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Margaret Lindholm Ogden was born on March 5 1952. She is an American writer who also uses the pseudonym Robin Hobb. Robbin Hobb is best known for the Realm of the Elderlings, a book set, which was, began in the year 1995. The very first novel, that she published using her pseudonym Robin Hobb is Assassin’s Apprentice, which was to be the first book in a three book series. By the year 2003, Robin had sold more than one million copies of her very own first nine novels. From the year 2009 to the year 2013, Robin published a total of four novels which were made of the Rain Wild Chronicles i.e. Dragon Keeper, City of Dragons, Dragon Haven and Blood of Dragons.

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Order of Fitz and The Fool Trilogy Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Fool's Assassin ( By: Robin Hobb) 2014 Description / Buy
2 Fool's Quest ( By: Robin Hobb) 2015 Description / Buy
3 Assassin's Fate ( By: Robin Hobb) 2017 Description / Buy
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The Fitz and the Fool series is a book series that revolves around the life of one FitzChivalry. In all the three books in this series, all the characters in this book are multi-dimensional while the setting itself is brought into life with vibrant colors. Fitz is an exceedingly amazing character who is not only mystifying but also amazing. Despite his very few flaws, he is still an exceedingly likeable character.

Fitz and the Fool Awards

Fitz and the Fool book series is yet to win any awards. Nonetheless, all the three books in this series have been well received. Tor and The Telegraph gave this series favorable review with Telegraph terming this book as high art.

Fitz and the Fool Books into Movies

None of the books in this book series have been adapted into movies.

Fitz and the Fool Best Books

Fool’s Assassin is the first book in the Fitz and the Fool series. This book continues ten years after the events of the fool’s fate had transpired. This was a period, which was deeply covered by winter chronicles. Additionally, it is also one of the best performing books in this series. In this book, we are introduced to one FitzChivalry who is a former king’s assassin and also a royal bastard. He has left the quiet life at Buckkeep court so that he can be able to enjoy an exceedingly quiet life with his children and wife, Molly.

According to the rest of the world, Fitz had died any years ago and currently he is known as Tom Badgerlocker. His day to day life, has made Fits to put aside the haunting of the Fool’s disappearance. Fool had played a crucial role in shaping Fitz into the man that he is today. At least, this is what Fitz thought before pale skinned and menacing strangers began to appear. This happened ten years after he had last seen the fool, during the winter festivities. After the disappearance of the Fool, Fitz decided to go back to his former life as an assassin.

Apart from the Fool’s another book that also performed extremely well in the series is Fool’s Quest. More than ten years ago, we saw Fitz embracing his life as a contended country husband, squire and father. In the year 2015, Robin came back with one of her best creations. In this book, Fitz has been endowed with an unexpected child and supernatural youthfulness. Just as Fitz, had just rediscovered his lost friend, his little child was kidnapped by evil servants. So as to save the child, Fitz must first ensure that the Fool’s health is restored back to normal but also he must unravel his very own mysteries and avenge for the torture of his friends blinding and torture.

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What Is The Next Book in The Fitz And The Fool Trilogy Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Fitz And The Fool Trilogy Series. The newest book is Assassin's Fate and was released on March, 7th 2017.

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