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Deathstalker is a series of science fiction novels written by Simon R. Green. The British author was apparently inspired to write the series after watching Casablanca and Star Wars. The books are parodies of space operas from the 1950s and they tend to take a number of common science fiction tropes and push them to the extreme.

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Order of Deathstalker Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Deathstalker ( By: Simon R. Green) 1994 Description / Buy
2 Deathstalker Rebellion ( By: Simon R. Green) 1996 Description / Buy
3 Deathstalker War ( By: Simon R. Green) 1997 Description / Buy
4 Deathstalker Honor ( By: Simon R. Green) 1998 Description / Buy
5 Deathstalker Destiny ( By: Simon R. Green) 1999 Description / Buy
6 Deathstalker Legacy (By: Simon R. Green) 2002 Description / Buy
7 Deathstalker Return (By: Simon R. Green) 2004 Description / Buy
8 Deathstalker Coda (By: Simon R. Green) 2005 Description / Buy
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The Deathstalker series takes place in the far-flung future of a fictional universe where humanity has taken to the stars and established a powerful empire consumed by its own cruelty and decadence.

Under the rule of a psychotic Empress, the human race has gone about conquering and either oppressing or annihilating every alien race it encounters all in the name of protecting its people from external threats.

The Empress, the so-called Iron Bitch, is able to maintain her control over the vast human Empire by playing the different groups inside and outside the Empire’s borders against one another. The resulting instability prevents any one party from galvanizing its resources and growing strong enough to challenge her.

However, the Empress has never felt more threatened, not when she is ruling in a universe rife with clones and espers, special individuals with powerful psychic abilities. She works hard to regulate any force that has the potential to undermine her rule, this including espers and clones.

Her efforts haven’t stopped rebellions from popping up, though she brutally squashes them almost as quickly as they emerge. A far more worrisome threat is a collective of AIs that were formerly subservient to the humans but who eventually gained their freedom and determined to destroy their old masters.

This threat pales in comparison to the alien horde rising from the dark corners of the Universe, hell bent on bringing everything in its path to ruin. Fighting all these threats and more becomes especially problematic when Owen Deathstalker emerges, a powerful figure that unites the clones and the espers in their efforts to fight for their rights in the Human Empire.

There are two episodes in the Deathstalker series of novels. The first episode, which consists of five books follows Owen Deathstalker’s story. The second episode takes place centuries in the future and focuses on a character by the name of Lewis Deathstalker.

Regardless of whether you are reading the two primary episodes or exploring Simon R. Green’s other novels set in the same universe, the Deathstalker series is primarily the story of the Deathstalker family. Each book is designed to look at the life of a different member of the Deathstalkers and the role they play in bringing peace to the universe.

Deathstalker Awards

Simon R. Green has earned nominations for the Kurd Lasswitz Prize for his Deathstalker novels.

Best Deathstalker Books

The Deathstalker books are a strange amalgam of science fiction and fantasy stories that are as whimsical as they are serious, with some of the best stories in the Deathstalker series including:

Deathstalker Return: There was a time when the name Lewis Deathstalker was hailed in the Empire. But that was back when he was Imperial Champion. He gave up his status and every benefit it brought him when he chose to act on his feelings for Jesmine Flowers.

Falling in Love with the King’s Intended had the results Lewis expected, and it wasn’t long before he was declared a traitor and forced to leave his life behind, taking up with the likes of a con man, an immoral gladiator, and an alien reptile.

Even though the Empire has turned against him, Lewis is still fighting for it, which is why he is determined to find and stop Finn Durandal who is a real traitor to his people. Lewis’ mission takes a backseat when he learns that an impending threat is on the horizon and only Owen Deathstalker, a man that lived two hundred years ago, can stop it.

Deathstalker Coda: Hazel d’Ark loved Owen Deathstalker so deeply that she gave herself over to the Madness Maze when she lost him. When she emerges, Hazel has been changed into a fiend with the power to destroy galaxies and only Owen can stop her, having come back from the Maze with a new power.

While Owen fights his own battles, Lewis focuses on taking control of the Imperial Fleet and stopping Finn Durandal.

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What Is The Next Book in The Deathstalker Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Deathstalker Series. The newest book is Deathstalker Coda and was released on February, 1st 2005.

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