Jeffery Deaver Books

Jeffery Deaver is an American author who is known for his crime and mystery writing that has gained a large number of fans. Not only has he accrued a large following with his writing, but he is also a number one best selling international author as well. He was born outside Chicago in Illinois, and grew up in a creative environment, as his family was involved in various artistic and creative outlets.

Order of Harold Middleton Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Copper Bracelet 2009
2 The Starling Project 2014

Order of James Bond Series

# Read Title Published
1 Carte Blanche 2011

Order of Jeffery Deaver Short Story Collections

# Read Title Published
1 More Twisted 2006
2 Triple Threat 2013
3 Trouble in Mind 2014

Order of Jeffery Deaver Standalone Novels

Order of Kathryn Dance Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Sleeping Doll 2007
2 Roadside Crosses 2009
3 XO 2012
4 Solitude Creek 2015

Order of Lincoln Rhyme Series

Order of Mystery Writers of America Anthology Series

Order of Rune Series

# Read Title Published
1 Manhattan Is My Beat 1988
2 Death Of A Blue Movie Star 1990
3 Hard News 1991

Order of The Best American Mystery Stories Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Best American Mystery Stories 2009 2009


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Crime and mystery are the main genres that his books have been in, and this is certainly true about his most popular series, the Lincoln Rhyme series, which focuses on the solving of heinous crimes that have been committed by a forensic team. He is certainly considered a master of the genre, as he has shown to bring his work to the reader in a personal way with his style of writing.

Jeffery Deaver has the unique honor of being one of only two American writers to ever write a James Bond novel with Raymond Benson being the other one. Deaver’s Bond novel was title Carte Blanche and is set in 2011. The book takes a more modern approach to James Bond with the character being a veteran of the war in Afghanistan as opposed to World War II as he was in the original Ian Fleming books. The book was heavily hyped with a huge launch event at the InterContinental hotel in Dubai with Deaver himself arriving in a Bentley with a model in his arm. Royal Marine Commandos then ascended from the roof to hand deliver Deaver a copy of the book. It was quite the event.

Jeffery Deaver Awards

As a notable author of many excellent books, he has been given the honor of receiving several awards throughout his career as a writer. Of the most notable awards he has been given, he has received the Steel Dagger and Short Story Dagger award from the British Crime Writers Association, as well as the Nero Wolfe Award. He has even had the distinction of winning the Ellery Queen Reader’s Award for Best Short Story of the Year three separate times. On top of this impressive array of awards, he also has received the British Thumping Good Read Award for his works.

As an author, he has received notable awards for his work, and enthralled many with his mastery of the crime mystery genre. This success has led to him being recognized for his work, which has appeared on notable lists of bestselling books around the world. The bestseller lists his books have appeared on include the New York Times, the Corriere della Sera in Italy, The Sydney Morning Herald, and even the Los Angeles Times. This worldwide recognition of his work is a mark of the quality with which he creates and writes.

Jeffery Deaver Books Into Movies

Three of Jeffery Deaver’s books have been adapted from the screen. The first being A Maiden’s Grave that was adapted into the 1997 made-for-TV movie Dead Silence. The story for this one was actually based on the true story of two teachers and their eight deaf students that were held hostage by three escaped felons. James Garner played the hostage negotiator James Potter in the HBO thriller.

1999’s The Bone Collector would be Deaver’s highest profile movie adaptation to date. The movie starring Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie and Queen Latifah opened at number one at the box office in it’s first weekend and went on to gross over $150M worldwide. While the reviews for the movie were middling with just a 28% approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes, this movie has to be considered a success.

The Devil’s Teardrop was the third and final Deaver work to be adapted for the screen thus far. The made-for-TV movie starred Tom Everett Scott and Natasha Henstridge in the lead roles.

Best Jeffery Deaver Books

The best titles of an author are obviously up for discussion, and certainly depend on the personal preferences of the reader. With that being said, there are some titles that perform better than others, and eventually become a sort of symbol for the series or author themselves. The top books for this category are The Burial Hour, The Steel Kiss, and last but certainly not least, The Bone Collector. These titles are among the top performers in the collection.

The Burial Hour: The Burial Hour features the popular character Lincoln Rhyme, as he tries to figure out the person behind the broad daylight kidnapping of a businessman.

The Steel Kiss: The Steel Kiss follows the work of Amelia Sachs and Lincoln Rhyme in uncovering the killer in a series of gruesome attacks caused by common objects turned murder weapons.

The final novel, The Bone Collector, is actually the first in the Lincoln Rhyme series, and follows him recovering from an accident that leaves him a quadriplegic. He is once again challenged in his weakened state to uncover a killer.