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Empire of Man is a set of sci-fi novels by an American author of alternate history, science fiction & fantasy books David Weber in collaboration with John Ringo. The series combines the element of military sci-fi and space opera.

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Order of Empire Of Man Series By: David Weber, John Ringo

# Read Title Published Details
1 March Upcountry (By: John Ringo, David Weber) 2001 Description / Buy
2 March to the Sea (By: John Ringo, David Weber) 2001 Description / Buy
3 March to the Stars (By: John Ringo, David Weber) 2002 Description / Buy
4 We Few (By: John Ringo, David Weber) 2004 Description / Buy
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Empire of Man series is centered on Prince named Roger and his guard, the Royal Marines from the Bronze Battalion as they the bellicose an alien planet where they have been stranded. The prince is a spoiled son of the sovereign of the biggest government in the galaxy- Empire of Man. Prince Roger is the third in line to the throne and is described at the beginning of the series as a handsome but useless fool. Some part of this description is due to the character he owes to the status and acts of his father.

John Ringo began the publication of Empire of Man series in 2001 when March Upcountry, the first book in the series was published. Both David Weber and John Ringo have stated that they plan on writing more sequels of Empire of Man books. Ringo revealed that three more novels had been contracted.


These are two best books in Empire of Man series by John Ringo and David Weber, March Upcountry and March to the Stars.

Match Upcountry: The first book in Empire of Man series introduces us to a character named Prince Roger. He is the third to the throne of Empire of Man. All his life, the young man has been pampered with all sorts of goodies but also isolated from power and is never allowed to take part in any political activities and has never been told why his beloved father was banished.

As a result, the young prince has grown up aggrieved and full of self-doubt which he masks out with lots of acting and intense arrogance. In other words, he is a jerk and has been nearly damaged for any reasonable use. As the third in the line, Prince Roger’s existence is much important to both the Empire of Man and those wishing to bring it down and thus he is protected by a professionally trained squad of Royal Marines.

As the book opens, we find Roger sent by his mother on a trip to a distant planet to attend an event. Along the way, the prince’s ship is sabotaged in an assassination attempt. The ship is forced to land far from their intended course on a deserted planet, and the Empire of Man thinks that the prince has been killed. The spaceport now in the enemy hands in on the other side of the planet from where they crash-landed- and thus they must trek to find the spaceport.

The first book in Empire of Man series a great work of science fiction. Most of the story focuses on Prince Roger becoming a useful young man over the course of their long trek. The trek itself is the fascinating part of the story, with lots of hazards and many groups of natives to deal with. As they travel, Roger’s guard is forced to rely on more primitive equipment, and they gradually adapt to the primitive native material and weaponry.

Match to the Stars: The third book in Empire of Man series, featuring plenty of space, land and water battles where we have explosions, cannibals and intergalactic scheme of treason and betrayal. The novel follows Prince Roger’s quest to safely return home traveling to the continent where the spaceport is a house on through explosions, cannibals and interstellar conspiracy theory- that claims that the prince killed his siblings and tried to overthrow those in power.

In response, Roger and his dying company of Royal Marines use their alliance with a primitive industrial city-state to create small ships capable of sailing across the deep waters to the continent with the spaceport. Along the way, they encounter mountain tribes, cannibal cult, settle disputes and take on the starport. But will Roger be welcome home after trying to overthrow the empire and killing his siblings?


If you like Empire of Man series then you’ll find these two book series worth reading, “Posleen War” series by John Ringo and “Lt. Leary, Commanding” by David Drake.

What Is The Next Book in The Empire Of Man Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Empire Of Man Series. The newest book is We Few and was released on April, 5th 2004.


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