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The Fatal series of books is a series of romantic novels written by the author Marie Force. The Fatal series revolves around a homicide detective by the name of Sam Holland, whose career is spiralling out of control and whom needs to crack a big case both for her career and her own sanity, and it also features Nick Cappuano, a politician’s chief of staff who meets Sam while she is working on the murder case of his boss. The series, in a standalone sense, is more crime fiction than anything else, but the overlying storyline with Sam and Nick which spans the series is definitely in the genre of romantic fiction.

Order of Fatal Series

1Fatal Affair2010Description / Buy
2Fatal Justice2011Description / Buy
3Fatal Consequences2011Description / Buy
4Fatal Destiny2011Description / Buy
5Fatal Flaw2012Description / Buy
6Fatal Deception2012Description / Buy
7Lethal Attraction2013Description / Buy
8Fatal Mistake2013Description / Buy
9Dangerous Games2013Description / Buy
10Fatal Jeopardy2014Description / Buy
11Fatal Scandal2015Description / Buy
12One Night with You (Short Story)2015Description / Buy
13Fatal Frenzy2015Description / Buy
14Fatal Identity2016Description / Buy
15Fatal Threat2017Description / Buy
16Fatal Chaos2018Description / Buy
17Fatal Invasion2019Description / Buy
18Fatal Reckoning2019Description / Buy
19Fatal Accusation2019Description / Buy
20Fatal Fraud2020Description / Buy
21Fatal Vengeance2021Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Fatal Series

1Fatal Vengeance2021Description / Buy
2One Night with You (Short Story)2015Description / Buy
3Fatal Affair2010Description / Buy
4Fatal Justice2011Description / Buy
5Fatal Consequences2011Description / Buy
6Fatal Destiny2011Description / Buy
7Fatal Flaw2012Description / Buy
8Fatal Deception2012Description / Buy
9Lethal Attraction2013Description / Buy
10Fatal Mistake2013Description / Buy
11Dangerous Games2013Description / Buy
12Fatal Jeopardy2014Description / Buy
13Fatal Scandal2015Description / Buy
14Fatal Frenzy2015Description / Buy
15Fatal Identity2016Description / Buy
16Fatal Threat2017Description / Buy
17Fatal Chaos2018Description / Buy
18Fatal Invasion2019Description / Buy
19Fatal Reckoning2019Description / Buy
20Fatal Accusation2019Description / Buy
21Fatal Fraud2020Description / Buy
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The Fatal series started in 2010 with the release of Fatal Affair. In Fatal Affair, we are introduced to Sam Holland, a detective sergeant in the Washington DC Metro police force. She has to investigate the murder of Senator John O’Connor, who was found dead in his hotel room, the victim of a brutal murder. Sam must work with John O’Connor’s chief of staff, Nick Cappuano, with whom she had a one-night stand with several years prior. Sam must solve the case, while more murders are uncovered, and without succumbing to her desires for his new colleague.

The series continues in a similar vein, with the obvious blossoming of Sam and Nick’s relationship the underlying story throughout the series, while Sam investigates a seemingly endless string of murders in America’s capital, and Nick continues to pursue his political career, trying to scale the heights of America’s political system.

The short story/novella One Night With You, which was released in 2015, is one of the more important books in the Fatal series, even though it is only a novella. We start the story six years prior to the events of Fatal Affair, and it details the the first meeting between Sam Holland and Nick Cappuano. For fans of the series, it answers a lot of questions they had about that fateful night, and for people new to the series, One Night With You sets them up perfectly to follow on to Fatal Affair and the rest of the books in the Fatal series. While it doesn’t contain the crime elements of the rest of the series, it does set up the characters of Sam and Nick perfect.

The romance suspense series came about as a result of a story that Marie Force heard back in 2007 about the death of a congressman in Washington D.C. The resulting investigation initially suggested that the congressman, who had been found in his home, was murdered.

However, a more analytical look eventually determined that he had passed away from natural causes. Marie couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if he had actually been murdered. What interested her wasn’t the potential murderer but the manner in which the investigation would proceed, specifically how the issue of jurisdiction would play out.

And in following this line of thought, Marie created Sam and Nick and the whirlwind romance that would drive them through various murder mysteries. Marie had to do a lot of research about the Metropolitan Police Department, and she was amazed by how intricate and complicated the department was.

It was difficult work for Marie to break things down into a simpler structure that her readers could understand. And in the process of making sense of the Metropolitan Police department, Marie found that it wasn’t that hard to flesh out the rest of the Fatal series cast, in particular the police officers that work with and around her heroine Sam Holland.

The Fatal series of novels is as much about Sam and Nick’s love story as it is the murder mysteries. Each new case challenges the couple, forcing them to encounter new aspects of their lives.

According to Marie Force, the most rewarding aspect of writing the Fatal series has been watching Nick and Sam’s relationship grow. The first book, Fatal Affair, saw them reunite in Washington for the first time after a passionate one-night stand years back.

With Nick working to build his political career and Sam trying to resurrect her reputation a disastrous case, the pair struggles to contain the sparks flying between them.

Best Fatal Series Books

The Fatal series has never won any notable awards. However, the books have repeatedly appeared on bestseller lists across the country, with some of the best books in the series including:

Fatal Affair: Metro Police Detective Sergeant Sam Holland isn’t one to cheer for murderers. But she almost rejoices over the death of Senator O’Connor, not because she hated him. Rather, Sam needs a win, not only for the sake of her career but her confidence as well.

When she is assigned the case, though, Sam doesn’t expect to run into Nick Cappuano, friend to the deceased and a man she shared a passionate night with a long time ago. There is no doubt that their sexual chemistry is still alive.

However, Sam knows that sleeping with a material witness would be a big mistake.

The first book in the Fatal series finds its heroine Sam Holland struggling to resurrect her career. Sam drew the ire of the press and the public when a child died during a drug bust. She might have been cleared of wrong doing by her superiors, but Sam knows she needs a big win to balance the scales.

Her attempts to do just that by solving the death of a politician are complicated when she runs into a man with whom she shared a passionate one night stand; the book balances the murder mystery with a strong romantic story.

Fatal Consequences: Sam Holland didn’t think that the brutal murder of a woman would shake her world so thoroughly. But that is exactly what happened when all the clues she found began to point toward Henry Lightfeather.

Not only is Henry a senator but he is also a close friend to Nick, the man whose proposal Sam accepted before she returned to work. Sam and Nick try and fail to prevent the case from rocking their relationship.

This book gives Sam and Nick the first real test of their relationship as they butt heads over the guilt or innocence of Nick’s friend.

Other Book Series You May Like

The “Gansett Island” series by Marie Force chronicles the lives of the McCarthy Family as they struggle with issues of life, love, and sex on the Gansett Island, a home they share with many of their friends.

The “Treading Water” series is Marie Force’s first series tells the story of a successful architect who must strive to pick up the pieces when his seemingly perfect family suffers a tragedy.

Fatal FAQs

Q: Who writes the Fatal series of books?

A: The Fatal series of books is written by romantic novelist Marie Force, who was written several other series of books, including the Green Mountain series and the Gansett Island series.

Q: What is the chronological order of the Fatal books?

A: The chronological order of the Fatal series of book is the same as the publication order above, except for the novella/short story One Night With You which is a prequel to the Fatal series, and can be read before the other books in the series.

What Is The Next Book in The Fatal Series?

The next book in the The Fatal Series by Marie Force is Fatal Vengeance and will be released on October, 20th 2021.


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