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The Danny Black series is an action-packed thrill ride from celebrated Military Fiction Author Chris Ryan. Chris Ryan was born Colin Armstrong in 1961. Though, most people do not even realize that Chris Ryan is actually Colin’s pseudonym.

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Order of Danny Black Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Masters of War ( By: Chris Ryan) 2013 Description / Buy
2 Hunter-Killer ( By: Chris Ryan) 2014 Description / Buy
3 Murder Team ( By: Chris Ryan) 2015 Description / Buy
4 Hellfire ( By: Chris Ryan) 2015 Description / Buy
5 Bad Soldier ( By: Chris Ryan) 2016 Description / Buy
6 Warlord ( By: Chris Ryan) 2017 Description / Buy
7 Head Hunters ( By: Chris Ryan) 2018 Description / Buy
8 Black Ops ( By: Chris Ryan) 2019 Description / Buy
9 Zero 22 (By: Chris Ryan) 2021 Description / Buy
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The author’s fame is primarily imputed to his Military Fiction novels. Ryan is better placed than most to write about the military because he was a British Special Forces Operative.

The author’s biggest achievement during the First Gulf War was being the only member of his team to escape capture or death during the Bravo Two Zero mission.

The Danny Black series, which began in 2013, bears all the Hallmarks of a Chris Ryan Novel. Danny Black, the protagonist of the story, is an SAS trooper with a very specific set of skills.

Danny is always working for one of the several agencies operating within the British Government, assigned to take on some of the world’s most deadly foes. As a member of the SAS, Danny is a force to be reckoned with. Like every Chris Ryan protagonist, Danny is a cut above the rest and eventually proves to be the one person you would want in your corner if you were ever in danger.

The Danny Black series is quite violent. But that is nothing new for a Chris Ryan novel. Though, fans of the author might be surprised by all the humor infused into the different stories.

Ryan drops the ball when it comes to building his supporting cast. Almost every notable character in the Danny Black books is just another forgettable member of Danny’s crew, one that contributes to the various assignments but does very little to stand out.

Masters of War, the first book in the series, finds Danny Black looking forward to bringing his grueling tour an end, only to be enlisted for a mission that will see him march into the Heart of the Syrian Conflict.

Best Danny Black Books

With all the military fiction he has written, you would think that his readers would have grown tired of Chris Ryan’s particular brand of storytelling; however, there is plenty of enthusiasm for the author’s literary efforts, with some of the best books in the Danny Black series including:

Masters of War: The Syrian war is growing to encompass the rest of the world. As the Syrian government turns its guns against its own people, everyone is forced to take sides. The Russians are determined to keep the Syrian government in place. The French, on the other hand, have their hand firmly at the back of one rebel faction; unfortunately, it isn’t the same faction the British are backing.

Danny Black is an SAS Trooper that doesn’t care much for the Syrian war or what it might have to do with an elderly man who was assassinated in Paris. Danny just wants to bring his tour of duty to a modest end.

But then he is tasked with getting an MI6 agent into the heart of the Syrian Rebellion. Danny’s mission opens his eyes to the true nature of conflict in the world and those masters of war that control everything.

This Chris Ryan novel is not only riveting but very topical as it takes readers into the center of the Syrian conflict. Danny Black is an ex-SAS Operative with a notable understanding of the Syrian landscape. He first encountered the nation during the First Gulf War and came to appreciate all the dangers it posed.

When Danny is sent into Syria on a complicated mission, he begins to understand the workings of the politicians and high-ranking officials that basically fuel war, and who are responsible for sending men and women to their deaths on the battlefield.

Danny Black is a man whose difficult past drove him to become a hero. Danny tries to manifest those heroic tendencies here.

Hunter-Killer: A terrorist attack leaves Central London wounded and afraid. MI5, MI6 and the CIA create an assassination squad tasked with finding and killing the terrorist cell responsible. Danny Black is one part of this squad.

This book is a little darker than the first as it finds Danny Black essentially carrying out off the books assassinations. However, it isn’t long before Danny realizes that his team has become the target of an unknown predator.

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What Is The Next Book in The Danny Black Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Danny Black Series. The newest book is Zero 22 and was released on May, 25th 2021.


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