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Jim Butcher is a popular American author. The martial arts enthusiast was born in October 1971 in Missouri, where he still lives. Jim Butcher started his writing career in April 2000, specializing in contemporary fantasy and speculative fiction genres.

Jim Butcher is best known for the Dresden Files, a contemporary fantasy book series. The series began in April 2000 with Storm Front as the first novel. Dresden Files has since had a total of 15 novels in the series, the latest of them being Skin Game. Jim Butcher’s second series, Codex Alera, debuted in 2004. The Dresden Files and Codex Alera sequels have had incredible books. It is for this reason that Jim Butcher remains a favorite author for many contemporary fantasy readers. In addition, a number of books in the sequels have received nominations for reputable awards.

Order of Codex Alera Series

# Read Title Published
1 Furies of Calderon 2004
2 Academ's Fury 2005
3 Cursor's Fury 2006
4 Captain's Fury 2007
5 Princep's Fury 2008
6 First Lord's Fury 2008

Order of Dresden Files Collections

# Read Title Published
1 Side Jobs: Stories From the Dresden Files 2010
2 Working for Bigfoot 2014

Order of Dresden Files Short Stories

# Read Title Published
1 Welcome to the Jungle (Short Story) 2008
2 Backup 2008

Order of Jim Butcher Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours 2006

Order of The Cinder Spires Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Aeronaut's Windlass 2015

Order of The Dresden Files Graphic Novels Series

# Read Title Published
1 Welcome to the Jungle 2008
2 Storm Front, Volume 1 2009
3 Storm Front, Volume 2 2011
4 Fool Moon: Volume 1 2011
5 Fool Moon, Volume 2 2013
6 Ghoul Goblin 2013
7 War Cry 2014
8 Down Town 2015
9 Wild Card 2016

Order of The Dresden Files Series

# Read Title Published
1 Storm Front 2000
2 Fool Moon 2001
3 Grave Peril 2001
4 Summer Knight 2002
5 Death Masks 2003
6 Blood Rites 2004
7 Dead Beat 2005
8 Proven Guilty 2006
9 White Night 2007
10 Small Favor 2008
11 Turn Coat 2009
12 Changes 2010
13 Ghost Story 2011
14 Cold Days 2012
15 Skin Game 2014


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Jim Butcher has received various awards in the span of his writing career. At least 6 of his novels have also received nominations for various internationally recognized awards. First, Storm Front was a finalist at the Crompton Crook Stephen Tall memorial Awards in 2001, best first novels category. The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle, Skin Game and The Aeronaut’s Windlass received nominations for the prestigious Hugo Awards in 2009, 2015 and 2016 respectively. It is also important to note that Jim Butcher’s Changes and Cold Days impressively faired in the SF Readers Poll in 2011 and 2013.


Remarkably, The Dresden Files hit the screens as a television series in America, Canada and later in the UK. The television series, based on Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files book series, premiered in 2007. This series ran for a complete season. All the twelve episodes, running for 45 minutes each, are currently available on DVD in selected stores. This incredible achievement highlights Jim Butcher’s successful career as an author.


Jim Butcher has had a wonderful writing career with many popular books for fantasy readers. However, the following three books stand out;

Storm Front: As the first book in the Dresden Files series, Storm Front set the pace to the series and introduced the characters. The plot revolves around Harry Dresden, a listed, professional wizard whose main work involves helping Chicago Police Department and Residents to solve mysterious murders. Harry Dresden is called by Lt. Karrin Murphy of the Chicago Police Department to assist unravel the mysterious deaths of two victims. Dresden arrives at the gruesome scene of murder, a hotel room, to find Jennifer Stanton and Tommy Tomm(Johnny Marcone’s bodyguard) in a bloody scene. Both victims have their hearts ripped out, evidently during intercourse. The use of magic is visible in the dark magic remnants in the room. He receives instructions from Lt. Murphy and leaves the room hurriedly for a due appointment. He is forced into a car on his way out. In the car, he meets Johnny Marcone who offers Dresden a lot of monetary reward on the condition that he keeps away from the murder. He declines and this marks the beginning of the drama. On his next appointment, he gets hired by Monica to help find Victor Sells, a harmless magician who has gone missing after stints of queer behavior. Harry becomes a victim of mysterious attacks from strange creatures. He is torn between saving his life and pursuing his flourishing career. Things get murkier when he is accused of murders!

Changes: The 12th book in the Dresden Files series is another blockbuster. It was released in 2010 and was a #1 New York Times fiction best seller in its debut week. Susan Rodriguez seeks the help of Harry Dresden for the rescue of their daughter, Margaret Angelica, from the hands of kidnapper Duchess Ariana. The plot widens when Dresden’s office is destroyed by an explosion which puts Harry in the FBI list for investigation. When he finds out that a police officer, Rudolph, framed him for the investigation, he begins to investigate Rudolph too. The book gets to a turning point when his house is firebombed.

The Astronaut’s Windlass: It is impossible to mention celebrated works of Jim Butcher without mentioning The Astronaut’s Windlass. This classic steampunk fantasy novel is the first book in Jim Butcher’s last series, The Cinder Spires. Released in 2015, The Astronaut’s Windless brings together steampunk technologies, intelligent cats and magical wars in a single extraordinary blend. The book is centered around Captain Grimm, Commander of merchant ship Predator. Grimm is successfully lured by the Spirearch of Albion into joining their side of the war against other spires. He later learns that the unending war of the Spires is an astonishing premonition of worse things.