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Author Kay Hooper writes romance and suspense novels and her novels have reached New York Times bestseller list. Hooper was born in 1958 in the state of California, and after her birth, her family moved to North Carolina where she grew up with her younger brother and sister. Her parents had three kids, of which Kay is the oldest. Once she started college, she found that none of the courses interested her, at least until she started her literature and history courses.

Order of Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Series

1Stealing Shadows 2000Description / Buy
2Hiding in the Shadows 2000Description / Buy
3Out of the Shadows 2000Description / Buy
4Touching Evil 2001Description / Buy
5Whisper of Evil 2002Description / Buy
6Sense of Evil 2003Description / Buy
7Hunting Fear 2004Description / Buy
8Chill of Fear 2005Description / Buy
9Sleeping with Fear 2006Description / Buy
10Blood Dreams 2007Description / Buy
11Blood Sins 2008Description / Buy
12Blood Ties 2010Description / Buy
13Haven 2012Description / Buy
14Hostage 2013Description / Buy
15Haunted 2014Description / Buy
16Fear the Dark 2015Description / Buy
17Wait for Dark 2017Description / Buy
18Hold Back the Dark 2018Description / Buy
19Hidden Salem 2020Description / Buy
20Curse of Salem 2021Description / Buy

Order of Pepper Series

1If There Be Dragons 1984Description / Buy
2Pepper's Way 1986Description / Buy

Order of Hagan Series

1The Fall of Lucas Kendrick 1987Description / Buy
2In Serena's Web 1987Description / Buy
3Rafferty's Wife 1987Description / Buy
4Raven on the Wing 1987Description / Buy
5Zach's Law 1987Description / Buy
6Captain's Paradise 1988Description / Buy
7Outlaw Derek 1988Description / Buy
8Shades of Gray 1988Description / Buy
9Unmasking Kelsey 1988Description / Buy
10Aces High 1989Description / Buy
11It Takes a Thief 1989Description / Buy

Order of Antiquities Hunters Series

1Enemy Mine 1989Description / Buy
2The Haviland Touch 1991Description / Buy

Order of Once Upon A Time... Series

1The Glass Shoe 1989Description / Buy
2Golden Threads 1989Description / Buy
3Through the Looking Glass 1990Description / Buy
4Star-Crossed Lovers 1990Description / Buy
5The Lady and the Lion 1990Description / Buy
6What Dreams May Come 1990Description / Buy
7The Matchmaker 1991Description / Buy

Order of Montana/Trey Fortier Series

1Crime of Passion 1991Description / Buy
2House of Cards 1991Description / Buy

Order of Men Of Mysteries Past Series

1The Touch of Max 1993Description / Buy
2Hunting the Wolfe 1993Description / Buy
3The Trouble with Jared 1993Description / Buy
4All for Quinn 1993Description / Buy

Order of Quinn/Thief Series

1Once a Thief 2002Description / Buy
2Always a Thief 2003Description / Buy

Order of Bishop Files Series

1The First Prophet 2012Description / Buy
2A Deadly Web 2015Description / Buy
3Final Shadows 2018Description / Buy

Order of Kay Hooper Standalone Novels

1Lady Thief 1981Description / Buy
2Return Engagement (As: Kay Robbins) 1982Description / Buy
3Mask of Passion 1982Description / Buy
4Breathless Surrender 1982Description / Buy
5Taken by Storm (As: Kay Robbins) 1983Description / Buy
6On Wings of Magic 1983Description / Buy
7Elusive Dawn (As: Kay Robbins) 1983Description / Buy
8Kissed by Magic (As: Kay Robbins) 1983Description / Buy
9C.J.'s Fate 1984Description / Buy
10Something Different 1984Description / Buy
11Illegal Possession 1985Description / Buy
12Larger Than Life 1986Description / Buy
13Belonging to Taylor (As: Kay Robbins) 1986Description / Buy
14Rebel Waltz 1986Description / Buy
15Time After Time 1986Description / Buy
16Summer of the Unicorn 1988Description / Buy
17The Wizard of Seattle 1993Description / Buy
18The Haunting of Josie 1994Description / Buy
19Amanda 1995Description / Buy
20After Caroline 1996Description / Buy
21Finding Laura 1997Description / Buy
22Haunting Rachel 1998Description / Buy
23Enchanted 2003Description / Buy
24Elusive 2004Description / Buy

