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Robert Galbraith is a pseudonym that is used by the famous British fantasy novelist known as J.K.Rowling. J.K. Rowling is the author of the famous Harry Potter fantasy novel series. Rowling is also a film producer and screenwriter of note. Joanne “Jo” Rowlings was born on 31 July 1965 in Yate, Gloucestershire. She is currently the bestselling author in the United Kingdom.

Robert Galbraith writes mainly in the crime fiction genre. Robert Galbraith has been writing for at least three years and is famously known for “The Cormoran Strike book series.

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Order of Cormoran Strike Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Cuckoo's Calling 2013 Description / Buy
2 The Silkworm 2014 Description / Buy
3 Career of Evil 2015 Description / Buy
4 Lethal White 2018 Description / Buy
5 Troubled Blood 2020 Description / Buy
6 The Ink Black Heart 2022 Description / Buy
7 The Running Grave 2023 Description / Buy
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Rowling had create a background for Galbraith that involved him being a member of the Royal Military Police who had left the service in 2003 and had moved into the private security sector. This ‘ruse’ lasted around two months before the guise of Robert Galbraith was blown by Richard Brooks, the arts editor from The Sunday Times, who sent samples of Galbraith’s work and Rowling’s work to be linguistically analysed. When confirmation came back that both styles of writing were similar, Brooks blew Rowling’s cover and sales of Galbraith’s ‘debut’ novel rose dramatically.

The first book to be written by JK Rowling under the pen name Robert Galbraith was The Cuckoo’s Calling, which also featured the debut of Cormoran Strike, a private investigator. In The Cuckoo’s Calling, Cormoran Strike is hired by the brother of a well-known supermodel who had died three months prior to the events in the book in what was ruled a suicide. Strike must investigate the death to determine whether his client’s sister was murdered, or if it was, as first ruled, a suicide.

The third book to be released in the Cormoran Strike series is called Career of Evil, and it was released on October 22nd, 2015 after what Rowling herself called “an insane amount of planning”. Galbraith confirmed that the book’s title, Career of Evil, was taken from the title of a song by the band Blue Oyster Cult. The book itself has Cormoran Strike receive a severed leg through the post and he must find out from whom and from where the leg came from, while also trying to work out his own private life. As with the previous two books in the Cormoran Strike series, the book also deals with the relationship he has with his assistant, Robin Ellacot, as well as Robin’s own relationship with her boyfriend.

JK Rowling revealed that the inspiration for the pen name Robert Galbraith came from two sources. The forename came from Robert F Kennedy, a man who Rowling has called a personal hero of hers, and also because she had never used the name Robert in any of her previous works. The surname of Galbraith has more fictional roots, as it was the surname Rowling had wanted as a child – she wanted to be called Ella Galbraith. She put those two together to come up with the pen name Robert Galbraith.


As Robert Galbraith, the author has not won any personal awards yet. However, in 2016, Career of Evil, the third installment of the popular Cormoran Strike series, has been selected by Theakston. The novel is among six other book titles that are running for the Old Peculier crime novel of the year.

In the category of the Best Mystery Novel, Career of Evil won the Best Audiobook Award in 2016.


Currently, none of the books by Robert Galbraith have been turned into movies or series for the silver screen. However, the author is collaborating with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to turn the Cormoran Strike book series into a television series. The plot and storyline in the detective novel series seem to be better suited for adaptation on television rather than movies.


Three of the most appreciate books by Robert Galbraith in the Cormoran Strike book series include:

The Cuckoo’s Calling, Volume 1: This is the first novel in the Cormoran Strike crime fiction novel series. It is here that Galbraith introduces readers to the lead character, Cormoran Strike, a private investigator and his assistant, Robin Ellacott. The novel’s setting is in London England.

The plot in The Cuckoo’s Calling revolves around the investigations into the mysterious death of Lula Landry, a supermodel. As Strike and his assistant investigate the circumstances surrounding the supermodel’s death, the models dark, hidden past and details about her private life begin to surface.

The Cuckoo’s Calling has been written by Robert Galbraith in two engaging installments, volume 1 and 2.

The Silkworm: The Silkworm is the second installment in the Cormoran Strike novel series. The novels center on the central character, Cormoran Strike, a private investigator and his able assistant, Robin Ellacott. The novel centers on the duo’s investigative efforts and crime solving pursuits in the city of London, England.

Owen Quine’s wife calls the detective when her husband, a novelist, suddenly goes missing. Apparently, the novelist had the habit of disappearing and turning up after a few days. When his wife realizes that this is not the case, she engages the services of Strike. Quine’s wife wants the detective to locate the novelist and return him home.

As the investigation progresses, it becomes apparent that there is more to the novelist’s disappearance. A compilation of poison pen portraits had just been completed by Owen Quine, prior to his disappearance. The implicating portraits were based on everyone that the novelist knew. In the event that the novelist’s works are published, then many lives will be destroyed. Consequently, there are many motivated parties who would want the novelist to be silenced.

The novelist is later discovered murdered under brutal circumstances, previously unseen by the investigator. What follows is a race against the clock as Cormoran Strike tries to solve the brutal murder and understand the motivation behind it.

Career of Evil: The third installment in the popular Cormoran Strike novel series by Robert Galbraith is Career of Evil. Cormoran’s assistant, Robin Ellacott is mortified when she receives a mysterious package that contains a severed lower limb belonging to a female. Surprisingly, her boss, Cormoran Strike remains calm and collected as he suspects that there are only four people who could be responsible for sending the horrific package. He suspects that one of them is the culprit.

As the police focus their investigations on one particular suspect who Strike feels is not responsible, they decide to investigate further. The investigations lead Cormoran Strike and his assistant into a twisted journey into dark worlds of the remaining three suspects. As the investigator and his assistant try to get to the bottom of the matter, it seems that time is not on their side. As their investigations proceed, there are more grisly acts being committed by the unknown perpetrator.

Robert Galbraith Q&A

Q: Is Robert Galbraith a real person?

A: No. Well, actually, to be clearer, there are many Robert Galbraiths out there, all of whom are very real, but this Robert Galbraith is the pen name of the author JK Rowling.
Q: What is the title of Robert Galbraith’s first book?

A: The first book that Robert Galbraith wrote was called The Cuckoo’s Calling, which was also the first book to feature private investigator Cormoran Strike.

When Does The Next Robert Galbraith book come out?

Robert Galbraith doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Running Grave and was released on September, 26th 2023. It is the newest book in the Cormoran Strike Series.

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