quadriplegia while working on a crime scene, he was forced to leave the job. Now, he joins forces with the rookie Amelia Sachs who becomes his legs and arms. Together, these two characters walk towards the railroad where she had discovered the arm. While they were trying to figure out what exactly happened, another gruesome and related scene is yet again discovered. From the look of things, the killer is purposefully leading these two characters somewhere since the clues to the killer’s crime scene are yet to be discovered. As the investigation continues Amanda’s life is endangered, as Lincoln will become the killer’s final target.

Other Book Series That You Like

The “Kathryn Dance” book series is another sensational thriller from the internationally bestselling author, Jeffrey Deaver. XO is one of the best books in this series, and the premise focuses on an exceedingly young and beautiful pop singer, who is being stalked by an obsessive fan who believes that the author’s bestselling song was written just for him. The protagonist in this book series is Kathryn Dance, one of California’s exceedingly most popular CBI agent. With that said, the Kathryn Dance series is a brilliantly written set of novels that will keep you entertained.

What Is The Next Book in The Lincoln Rhyme Series?

The next book in the The Lincoln Rhyme Series by Jeffery Deaver is The Midnight Lock and will be released on November, 30th 2021.

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