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Sharon Lee is the name of a Maryland-born American scribbler. Lee, who was born in September 1952, is a sexagenarian. Her birth name is Sharon Lee Backof and she schooled at Parkville Senior High School and at the University of Maryland. Lee is currently domiciled in Maine; her love for the place is seen in some of her books which are set in the backdrop of Maine. Sharon Lee was influenced by various including Ray Bradbury, Christopher Stasheff, and Georgette Heyer. She has worked as a secretary, copy writer and editor, photojournalist, and book reviewer among other occupations.

Order of Liaden Universe Series

# Read Title Published
1 Conflict of Honors 1988
2 Agent of Change 1988
3 Carpe Diem 1989
4 Plan B 1999
5 Pilots Choice 2000
6 Partners In Necessity 2000
7 I Dare 2002
8 Local Custom 2002
9 Scout's Progress 2002
10 Balance of Trade 2004
11 Crystal Soldier 2005
12 Calamity's Child 2006
13 Crystal Dragon 2006
14 Fledgling 2009
15 The Dragon Variation 2010
16 Saltation 2010
17 The Cat's Job 2010
18 Mouse and Dragon 2010
19 The Agent Gambit 2011
20 Ghost Ship 2011
21 Korval's Game 2011
22 Dragon Ship 2012
23 Trade Secret 2012
24 Necessity's Child 2012
25 Dragon in Exile 2015
26 Alliance of Equals 2016
27 The Gathering Edge 2017

Order of Adventures in the Liaden Universe Series

# Read Title Published
1 Two Tales of Korval 2011
2 Skyblaze 2011
3 Halfling Moon 2011
4 Misfits 2011
5 With Stars Underfoot 2011
6 Fellow Travelers 2011
7 Eidolon 2011
8 Duty Bound 2011
9 Shadows and Shades 2011
10 Dragon Tide 2011
11 Certain Symmetry 2011
12 Changeling 2011
13 Quiet Knives 2011
14 Loose Cannon 2011
15 Trading in Futures 2011
16 Courier Run 2011
17 Allies 2011
18 Necessary Evils 2011
19 Legacy Systems 2012
20 Moon's Honor 2013
21 Technical Details 2013
22 Sleeping with the Enemy 2016

Order of Liaden Universe - Collection Series

Order of Jennifer Pierce Maine Mystery Series

# Read Title Published
1 Barnburner 2002
2 Gunshy 2006

Order of Duainfey Series

# Read Title Published
1 Duainfey 2008
2 Longeye 2009

Order of Archers Beach Series

# Read Title Published
1 Carousel Tides 2010
2 Surfside 2013
3 Carousel Sun 2014
4 Carousel Seas 2014
5 The Gift of Magic 2015
6 Spell Bound 2016

Order of Sharon Lee Short Story Collections Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Naming of Kinzel 1987
2 Master Walk 2003
3 Double Vision 2009
4 Variations Three 2011
5 Quiet Magic 2011
6 Endeavors of Will 2011

Order of Beneath Strange Skies Series

# Read Title Published
1 Sword of Orion 2005

Order of Gem Ser'Edreth Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Tomorrow Log 2003

Order of Sharon Lee Short Stories

Order of Sharon Lee Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 The Litter Critter 2011

Order of Sharon Lee Non-Fiction Books

# Read Title Published
1 Writing Neep 2012


# Read Title Published
1 Low Port 2004
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Sharon Lee is most notably renowned for co-authoring the Liaden Universe series, alongside her husband and fellow writer Steve Miller. Lee, who is a self-declared introvert, debuted in 1980. Lee’s debut book is titled A Matter of Ceremony. Her niche is especially romance, science fiction (specifically, space opera), and contemporary fantasy genres.

Sharon Lee Awards

Sharon Lee and her co-author Steve Miller have clinched several awards over the years, especially between 2002 and 2012. For instance, in 2011, author Lee was nominated for the Goodreads Choice Awards, in the Best Science Fiction category, by virtue of her book titled Ghost Ship; the said novel is the third and fifteenth book in the Theo Watley series and Laiden Universe series, respectively.

In 2012, the duo clinched the Edward E. Smith Memorial Award, which is alternatively know as the Skylark. While presenting the award, New England Science Fiction Association opined that both Sharon Lee and Steve Miller won the award by virtue of their commendable contribution to the science fiction genre in the style of the late novelist Edward Elmer Smith, whom the award is named after.

In 2011, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s 2009 book called Fledgling, which is the first and twelfth in the Theo Watley and Laiden Universe series, was among the finalists for The Hal Clemency Award, in the Best Young Adult Science Fiction category. In 2006, Lee together with husband were invited by the COsine to be their author honorable guests. In 2005, the duo clinched The Hal Clement Award in the category of Best Young Adult Science Fiction; this was because of their 2004 book titled Balance of Trade.

Lee and Miller’s 2006 book titled Scout’s Progress won The Prism Award, in the Romance Futuristic category. Romance Writers of America, proffered the award, hailed the book as the best romantic novel of the year 2002. Moreover, the same organization also stated that Lee and Miller’s 2005 book called Local Custom was in the second position. Furthermore, in 2002, Scout’s Progress also clinched an award in the Best Science Fiction category of the Reviewers’ Choice Award, patronized by RomanticTimes Book Club. What’s more, Lee has appeared as a (special) guest of honor many times between 1999 and 2012.

Best Sharon Lee Books

Sharon Lee has either authored or co-authored many books but these are the best of her literary works, based on clinching literary awards.

Balance of Trade: This was initially published in 2004 and is the third book in the Liaden Universe series. Hereby, protagonist Jethri Gobelyn is a lowly rated worker in a merchant starship wherein the master is unapologetic; what’s more he is caught up in the highly politicized Liaden Universe and a likely scam.

Local Custom: The second one is called Local Custom; it was originally published in 2002 and is the fifth in the Liaden Universe series. This is all about an interstellar romantic affair wherein the protagonist-cum-trader, Er Thom, wants a worthwhile bride in exchange of an heir, but there is much at stake including a looming interstellar war.

Scout’s Progress: The third is the one titled Scout’s Progress; also published in 2002 and is the sixth in the Liaden Universe series. Mathematician Aelliana Caylon, who has an unappreciative brother, has been betrothed to a suitor against her will; as such, it is a godsend when she wins a starship and she is angling to leave behind her damnable brother and the forced marriage.

Other Book Series You May Like

Bibliophiles who loved Sharon Lee’s bibliography were also impressed by the following related series of books. The first one is called the “Confederation” series authored by Tanya Huff; this science fiction series has a military setting and features protagonist Torin Kerr, an army staff sergeant.

The second attention-grabbing series is “Familias Regnant” series penned by Elizabeth Moon. The title denotes a galactic government in the not too distant future. The third series is titled “Project Enterprise” and is penned by Pauline Baird Jones; it revolves around exploits of astronauts, ranging from warfare to wife-searching aliens.