Jonathan Maberry Books

Jonathan Maberry is an American author writing on different genres including young adult fiction, mystery, short stories, horror, comic and fiction. Besides writing, he is also an editor, magazine feature writer, lecturer, content creator and anthropologist.

Order of Benny Imura Series

# Read Title Published
1 Rot & Ruin 2010
2 Dust & Decay 2011
3 Flesh & Bone 2012
4 Tooth & Nail (Short Story) 2013
5 Fire & Ash 2013
6 Bits & Pieces 2015

Order of Black Panther Series

# Read Title Published
1 Klaws of the Panther 2011
2 Black Panther 2017

Order of Dead of Night Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Wind Through the Fence 2011
2 Dead of Night 2011
3 Hungry Tales 2012
4 Fall of Night 2014
5 Dark of Night - Flesh and Fire 2016

Order of Deadlands Series

# Read Title Published
1 Ghostwalkers 2015

Order of Joe Ledger Series

# Read Title Published
1 Patient Zero 2009
2 The Dragon Factory 2010
3 The King of Plagues 2011
4 Countdown 2011
5 Joe Ledger (Short Story) 2011
6 Dog Days 2011
7 Assassin's Code 2012
8 Extinction Machine 2013
9 Code Zero 2014
10 Special Ops 2014
11 Predator One 2015
12 Kill Switch 2016
13 Dogs of War 2017

Order of Jonathan Maberry Graphic Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Marvel Zombies Return 2010
2 Black Panther: Power 2010
3 Doomwar 2010
4 DoomWar 2010
5 Captain America: Hail Hydra 2011
6 Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine 2011
7 Bad Blood 2014

Order of Jonathan Maberry Non-Fiction Books

# Read Title Published
1 Vampire Universe 2006
2 The Cryptopedia 2007
3 Zombie CSU 2008
4 THEY BITE! 2009
5 Wanted Undead or Alive 2010

Order of Jonathan Maberry Standalone Novels

Order of Limbus, Inc Series

# Read Title Published
1 Limbus, Inc. 2013
2 Limbus, Inc. 2014
3 Limbus, Inc. - Book III 2016

Order of Marvel Universe Vs. Series

Order of Pine Deep Series

# Read Title Published
1 Ghost Road Blues 2006
2 Dead Man's Song 2007
3 Bad Moon Rising 2008
4 Whistling Past the Graveyard 2016

Order of Rot & Ruin Graphic Novels Series

# Read Title Published
1 Rot & Ruin #1 2014
2 Rot & Ruin #2 2014
3 Rot & Ruin #3 2014
4 Rot & Ruin #4 2014
5 Rot & Ruin Warrior Smart 2015

Order of Sam Hunter Series

# Read Title Published
1 Like Part of the Family 2011
2 Tales from the Fire Zone 2012

Order of SNAFU Series

# Read Title Published
1 Snafu 2014
2 SNAFU 2016

Order of The Nightsiders Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Orphan Army 2015
2 Vault of Shadows 2016

Order of The X-Files: Origins Series

# Read Title Published
1 The X-Files Origins 2017

Order of V-Wars: Chronicles of the Vampire Wars Series

# Read Title Published
1 V-Wars 2012
2 V-Wars Volume 1 2014
3 V-Wars Volume 2 2015
4 V-Wars, Vol. 3 2015


# Read Title Published
1 V-Wars 2014
2 Out of Tune 2014
3 The X-Files 2015
4 Horror Anthology 2015 2015
5 X-Files 2016
6 New Blood 2016
7 Dread 2016
8 Dark of Night 2016
9 Scary Out There 2016
10 Secret Agendas 2016
11 Horror Anthology 2016 2016
12 Nights of the Living Dead Anthology 2017
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Maberry grew up in Kensington and attended Frankford before joining Temple University. Growing up in a harsh environment, he started training martial arts while he was six years old. This played a major role in inspiring his writing career kick which started in 1990. Maberry wrote on different martial arts topics including Ultimate Jujutsu, Judo and You and Ultimate Sparring. This made him recognized in International Martial Arts Hall of Fame later in 2003 and 2004 due to his writing on the topics. He has diverted to write on different genres in order to attract wide readership.

For the past two decades, Jonathan has been lecturing and guiding young writers on correct career choices. He currently resides in Del Mar, California together with his wife.

Jonathan Maberry Awards

Jonathan Maberry has won different awards in his diversified writing career. His first award was in 2003 when he was inducted in the Martial Arts Wall of Fame for his outstanding topics on martial arts. His first novel Ghost Road Blues’ was recognized by Bram Stocker Awards for being the best first novel. Since then he has scooped different Bram Stocker awards from different books and accomplishments. Maberry other awards include Dead Letter Award, Cybils Award, Melinda Awards and Eva Perry Medal.

Jonathan Maberry Books Turned Into Movies/TV

His work was adopted by Javier Marxuach in May 2010 in Department Zero television show. However the television show was later produced by ABC television. There are plans to produce different books to movies from Joe Ledger series.

Best Jonathan Maberry Books

The following is a review of three top novels by Maberry.

Ghost Road Blues: Ghost Road Blues is a Bram Stocker award winning novel under Pine Deep Trilogy.

The novel is based on a horror story featuring the struggle between residents of Pine Deep village and evil ghosts that appears to be everywhere they turn. The evil is believed to have been buried a long time but has now resurfaced. The villagers are marking thirty years since a serial killer caused a mass murder in Pine Deep village. Tourist are flocking the village to enjoy largest Halloween celebration in the country.

A month before Halloween, the ancient evil reappears and is now stronger than before. The villagers cannot hide from the evil since it is everywhere walking in the streets and having different faces. The struggle appears to be hard for the residents of Pine Deep village. Will they manage to reclaim their souls from the evil?

Rot and Ruin: This is the first book under Benny Imura series by Jonathan Maberry released on 2010. The book won Eva Perry Mock Printz medal and Cybils awards.

The science fiction story is based on the life of Benny Imura living in a zombie infested village. Every teenager is required to find a job on turning fifteen but Benny and his friend Chong are unable to find any job. The only option available is to become zombie hunter but Benny does not accept the offer. Chong becomes a hunter and Benny is left at home.

Benny has no option but to try his luck, he asks his elder brother Tom to guide him through. He later realise that zombies deserve respect just like the dead. While villagers continue to hunt for zombies on the spot, Benny and Tom develop a different view on zombies. In the end, Benny and Tom get reunited with their families before zombie infestation era. They are however forced to run away from their parents who have already been infested.

Patient Zero: The urban fantasy novel was released in 2009 and is the first book in Joe Ledger Series.

The main character is Joe Ledger who works as a Baltimore Detective. He has been recently been recruited by the government to help in secret investigation. This is after failure of Homeland Security fails to handle some security issues which expose the country to terror attack. This special group is named Department of Military science.

El Mujahid and his group create a viral disease that transforms people to zombies. Joe Ledger has a hard first assignment in preventing El Mujahid team from releasing the deadly weapon that will completely turn the whole population to zombies. Human life is at risk, will Ledger be able to save the human race from the deadly terror attack.