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Stuart M. Kaminsky was born on September 29, 1934. He was a film professor and an American mystery writer who wrote more than 50 novels. Kaminsky is popularly known for the long-running mystery series, which feature the protagonist, Toby Peters who is a police detective. Other popular protagonists created by the author include Inspector Petrovich who is a police inspector and Abe Lieberman who is a veteran Chicago police officer. Kaminsky was born and raised in Chicago. While in Chicago, Stuart earned a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Ph.D., which was awarded to him by the Northwestern University.

Order of Toby Peters Series

Order of Kolchak The Night Stalker Series

Order of Abe Lieberman Series

Order of Porfiry Rostnikov Series

Order of Lew Fonesca Series

# Read Title Published
1 Vengeance 1999
2 Retribution 1999
3 Midnight Pass 2003
4 Denial 2005
5 Always Say Goodbye 2006
6 Bright Futures 2009
7 Double Shot 2010

Order of CSI: New York Series

# Read Title Published
1 Dead of Winter 2005
2 Blood on the Sun 2006
3 Deluge 2007

Order of The Rockford Files Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Green Bottle 1996
2 Devil on My Doorstep 1998

Order of Stuart M Kaminsky Short Story Collections

# Read Title Published
1 Opening Shots 1991
2 Hidden and Other Stories 1999

Order of Stuart M Kaminsky Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 When the Dark Man Calls 1983
2 Exercise in Terror 1985
3 The Final Toast 2008
4 Books 2008

Order of Stuart M Kaminsky Non-Fiction Books


# Read Title Published
1 Mystery in the Sunshine State 1999
2 Show Business Is Murder 2004
3 On a Raven's Wing 2009
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Stuart’s very first novel is Bullet for a Star, which was the debut novel in the Toby Peters mystery series. The author then went on to pen down more than 60 novels together with several non-fiction works and story collections. Apart from being one of the most-successful writers in the United States, Stuart’s work has also been an inspiration to many authors like Sara Paretsky, who has even dedicated her very first novel to the author.

Stuart M. Kaminsky Awards

A Cold Red Sunrise, one of the novels in the Inspector Rostnikov series was nominated for an Edgar award in the year 1976. Later on, Stuart received six more nominations. In the year 2005, the novel Behind the Mystery was nominated for a Macavity Award, Agatha Award, and an Anthony Award. In the year 2006, Stuart was awarded with a grand master award, which was given to him by the Mystery Writers of America.

Stuart M. Kaminsky Books into Movies

None of the books authored by Kaminsky has been adapted for a screenplay.

Best Stuart Kaminsky Books

The Porfiry Rostiknov book series is one of the best performing series by the author.

The Death of a Dissident: The first installment in this series and this time around the author has decided to challenge himself by penning down a police procedural novel. However, unlike the 87th Precinct novels by Ed McBain’s this novel has been set in Moscow. In this installment, the author introduces the reader to one Porfiry Rostiknov, a wounded world war two veteran who retired from the Army after he got a leg injury. Ever since he retired from the army, he became a weight lifter and participated in various amateur competitions.

It does not take long before a prominent dissident is killed inside his apartment, two days before attending his trial. Immediately after his body is found, a suspect is quickly identified and taken into police custody. Since a suspect has been found, the police boss states that the police is not going to conduct any further investigation. However, after another murder is committed shortly after the first one, Rostiknov is able to identify a pattern and similarities in the killings. Thus, he decides to conduct his very own investigation and ends up walking a dangerous line. His mission is to stop the serial killer without necessarily upsetting the political cartels. With that being said, this is an excellent read that you are going to enjoy.

Black Knight in Red Square: The second book in the Porfiry Rostiknov book series. Just like the first book, this installment features the protagonist Porfiry Rostiknov, a police detective who is fighting against terrorism. The book begins, as the Moscow Film Festival is underway. As the festival was underway, it is discovered that an unknown person had just poisoned two foreigners and two Russians who had booked a nearby hotel. Rostiknov’s bosses hand over the case to Rostiknov and his team of detectives. However, he is told that the investigation should be done quietly and they should attract the attention of the media. While conducting the case, Rostiknov begins to suspect that his bosses were expecting him to fail.

The main reason why they were not afraid if Rostiknov’s case was not successful is that, just like any other junior detective, Rostiknov was expandable. Thus, he begins to look for a way that he could migrate to the West together with his wife. During the investigation, one of his assistants, a dangerous looking assassin, Communist Carpo is going to have an encounter with an enemy who is not only his equal concerning shrewdness but also has a single-minded devotion to a specific cause. With that said, this is a fast-paced story, which features well-developed characters and an exceedingly solid storyline.