Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Books

The Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Series is the work of Anne Perry. An Edgar Award Winning English novelist, Perry began the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series in 1979. The novels were considered unique at the time because they were mystery and thriller novels set in Victorian London.

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Thomas Pitt, the protagonist of the series, is a police inspector at the start. More importantly, he has a working-class background, with his father having been a gamekeeper of a landed estate. Thomas chose to go into law enforcement when his father was sent to Australia after being wrongly accused of Poaching.

Pitt’s wife, Charlotte, has an upper-class background, with her sister’s first husband having been a viscount, and her second husband a rising politician. While Thomas is the sleuth in their small family, the books are categorized under the name “The Charlotte and Pitt Series” because Charlotte plays a crucial role in Thomas’ work.

Charlotte routinely interferes in Thomas’ work, using her name to grant Thomas the sort of access to people and information that would, otherwise, remain beyond his reach.

The first novel in the series was published in 1979. The Cater Street Hangman introduced the setting of London in 1881. It also introduced Charlotte as an unconventional lady who sought to use her sister’s contacts to get her husband the information he needs to reveal the truth behind the murders of several young women within the vicinity of the wealthy Ellison Family Home.

Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Awards

Anne Perry has won a number of accolades for her work over the decades. She has also been recognized for her contributions to the genre of mystery and detective novels, this manifesting in the Edgar Award, Macavity Award, and Agatha Award nominations she got for Best Novel in 1997, 2001 and 2008 for Pentecost Alley, Half-moon Street and Buckingham Palace Gardens, respectively.

Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Books into Movies

The Cater Street Hangman was the first book in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series. A made-for-television adaption of the book was produced in 1998 by Ardent Productions, eventually broadcast on ITV (Britain) and A&E (United States). The movie wasn’t a completely loyal adaptation, changing the ending and focusing on seamy motives.

Best Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Books

Before Anne Perry made headlines for her murder conviction, readers came to love the books she had written in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series, the most prominent including the following:

Half Moon Street: Even with his experience, Pitt isn’t prepared for the sight that awaits him in the Thames, that of a man riding the morning tide, his arms and legs chained to a boat and flowers strewn all over his body.

Pitt begins working to uncover his identity, the search dragging him through the underbelly of London’s theater scene and the new art of photography.

Half Moon Street is a mystery novel that doesn’t spend nearly enough time emphasizing the mystery and the murder at its heart. Instead, Anne Perry takes the time to delve into the intricacies of society, and the perceptions of morality and life, only rarely returning to the murder itself and Thomas Pitt’s search for the victim’s identity and his murderer. This is one of Anne Perry’s wordier books.

Murder on the Serpentine: The Prince of Wales will soon inherit everything Queen Victoria has worked to build and maintain. For that reason, Queen Victoria is determined to ensure that the Prince is above reproach.

Thomas is told that the Queen tasked her confidante John Halberd with investigating the Prince’s friends. The wealthy playboy Alan Kendrick was of particular concern. Halberd was murdered before he could report back on his findings. While the death was ruled an accident, Thomas Pitt is assigned to find out the truth, working alone to maneuver the sensitive investigation.

While this book explores some aspects of the murder of Halberd and even the prince’s goings-on, Anne Perry spends the majority of the novel unveiling Thomas’ thoughts about life in Victorian London and the nature of his lower-class upbringing.

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