Order of Shamrock Trinity Series

1Rafe, the Maverick 1986Description / Buy
2York, the Renegade ( By: Iris Johansen) 1986Description / Buy
3Burke, the Kingpin ( By: Fayrene Preston) 1986Description / Buy

Order of Delaneys Of Killaroo Series

1Sydney, The Temptress ( By: Fayrene Preston) 1987Description / Buy

Order of Delaneys: The Untamed Years Series

1Adelaide, The Enchantress 1987Description / Buy
2Copper Fire ( By: Fayrene Preston) 1988Description / Buy
3Wild Silver ( By: Iris Johansen) 1988Description / Buy
4Golden Flames 1988Description / Buy

Order of Delaneys: The Untamed Years II Series

1Velvet Lightning 1988Description / Buy
2Silken Thunder ( By: Fayrene Preston) 1988Description / Buy

Order of Second Chance at Love Series as Kay Robbins

1Moonlight Rhapsody ( As: Kay Robbins) 1984Description / Buy
2Eye of the Beholder ( As: Kay Robbins) 1985Description / Buy
3On Her Doorstep ( As: Kay Robbins) 1986Description / Buy

Kay Hooper Anthologies

1 Christmas Love Stories1991Description / Buy
2 The Delaney Christmas Carol1992Description / Buy
3 Hearts Of Gold1994Description / Buy
4 My Guardian Angel1995Description / Buy
5 I'd Kill For That2004Description / Buy
6 Gifts of Love2006Description / Buy
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It was here that she concentrated on her writing (which she had been interested in doing for a long time). That Christmas she got a typewriter and began work on her first novel (that was later published as “Lady Thief”, a Regency romance novel) that she was able to sell to a publisher in 1980. Her mother was her first personal assistant until she died in the year 2002, and her sister works for her as regional publicist, events coordinator, and business manager. She still lives in the state of North Carolina and fosters kittens and cats for the local pet rescue center that she also serves on the board for. Her house keeps her close to her brother, sister, and father. Hooper lives with some dogs and her cats.

Kay Hooper is a prolific author, having written over sixty novels, mainly novels that are part of a series. She has written “The Once Upon a Time” series, “The Men of Mysteries Past” series, the “Quinn” series, “The Hagen” series, and “Special Crimes Unit/The Bishop” series. Hooper has also written some stand alone novels and some novellas.


She has won quite a few awards. Some of the awards she has won include: B. Dalton Award, Bookrak Award, Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence, Reviewer’s International Organization, Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award, and Best Mystery/Suspense.


Here are some books that were written by Kay Hooper to check out, if you would like to get into reading her work.

Out of the Shadows: Book three in the “Bishop/ Special Crimes Unit” series, that comes from the “Shadow” trilogy part of the series. A nice town in Tennessee has become a killing field for a monster. Two bodies that were tortured before death are found, while a third person has gone missing. The little evidence that is left behind is baffling. The Sheriff in the town, Miranda Knight decides to enlist Noah Bishop, an FBI profiler to help solve the case, which is something that she swore that she would never do. This is as a result of something that happened years ago to Miranda and her sister by Noah. Catching the killer is going to be vital to Miranda, not to mention personal, as the killer has targeted a member of Miranda’s family to get to her.

Touching Evil: Book four in the “Bishop/ Special Crimes Unit” series, that comes from the “Evil” trilogy part of the series. Maggie Barnes is a police sketch artist in Seattle, and has a gift. She can listen to the crime victims tell their stories and draw a precise, detailed sketch that is quite accurate. Some believe that she enters the minds of the victim (with the use of telepathy). Maggie knows how she does it, but does not tell anyone her techniques. At the same time, a madman is going around blinding women after abducting them. Once he is done with them, they are left barely alive. The cops have one hope left in the case, a victim that is still alive and may recover her vision. Maggie is linked to the killer, but has not told anyone how.

Whisper of Evil: Book five in the “Bishop/ Special Crimes Unit” series, that comes from the “Evil” trilogy part of the series. A killer is on the loose and has already killed three people. The victims are upstanding members of the community in the town of Silence. Each man also harbored a dark secret that was only discovered after they were killed. Nell Gallagher returns after over a decade away with some secrets of her own. She must risk life and limb, not to mention sanity to use her skills as a psychic to help catch this killer. There is also a man that she would like to regain the trust of, after she left him all those years ago.

When Does The Next Kay Hooper book come out?

Kay Hooper doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Curse of Salem and was released on April, 13th 2021. It is the newest book in the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Series.


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