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The name David Sloane refers to a series of novels written by Robert Dugoni. The books are legal thrillers that revolve around a highly intelligent attorney by the names of David Sloane.

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Order of David Sloane Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Jury Master ( By: Robert Dugoni) 2006 Description / Buy
2 Wrongful Death (By: Robert Dugoni) 2009 Description / Buy
3 Bodily Harm ( By: Robert Dugoni) 2010 Description / Buy
4 Murder One ( By: Robert Dugoni) 2011 Description / Buy
5 The Conviction ( By: Robert Dugoni) 2012 Description / Buy
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David Sloane is the best wrongful death attorney available in San Francisco. And David is only as good as he is because he is a workaholic. David’s work is his life. He has no family and no other meaningful personal attachment. The attorney’s solitary life is the result of his troubled childhood, which he cannot remember.

By the time the events of The Jury Master, the first book in the David Sloane series, roll around, David Sloane is still under the impression that his parents died in a car accident when he was an infant. That is the story he has been told all his life and that is the story he has more or less believed.

Having spent his childhood jumping from one foster home to another, David couldn’t wait to get his independence and immediately joined the Marines when the opportunity arose. Life after the military treated him better than most and he made a lot of money from property management. However, the first book in the series reveals that David’s success hasn’t brought him much joy. He still suffers from recurring nightmares that he believes might be flashes of his memories resurfacing.

The David Sloane series charts David’s attempts to get his life together and to bring a little justice back into his community along the way. As a wrongful death lawyer, David believes that he is spending his life righting wrongs. When people die under unacceptable circumstances, their loved ones come to David so that he can make the right people pay.

David is no slouch and the cases he takes are practically impossible to crack, primarily because of the power and money behind his targets. However, David always comes out on top because he knows how to use the courts of law to make even the most stubborn parties and entities bend.

David’s work is dangerous. Because of his penchant for going after wealthy men and large firms and even governments, David’s life is constantly under threat. As a former military man with connections in the right places, David is usually able to weather the wrath of his enemies, though the toll it takes on his loved ones is usually considerable.

The David Sloane books are described as legal thrillers. However, the stories Robert Dugoni tells rarely utilize the courtroom. Instead, readers follow David as he rushes about collecting leads, interrogating suspects and dodging assassins.

David Sloane Awards

Robert Dugoni has been hailed as the successor to John Grisham’s throne because of his David Sloane novels. He has also won a few accolades for his work, this including being nominated for a Harper Lee Award and having his David Sloane books appear on the List of Top Five Thrillers of the Year from the Los Angeles Times and Library Journal.

Best David Sloane Books

David Sloane is a unique sort of lawyer, intelligent and competent but also capable of protecting himself from physical harm, with some of the best books in the Sloane series including:

The Jury Master: David Sloane might be the best Wrongful Death Attorney in San Francisco, but he is also a workaholic. David suffers from nightmares, the result of his troubled childhood and, having no family, the only thing he can look to for solace is his work.

When the friend of the president dies, a local cop doesn’t believe the suicide story and he defies the Department of Justice’s orders to close the case. When David receives a package and a mysterious phone call, he is drawn into a dangerous conspiracy.

Bodily Harm: David Sloan and his partner are on top of the world when they win a malpractice suit involving a pediatrician and a dead child. David doesn’t get to celebrate for long before someone else, a toy designer, comes forward and confesses to being responsible for the child’s murder.

David wouldn’t have believed the toy designer if the man hadn’t suddenly vanished and his apartment been ransacked. Rather than putting his victory to bed, David decides to reopen the file and to look at the evidence once again, certain that so much more is going on.

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What Is The Next Book in The David Sloane Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The David Sloane Series. The newest book is The Conviction and was released on June, 12th 2012.


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