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Allison Brennan is an exceedingly great writer. She has the ability to ensure that the plot flows steadily. All the characters in the Evil series have been well developed and will grab your attention. If you have read any of her books, then you know that Allison Brennan usually does extensive research. With that said, Allison is an exceedingly talented writer who can ensure that the plot moves forward. This series will keep you entertained and horrified at the same time. Brenan was born on September 29, 1969, in California. In the year 1993, Allison got married to Dan Brennan.

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Order of Evil Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Speak No Evil ( By: Allison Brennan) 2007 Description / Buy
2 See No Evil ( By: Allison Brennan) 2007 Description / Buy
3 Fear No Evil ( By: Allison Brennan) 2007 Description / Buy
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Evil Awards

None of the books in the Evil series was nominated for any award

Evil Books into Movies

None of the series has been adapted for screenplay.

Best Evil Series Books

Speak No Evil: This is one of the best performing books in the series and is also the first installment in this gritty mystery series. Allison introduces the reader to one Carina Kincaid who works as a homicide detective. The book begins as Kincaid is handed a violent and exceedingly disturbing murder case. A young girl has been found suffocated, gaged and wrapped inside a garbage bag. The initials Slut had been inscribed across her chest. Upon looking at the case, Carina comes to the conclusion that the killing had something to do with a serial killer. Thus, Carina is now under pressure, because she belives that the killer has to be caught before striking again. Apart from the Carina, the author also introduces one Steve Thomas who becomes the prime suspect in the killings. However, Thomas’s brother is the local sheriff, thus he steps into assists his brother from being prosecuted.

Despite the fact that Nick believes that his brother had nothing to do with the killings, he still is more than determined to uncover the truth. While working on the case, Nick is still recovering physically and emotionally after ending an investigation, which involved a nasty serial killer. The serial killer was caught however, after doing excessive damage. After realizing that Nick can be a great addition to the investigation, Carina decides to contact him; thus it becomes a race against time. The killings in this series are not only graphic but also extremely horrible. Both Carina and Nick have all a bad past, which has in some way, influenced them to become investigators. Through their investigations, Carina’s and Nick’s respect grows immensely. The romance between them has been built on a deep connection between their kindred spirits.

You are going to love Carina’s big family, most of whom are law enforcers by professional. The family’s members were exceedingly supportive to both of the main characters. Carina not only had help but also had plenty of support from her siblings, who also played a key role in the investigation.

Fear No Evil: Another excellent book in this series is Fear No Evil, which is the last book in this series. In this installment, we are introduced to one Lucy Kincaid who has been kidnapped by a killer who records his murders and rapes on the internet. Apart from Lucy, the author also introduces the rogue F.B.I agent, Kate Donovan who is currently running away her spouse, who was also another agent was brutally killed by a serial killer known as Trask. One Dr. Dillon Kincaid who works as a forensic psychiatrist leads the Kincaid family. This installment is a rollercoaster which is full of emotion and action.

Other Books That You May Like

If you loved the Evil series, then you are going to love the “John Milton” series. The first book in this series is The Cleaner, which is a fast-paced series, which features John Milton who is a retired assassin. In this series, we are introduced to Milton, who is the person whom the government sends on a mission after all their techniques have failed. Milton is not only Ruthless but also exceedingly brilliant, ruthless and lethal. However, after ten years, Milton is tired of his job; thus he wants to be out. However, the only challenge is that no one can never walk out of a job. The book begins on a gritty urban street in London. The author, Dawson has done an exceedingly great job in creating an action-packed series, which takes the reader to different geographical locations. The John Milton series is a well-written series that features different storylines, which will ensure that the reader is always reading something interesting and fresh.

What Is The Next Book in The Evil Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Evil Series. The newest book is See No Evil and was released on January, 3rd 2007.


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